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Main projects delivered by NAOME / N2FINANCE experts in a glance.

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  • 7 May 2012
  • Experts at work

    1. 1. Network of Alliances, Outsourcing and Merger Experts & n2finance present… …@ work … Leon Dhaene Strictly 1 January 2012 Confidential1 7 May 2012 By NAOME bvba (Confidential)
    2. 2. Expertise  Retail banking, payments and cards  Business Alliances and Global Business Agreements  Mergers / Acquisitions / Integration & Convergence  E-invoicing and self-billing  Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) & Payment Services Directive (PSD)  Corporate Governance & new organisational structures  Outsourcing Business Processes and Change Management  Business development & new market introductions  CRM / Global Key Account Management  Customer services outsourcing & call centers  Debit and credit cards / issuing, acquiring and card acceptance  Leasing sector  Loyalty programmes and technology  Risk management and fraud detection solutions  Petrol & fleet cards  Managing Global Teams, etc…2 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    3. 3. Customers  Large global corporations : like ABN AMRO, TeleTech, First Data International, LeasePlan, Visa Europe, MasterCard Europe, TSYS, ING, BNP PARIBAS  Large national companies : like Travelcard, Antwerpse Waterwerken, Securex  National Associations : like CETREL, Paylife, PaySquare  New payment schemes : PayFair, STS Group  Specialist companies : like FINTRAX, OCS, TouchClarity, Archivas, Keesing Reference Systems, iDES Technologies, Pay & Save, AdValvas  Regulatory & lobby : BEUC, EU, Belgian Federal Government  Capital Venture companies, seeking investment advice3 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    4. 4. Sectors  Finance : banks, banking corporations, financial services providers, payment systems, network services providers, suppliers to the finance sector / payments business, regulatory, cards, e-invoicing, loyalty programmes, risk management and fraud detection  Mobility : leasing, automotive, petrol, transportation solutions  Environmental : water management  Outsourcing : call center technology, transaction processing, network services providrs  E-commerce : risk management, fraud detection, couponing, loyalty  Enterprise software : e-commerce, archiving and electronic document management, e-invoicing  Regulatory & lobbying : studies in acceptance and consumer retail payments  Venture capital4 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    5. 5. NAOME Organisation (+3 lead cases per activity segment) NIMF OUTSOURCING ALLIANCES & (NAOME Investment & business rationalisation Management Fund) MERGERS & Strategic Consulting •Coach innovators to market •Define operational excellence •Assist in the search for •Identify operational cost •Coach Board / Management in venture capital reductions strategic reviews •Provide organisational support •Assist in business process re- •Identify new trends & evaluate & understand markets engineering innovations •Lead startup / second round •Specialists in RFI / RFP •Negotiate business deals, new funded company to reach for •Build / review business plans contracts, take-overs, … critical commercial mass •Innovate (e-Commerce, e- •Penetrate new markets, new Invoicing, payments, …) sectors, new business…5 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    6. 6. Business Development Processors Payment Solution Acquiring Outsourcing Schemes providers domain6 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    7. 7. Strategic Consulting Solution providers Processors Payment Leasing / Schemes Banking fleet7 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    8. 8. SEPA Payment Banking Schemes Processors Regulatory / Leasing / Associations fleet Outsourcing8 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    9. 9. Corporate Coaching & Investment Payment Solution E- Services Schemes providers Invoicing providers9 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    10. 10. Outsourcing RFP support Outsourcing RFP support10 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    11. 11. New solutions E-Invoicing Payment Acquiring Identification Mobility Schemes domain E-Communities11 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    12. 12. TeleTechTHE COMPANY Customer care management company 25 years old, 33,000+ staff in 16 countries Business Broad set of solutions for customer care, covering netware, Development software, consultancy, on demand services, training, channel integration, etc… Strategic ConsultingTHE JOB SEPA Strategic consultancy business development Europe Outsourcing12 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    13. 