The brave youngest son and the golden apples (2)

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  • 1. The Brave Youngest Son and The Golden ApplesOnce there was a strong king, who had a tree which made golden apples. But the apples were stolenbefore the king could taste them. No famous could catch the thief. His older sons tried to catch thethief, too, but they didn’t succeed. Before the tree’s cutting off, Praslea,the youngest son stopped hisfather, wanting to see if he had any luck. His father was totally against the idea, but finally heapproved to give him a chance. Praslea didn’t prepare traps only for his enemy, but for himself too,not to fall asleep.After a short time, Praslea hurt the thief and escaped the apples from his hands. The king was thrilledhe was able to touch the apples, that he did not listen to his son.Praslea and his brothers followed the blood shed which came from the garden, which led into a deepabyss. The elder brothers decided to leave Praslea in the abyss after helping him get into it.The brave Praslea found three palaces in that place and the three places had a beautiful girl in frontof each of them. The youngest girl told him they were kidnapped by three ogres and they were beingforced to marry them soon. Praslea decided to fight the three ogres and give the three girls theirfreedom back.Praslea defeated the first two ogres, but the third battle was the hardest. He received some oil froma crow and some water from the beautiful girl and felt stronger. He finally defeated the ogre andsent the girls to their future husbands, his brothers. But his brothers didn’t take Praslea out of theabyss and told the youngest girl that he had died.Trying to find a way to get out, Praslea heard the noise of some chickens. he saves the chickens frombeing eaten by a monster. The chicken’s mother helped Praslea got out of the abyss.Hearing that his son is still alive, the king wanted to kill his older sons for their betrayal, but Godpunished them earlier by being stabbed by their own arrows. Pralsea lived happily ever after alongwith the beautiful saved girl.