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The Thrones of Game [veneziacamp format]
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The Thrones of Game [veneziacamp format]


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My presentation adapted to the specific VeneziaCamp format

My presentation adapted to the specific VeneziaCamp format

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  • 1.
  • 2. Who am I? @leosorge NordEst Digitale, Scientific Member, Italian Partner RepRap/Maker Day, Organizer SeeWeb CloudSeed, Organizer
  • 3. We are talking about softwareWe are not talkingabout a new overall strategyWe can reengineer (mind) processes(tactically, one by one)Gamification is a moving target 2
  • 5. The process of usinggame thinking + game mechanicsto engage audiencesand solve problems.According to Wikipediaand Gabe ZichermannA definition of Gamification/1 4
  • 6. The applied useof elements found in gamingfor non-game consumerapplications, products and otherrelated services.According to Margaret WallaceA definition of Gamification/2 5
  • 7. Applying game-design thinkingto non-game applicationsto make themmore fun and engaging.According to the Gamification WikiA definition of Gamification/3 6
  • 8. The use of game-derived mechanicsto increase use and engagementby synchronising eventsleveraging on the natural competitionof (almost) all human beings.According to Leo SorgeA definition of Gamification/4 7
  • 9. ● Foursquare● Shopkick● Recyclebank● CrowdTwist● Badgeville● Bunchball● Farmville (Facebook supported)● Mafia Wars (Facebook supported)Gamification examples 8
  • 10. ● M2 Research pegs the current gamification market at $100 million in 2011● Client implementations in 2011 focus on: ○ user engagement, 47% ○ brand loyalty 22% ○ brand awareness 15%● The market is estimated to grow to $2.8 billion by 2016Gamification on the front-side burner 9
  • 12. Attaching a measure to anythingTurns it into a gameHow do we get people to fall in love with our app?How do we get people to stay in love with our app?● By motivating consumer behavior Mechanics to Psychology● Move beyond points & badge mechanics● Time tracking● Social proof (my sister uses it), stories behindAccording to Stephen Anderson 11
  • 13. ● The Gamification Wiki lists 24 different game mechanics (as of Nov. 7, 2011)● SCVNGRs 47 unique game mechanics (as of Nov. 7, 2011)*Both of these lists can be used to brainstorm on addingnew features and elements to any website or communityThe 24 and the 47 12
  • 14. (Bunchball).Mechanics Vs. Primary human desires 13
  • 15. Mechanics● Points, level, badges, leaderboards● virtual goods, v. currences, charity● synchroDesires● competition, reward, achievements● status, self expression, altruism 14
  • 16. The 5 key points of Engagement● recency (When was his last visit?)● frequency (How often does he visit?)● duration (How long does he stay on the sight when he visits?)● virality (How often does he share content on the site?) (How much is his sharing amplified through their network?)● ratings (how often does he rate content on the site?) 15
  • 17. To whom gamification may concern● off-line activities● consumer applications & websites● company software● education, updating 16
  • 18. To whom gamification may concern● off-line activitiespoint collection, miles, happy hour... flash mobs?● consumer applications & websitesFoursquare, Facebook, eBay, Linkedin...● company softwareSap, Microsoft W7 translate...● education, updating 17
  • 19. Single Players (consumer)Richard Bartles studied MUD player typesin the late 1990′s and came up with 4 types of players:● killers● achievers● socializers● explorers 18
  • 20. Mechanics to PsychologyAccording to Stephen Anderson 19
  • 21. Infographic: Neurology of GamingMechanics to Neurology 20
  • 23. The use of synchronized loopsto increase use, engagement,skills, and knowledges,leveraging on the naturalcompetition of all human beings.According to Leo SorgeA definition of Gamification/5 22
  • 24. Shall you have a social software(that breaks down the corporate pyramid)ruled by its social metrics(that gives you step-by-step control),analyzing your audiencesyou can gamify skill + knowledge(breaking down the educational pyramid)The Results of Gamification 23
  • 25. Questions?
  • 26. Free Additional Resources● Gamification Wiki● Gamification Blog● Digest of Gamification● Gamification Research Network● Gamification 101● Gamification in real time from Twitter● What is Gamification Really?● The Gamification Backlash● Gamification Research Network● Gamasutra● Semantic Foundry Survey of Gamification... 25