13. TouchTHE COMPANY Clarity Content targeting and software for the creative optimisation in the on-line channel 5-20% overall increase in sales or revenue through targeting-enabled pages Management of sales targets on-line by product Flexibility to accommodate business constraints and acquisition values for online channel No politics - decisions of what product to serve are objective and commercial Campaign management and scheduling tool Strategic Valuable learning about successful creative attributes Consulting Strategic component of CRM (integration of online visitor profiles) Business DevelopmentTHE JOB Strategic consultancy Business Development Plan Benelux13 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    14. 14. ArchivasTHE COMPANY Solutions for a more efficient management of your digital information Solutions compliant with new regulation, new marketing needs, and new archiving technologies (both software and hardware) Integrated security and destruction mechanisms Think of the impact of Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley, the Patriot Act, etc… on your data storage requirementsTHE JOB Strategic consultancy business development Europe Strategic Consulting Business Development14 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    15. 15. ABN AMRO PRIVATE BANKINGTHE COMPANY Top 10 global private bank : – 20 countries – 142 billion € assetsTHE JOB Propose a strategy for a global payment system SEPA Integrating cards, credit lines and payment systems Strategic Offering competitive solutions superior to Consulting 7 global competitors15 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    16. 16. LeasePlan BelgiumTHE COMPANY LeasePlan Belgium : – Car leasing market leader in Europe – Market leader in Belgium with over 6,000 customers, using 55,000 cars NewTHE JOB solutions LeasePlan EasyCard project Belgium : – Creation of an authorisation network for maintenance, repair, and RFP support tyres – Increased automated approvals to 90% – Driver approval via card and PIN SEPA – Flexible petrol card functionality, integrated in the LeasePlan EasyCard Strategic Consulting E-invoicing project Belgium – Automation of 200,000 incoming invoices : staff cost reduction by 25% – Automation of outgoing invoices for over 3,600- customers16 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    17. 17. TravelcardTHE COMPANY Travelcard only has Dutch clients, approx.: – 4,000 ‘direct’ clients – 70 Leasing Companies New > 200,000 Fuel Cards, 440 million litre, 4% market share solutions Fully owned by LeasePlan, one of the biggest Leasing Company in the world : – Approx 30 countries SEPA – 1.2 million cars StrategicTHE JOB Consulting Strategic consultancy business development Brasil Business Strategic consultancy business development Europe Development17 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    18. 18. PayLifeTHE COMPANY Former Europay Austria : New – Issuer of 1 mio MasterCard (35 mio transactions) solutions – Issuer of 7 mio Maestro cards (240 mio transactions) – Acquirer of 100,000+ merchants Outsourcing RFP supportTHE JOB Advise on a post-SEPA payments strategy Analyse current / future card processing requirements SEPA Clusteranalysis payment opportunities versus processing needs Coach RFP-team for outsourcing of transaction processing Strategic Consulting18 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    19. 19. FINTRAXTHE COMPANY Innovative financial services company, based in Ireland, specialising in Payment Solutions for banks, merchants and tourists. Offers Dynamic Currency Conversion in 8 countriesTHE JOB Advise on a post-SEPA payments strategy Analysis of major trends in European banking, payment systems, and processing, and impact assessment SEPA Strategic Consulting19 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    20. 20. SecurexTHE COMPANY Belgian market leader in Social Management Services 1,350- employees 69,000 associated companies 100,000 associated individualsTHE JOB Advise on a strategy to create new local offices and the management of business development in new geographical area’s Strategic Create a new operating model, inclusive new profiles for Consulting recruitment, for the local offices20 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    21. 21. Open ChannelTHE COMPANY Leading global provider of software subscription Solutions and e-business management solutions that enable software-as-a-service. The company’s self-service offerings help organizations increase software renewal revenues, extend their reach and manage sales in the growing SMB market through multi-tiered channels, effectively distribute electronic software and content, and eliminate costly, inefficient e-business IT processes. OCS is headquartered in Norwood, MA, and has offices in Utah, the Netherlands, Japan and Australia. Strategic ConsultingTHE JOB Strategic consultancy business development Europe Business Facilitated contract with major mobile phone Development manufacturer21 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    22. 22. Antwerpse WaterwerkenTHE COMPANY Belgian market leader in Water Management Services (collection & distriubtion of drinking-water, collection & purification of waste water) 500- employees 156,000 customersTHE JOB RFP support Advise on new strategies for the Customer Contact Center Coach the Project Management Team in describing the requirements, needs and targets for the new Customer Contact function Outsourcing Counsel on the construction of a Request for Information / Request for Proposal for the Call Center, and the evaluation matrix to be applied on the different solution suppliers22 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    23. 