St. Olive - Premium EVOO product presentation


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Short presentation of the St. Olive Extra Virgin Olive oil products

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St. Olive - Premium EVOO product presentation

  1. 1. Products
  2. 2. The Early Harvest Series Early harvest premium EVOO rich in anti- oxidant and anti- flammatory substances
  3. 3. Cultivated in co- operation with the Pharmaceutical Department of University of Athens, Greece The Early Harvest Series
  4. 4. The Early Harvest Series The University of Athens (Pharmaceutical Department) analyzed St. Olive’s EVOO and found remarkably high concentrations of oleocanthal (399mg/kg on an average of 99mg/kg) and oleacein (283mg/kg on an average of 48mg/kg), two of the main phenols which are believed to inhibit tumor growth, protect from Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular diseases and aging. The results of the study which included 250 samples from Greece and abroad has been published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry Related article:
  5. 5. Very limited capacity per year - available only in numbered bottles The Early Harvest Series
  6. 6. The Single Harvest Series Select Premium EVOO produced via a strict selection and production process to ensure low acidity and rich fruitiness
  7. 7. Gold Award winner in 2014 New York International Olive Oil Competition The Single Harvest Series
  8. 8. ”Aromas of green fruit, green grass, almond and notes of banana. Taste exhibits abundant fruitiness, green grass, sweetness, biterness, medium purgency and notes of artichoke with exceptional harmony, a high complexity and a high persistence.” NYIOOC Judges 2014 The Single Harvest Series
  9. 9. “No frills” bottle for the ones who want premium quality in a more affordable price The Low Acidity Series
  10. 10. Perfect for everyday use, can be sold in most stores and compete with the best of them The Low Acidity Series
  11. 11. Guaranteed low acidity, rich aroma and unique taste as well as superb organoleptic characteristics The Low Acidity Series
  12. 12. Design
  13. 13. Work of Art Artwork designed exclusively for St. Olive by a Byzantine Arts professor
  14. 14. Work of Art Unique font types bought and customised especially for St. Olive
  15. 15. Concept symbolisms never before used in olive oil bottles Work of Art
  16. 16. Matt coating prevents sunlight from entering the bottle and gives a “luxury” touch Work of Art
  17. 17. Awarded with five prestigious design awards Work of Art
  18. 18. Olive Oil
  19. 19. Xerophytic cultivation Strict olive oil production rules
  20. 20. Strict olive oil production rules… Olives arrive to the oil press 4-8 hours after selection Strict olive oil production rules
  21. 21. Strict olive oil production rules… Only organic material carrier bags allowed for grove collection Strict olive oil production rules
  22. 22. Cold extraction (max 28°C) - stored in state of the art tanks Strict olive oil production rules
  23. 23. Frequent chemical analyses during production in order to achieve superior quality Strict olive oil production rules
  24. 24. Strict olive oil production rules… Removal of margarines and moisture through natural filtering process with the use of organic materials Strict olive oil production rules
  25. 25. All figures at bottling unless else stated Acidity Fruitiness Phenols Pesticides Early Harvest Single Harvest Low Acidity Other A unique combination of low acidity, rich fruitiness and high phenols How do we compare to the rest of the market?
  26. 26. Production & Bottling certified under ISO 22000 Strict olive oil production rules
  27. 27. Packaging Production
  28. 28. High quality design bottle imported directly from Italy Use of quality materials
  29. 29. “Manageable” size provides flexibility in showroom and storage Use of quality materials
  30. 30. Thick, quality, durable glass Use of quality materials
  31. 31. Intense packaging production process High quality prints and etiquettes
  32. 32. For orders/information please contact: Leonidas Daskalos Cell: +30 6975.869.630 Tel: +30 212.101.2294 Email: