Bed bug Infestations in West Philadelphia/ Violence Prevention in Philadelphia


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Bed bug Infestations in West Philadelphia/ Violence Prevention in Philadelphia

  1. 1. Steph Lamb
  2. 2. GETTING STARTED Brains OrientationGrit Inspiration
  3. 3. ViolenceDirectory• Ecosystem of efforts Violence PreventionPhillyRising w/ Dr. Eugenia Garvin• Government partnership
  4. 4. Philly RisingProgram-community advancementprogram based in high crimeareas
  5. 5. Short Term (6mo-2yr): Community ↓ crime (part 1, 2, & QOL) ↑ perceptions of safety ↓ physical disorder/blight ↑ community engagement ↑ community Measuring pride/empowerment ↑ faith & trust in Success government -importance of community ↑ collective efficacy feelings in relation to crime ↓ truancy rates - Creating survey
  6. 6. Com Ne Disa pletel utr gre y al e Agre e7. If there is a problem 1 2 3 4 5around here, neighborsget together to deal with it.8. This is a close knit 1 2 3 4 5neighborhood.9.When you get right down 1 2 3 4 5 The Survey:to it, nobody in thisneighborhood cares muchwhat happens to me. Neighborhood10.People in this area arewilling to help their 1 2 3 4 5 Sectionneighbors. - -based on Project for Human Development in11.People in this 1 2 3 4 5 Chicago Neighborhoodsneighborhood generallydon’t get along with eachother.12. People in this 1 2 3 4 5neighborhood can betrusted.
  7. 7. The following questions are aboutactivities you might do during a typicalday. Does your health now limit you inthese activities? If so, how much? Yes, Yes, No, not limite limited limited d a lot a little at alla. Moderate 1 2 3 activities, The Survey: such as moving a table, pushing a vacuum Health Section cleaner, -taken from the SF-12 bowling, or playing golfa. Climbing 1 2 3 several flights of stairs
  8. 8. For the Future… Case vs. control neighborhoods Door-to-door surveying with PhillyRising staff
  9. 9. BedbugEpidemiology-the bedbug epidemic inPhiladelphia-importance for housing andhealth
  10. 10. The Survey:EnvironmentSection-difficulty of studying unknownvariables
  11. 11. The Survey:Beliefs Section- Meant to uncover awareness and responses- Uncovered issue of stigma and misconceptions, although varied by area
  12. 12. BEDBUGGING!
  13. 13. For the Future…. Spatial analysis, combined with housing research Uncover variables of importance in order to give more concrete recommendations
  14. 14. Debrief“Communities are sickof research”
  15. 15. Community BasedParticipatory Research (CBPR) When locals/beneficiaries are involved in the identification of the problem, collection and analysis of data, and implementation of the results.
  16. 16. Community involvement inPhillyRising Project Close to model of Community-Based Participatory Research Programitself relies on residents to identify problems Program partners part of interviewing team
  17. 17. …but how to involvecommunity in bedbugresearch?
  18. 18. My Answer(ish) Wideningmy definition of community to everyone affected by outcomes Accepting complexity of HSR in order to create the best possible partnerships
  19. 19. Looking Back BrainsGrit Inspiration
  20. 20. Thank you to… Dr. Gina Garvin & the PhillyRising Staff Team Bedbug  Dr. Mike Levy  Kate Levy The End And my fellow bedbug interns… Julio & Christine LDI and the SUMR scoholars