23. CETRELTHE COMPANY Card issuer & acquirer, and processing company for the Luxembourg banks : – Owned by 11 Luxembourg banks – 1.1 million cards issued – 12,000 merchants in Luxembourg and Belgium – 100 million transactions per year SEPATHE JOB Strategic Advise on a post-SEPA payments strategy Consulting Analyse Unique Selling Proposition and map versus European market interest Business Business Development Plan Belgium Development23 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    24. 24. FIRST DATA INTERNATIONAL THE COMPANY  Global leader in electronic commerce and payment solutions, servicing 5 million merchants and 1900 card issuers worldwide THE JOB  Advise on their proposed Solution Offering Catalogue (or Product Matrix) in the context of a post-SEPA SEPA payments strategy  Provide strategic consultancy for 14 key markets in the Strategic EMEA Region Consulting  Define a limited set of options within 9 subject categories, which would enable the full set-up and running of a credit, debit, retail or loan card portfolio24 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    25. 25. Visa Europe THE COMPANY  Provides the brand, systems, services and rules that enable electronic payments between millions of European consumers, businesses and merchants.  Association of 4,500 European banks in 36 countries THE JOB  Assist Visa Europe in entering into new market niches Business Development25 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    26. 26. Keesing Reference Systems THE COMPANY  Specialist provider of verification tools and solutions to authenticate ID documents and banknotes, since 1923.  More than 6000 clients in 120 countries. THE JOB New  Advise the Board of Directors & the Management Team on solutions a strategic business development plan for Europe, integrating the newest legislation regarding identity control for corporations Strategic and public services, and the different regulations and Consulting recommendations of the different trade associations into a new tool for identity management and control.26 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    27. 27. MasterCard EuropeTHE COMPANY Provides the brand, systems, services and rules that enable electronic payments between millions of European consumers, businesses and merchants. Association of 25,000 member banks in 210 countries worldwideTHE JOB Advise the Chip Centre of Excellence about the chip personalisation utility business & functional requirements and business case, competitive advantages and delivery Strategic & distribution methods. Consulting27 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    28. 28. Keesing Reference SystemsTHE COMPANY Specialist provider of verification tools and solutions to authenticate ID documents and banknotes, since 1923. More than 6000 clients in 120 countries.THE JOB Strategic Formulate a U.K. Business Strategy following new identity Consulting management legislation and create a U.K. Business Development Plan. Business Development28 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    29. 29. Total Systems EuropeTHE COMPANY Market leader in electronic payment services to financial institutions and companies. More than 300 clients in 75 countries worldwide. 6,700 team members in 15 countries. SEPATHE JOB Strategic Strategic market entry plan for Turkey. Consulting Business development Turkey. Business Development29 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    30. 30. PaySquare THE COMPANY  Issuer of MasterCard and Visa credit cards in the Netherlands  Dutch national acquirer of MasterCard, Visa, JCB, China Unionpay, Maestro, American Express. THE JOB  Advise the Management Team as to the international expansion of PaySquare, in e-commerce and POS acquiring by identifying prospect markets and sectors, outlining market entry strategies, Business defining commercial strategies and high level sales Development implementation plans.30 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    31. 31. MasterCard EuropeTHE COMPANY Provides the brand, systems, services and rules that enable electronic payments between millions of European consumers, businesses and merchants. Association of 25,000 member banks in 210 countries worldwideTHE JOB Advise MCE as to the key components their member banks should know about SEPA – PSD compliance SEPA Put together a detailed course curriculum regarding debit SEPA compliance.31 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    32. 32. TrionisTHE COMPANY Processing company, formerly part of Eufiserv, now joint venture between Eufiserv and First Data, providing a unique offering in the issuer-to-acquirer services : – 78,000 ATM’s – 1.5 million POS – 165 debit and credit cards as issuer processorTHE JOB SEPA Organise, lead and coach the Managing Board in defining their strategy for the coming three years Strategic Consulting32 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    33. 