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Brain training – dual n back

Brain training – dual n back



An evaluation of dual n-back training outcomes

An evaluation of dual n-back training outcomes



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  • Hi Leon, I think this is an excellent idea. I liked the idea of crowdsourcing your participants. I'd like to see this reproduced with a larger group of participants to get your 'n' up to a statistically significant level. You might be able to enlist the help of the software's author with this :)
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    Brain training – dual n back Brain training – dual n back Presentation Transcript

    • Brain training – Dual n-back Evaluation of training, results, experiences and observations Leon Wurfel
    • Preface – PSYCHE!!!!• Sorry to be sneaky but: – Go check out my webpage www.optimoz.com.au – Like my webpage on facebook https://www.facebook.com/optimozaustralia Thanks guys!!!
    • Dual N-back training• Introduced to the concept in the article“How To Add 2.75 IQ Points Per Hour ofTraining”• On the bulletproof executive blog (http://www.bulletproofexec.com/how-to- add-2-75-iq-points-per-hour-of-training/)• Attempted to validate the claims in the article
    • Dual N-back training• Background• Training protocol• Observations• Results
    • Dual N-back training – what is it?• Training intended to increase working memory• Strong clinical basis showing transferable improvements in cognitive function (measured by IQ testing)
    • Dual N-back training – how do you do it?• Given a grid of squares• Have to identify when a square shows up in the same location as “n” times ago• “n” level represents the difficulty• Also have to identify the same against a auditory cue
    • Dual N-back training – what are the claims??• 2.75 points per hour (18 points over 6.5 hours of training)• Significant increases in REM• Qualitatively: – Faster problem solving – More insightful imagination – Better memory
    • Dual N-back training – how to evaluate• Do before IQ test• Do training (20 sessions over 20+ days)• Do after IQ test
    • Dual N-back training – how to evaluate• Crowdsourced testing protocol• 12 people from a variety of backgrounds• Using same training protocol• 50/50 alternation of before and after test to normalise for order bias
    • Dual N-back training – observations• Really damn hard “benchpress for your brain”• Frustrating and flustering• Takes considerable focus, concentration and energy
    • Dual N-back training – impact on sleep
    • Dual N-back training – impact on sleep Total 140 120 100Minutes in REM sleep 80 60 40 20 0 No n-back N-back training
    • Dual N-back training – results• The training group had an incredible attrition rate (Everyone found it as hard as I did!)• 2 out of 12 finished the training program
    • Dual N-back training – results• IQ improvements of: – Subject 1: 14 points – Subject 2: 9 points• Starting from a pretty strong base!
    • Dual N-back training – conclusions• Its hard• Its worth it• Do it!! Even if you get a 1 point increase in IQ over the course of your life it will have an incredible impact on quality of life!
    • Dual N-back training – interesting linkshttp://www.bulletproofexec.com/how-to-add-2-75-iq-points-per-hour-of-training/http://cogpsylab.com/http://www.iqmindware.com/i3/http://www.pnas.org/content/105/19/6829.full.pdf+html