33. PayFairTHE COMPANY New PayFair intends to launch a new instant debit payment solutions scheme fully supported by the merchants community, riding on the momentum created by the introduction Corporate of the SEPA regulation. Coaching The company has recently gone through a first round of financing and expects the first PayFair transaction to SEPA happen first half 2009. Strategic ConsultingTHE JOB Business Advise the Board of Directors on key aspects of introducing Development a new international payment scheme.33 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    34. 34. INGTHE COMPANY Global financial institution with more than 85 million private, corporate and institutional clients in more than 40 countries, served by a diverse workforce of about 110,000 people.THE JOB Advise the Senior Management on key aspects of cards & payments, in particular regarding organisational structures, product management, operational improvement, process & procedural assessment, cost reduction, and commercial SEPA negotiations with schemes and suppliers Looked various aspects of card operations, in particular at Strategic the restructuring of identifiers (savings estimated at Consulting 4 million euro / year), investigated chargebacks, audited the MasterCard billing, compliance…34 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    35. 35. KeywareTHE COMPANY Second largest Network Service Provider in Belgium. Created in 1996. Provider of Value Added Transaction Processing Services, New with products and applications in the field of electronic payment, solutions customer loyalty, e-identity, transaction processing and multi-application payment terminals. SEPATHE JOB Strategic Consulting C-Management Team on new opportunities arising from the implementation of SEPA and create new service Business offerings for acquirers and banks in the Belgian market Development35 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    36. 36. BNP PARIBASTHE COMPANY European leader in global banking and financial services (one of the six strongest banks in the world). 4 domestic retail banking markets (France, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg) : total of 16 million retail clients International networks with operations in 84 countries (202,500 employees)THE JOB SEPA Advise the Senior Management Team of the Group on their future cards & payments strategy (2015-2020) and Strategic Consulting construct a Strategic White Paper36 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    37. 37. EMPIRIA GROUPTHE COMPANY Organiser of major conference in payments systems, focusing on payment acceptance, e-commerce and mobile. Creating a platform to showcase major changes in the industry, to review innovations, and to discuss issues Organiser of the yearly Merchant Payments Ecosystem conferenceTHE JOB Corporate Advise the Management Team of the Group regarding the Coaching conference programme Strategic Chairman of the Guiding Hand Awards : looking for the best Consulting innovations in the payment acceptance industry37 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    38. 38. IDES TECHNOLOGIESTHE COMPANY Start-up company specialised in risk management and fraud detection tools. Unique solution based on statistical pattern recognition, converted from a successful solution in the medical sector CorporateTHE JOB Coaching Advise and assist the Board of Directors & Management Team Strategic of the company in putting a business plan together, Consulting search for investors, and set-up the organisation of the company Business Development38 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    39. 39. ADVALVASTHE COMPANY Company specialised in complex e-invoicing environments Solutions for various sectors : parts, leasing, telecom, payment cardsTHE JOB Corporate Coaching Advise the Board of Directors & Management Team of the company concerning the payment card business Strategic Business development plan banking Consulting Business Development39 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    40. 40. BUREAU EUROPEEN DES UNIONS DE CONSOMMATEURSTHE COMPANY Defending the interests of consumers at the regulatory Created in 1962 42 independent national consumer organisations from 31 European countriesTHE JOB Define the consumer requirements for payments Create a White Paper on consumer retail payments for the regulatory Strategic Consulting40 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    41. 41. PAYMENT SERVICES MARKET EXPERT GROUP / EUROPEANTHE COMPANY One of the main objectives of the Union is to ensure COMMISSION the proper functioning of the internal market, of which payment services are an essential part. In a context of rapid innovation and technological progress, it is important for the internal market to have sound, user-friendly, efficient and secure payment systems, for the benefit of service providers and users alike Composed of individuals with the requisite expertise in the area of payment systemsTHE JOB The task of the Group shall be : – to assist the Commission in the preparation of legislative acts or policy initiatives Strategic regarding payment systems, including fraud prevention issues related to the Consulting payment industry and users; – to provide insight concerning the practical implementation of that policy; – to exchange views on up-to-date best practices and ensure monitoring of potential issues of concern for the market.41 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    42. 42. RS/2 ADVISORY BOARDTHE COMPANY RS2 Software p.l.c., is a global provider of Card Management Systems software, IT consultancy and related services to international and domestic banks, service providers, and other financial organisations.THE JOB The Advisory Board will guide the company to expand further its operations and to keep on enhancing its BankWorks product in order to remain Strategic competitive in the cards and payment industry Consulting42 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    43. 43. Analyst Consultations THE SERVICE  “Analyst Consultations” are usually sessions, whereby specialists seek the vision of experts regarding the future evolution in a sector, a market, a business line, of even a particular, individual business or organisation (corporation or association, or any kind of organisational form) or seek recommendations regarding future business actions or business ventures; mostly because of a particular business development or supporting the case for a financial investment. THE JOB  Done Analyst Consultations for several capital venture or financial investment groups on various subjects, such as SEPA, the Turkish POS market, the German credit card industry, the acquiring market in Brazil, meal voucher business, ….43 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    44. 44. Customers Analyst Consultations44 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012
    45. 45. Pan-European Network  NAOME is part of a Pan-European network, using the common N2Finance network brand  The main activities : – Business Development – Strategic Consultancy – Solution-based Change Management  Focus area’s : – SEPA & innovative payment services (inclusive cards systems, credit transfer, direct debit) – National payment systems & co-operative structures (inclusive fee structures & interchange) – e-Communities – e-Invoicing – Mobility & leasing solutions – Identification & security systems © 2010 N2Finance CONFIDENTIAL45 – Telco payment services 07/05/12
    46. 46. Facing the FutureTHE TAGLINE Facing : of Finance – N2Finance experts are seasoned and experienced to face the problem of today’s financial world – Because of their experience and expertise, N2Finance experts can quickly identify the key issues in the financial business, define and scope the problem, and propose effective remediation Future : – Key to the N2Finance expertise is a vision of the future of the financial sector, in various business segments, geographies, technologies, products & services Finance : – The activity domain of N2Finance is limited to the financial sector – N2Finance experts reach out to the entire value chain of payment in the financial sector, and all related support activities © 2010 N2Finance CONFIDENTIAL46 07/05/12
    47. 47. Business Development N2Finance is probably the first implementation of the concept of Network Externalities in a European Business Development environment : prospect corporations come to N2Finance because it’s Experts have a large network of C-level contacts in the European financial sector Those contacts enable : – To bring clients and customers effectively together – To understand new trends and innovative solutions – To assess the strategic direction of the European financial markets © 2010 N2Finance CONFIDENTIAL47 07/05/12
    48. 48. Operating modelsThe operating model is based on the premise thatcompanies offering new solutions and companies based on …needing new solutions are not in direct contactwith each other Global In search changing Strategic of new economy vision on business business Network Innovators development externa- European lity corporations New solutions Solutions in In search to market portfolio of new solutions48 © 2004 N2€ May 7, 2012
    49. 49. Strategic Consulting N2Finance experts have a vision of the Future of the financial sector, and constantly check this Vision versus new developments, innovations, and trends (political, social, economic, geographical, cultural, …) N2Finance follows the strategic moves of it’s corporate network closely : what does the sector need and what does the sector require N2Finance is at the heartbeat of new technologies, products & services : what works versus what doesn’t work (yet) N2Finance has a massive expertise ingrained in it’s seasoned experts © 2010 N2Finance CONFIDENTIAL49 07/05/12
    50. 50. Thank you for your attention… CONTACT : Leon Dhaene Managing Director - NAOME bvba Chairman of the Board of Directors – IDES Technologies S.A. Chairman – N2FINANCE Member of the European Commission Payment Systems Market Expert Group / Directorate General Internal Market and Services E-mail : Tel. +32-473-64224950 By NAOME bvba (Confidential) 7 May 2012