2013 Porsche Partnerships


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Social and Experiential Sponsorship with Porsche Motorsport and its partners.

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2013 Porsche Partnerships

  1. 1. PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES with Porsche Motorsport / JDX Racing / American Le Mans Series featuring CUP SERIES and GT CLASS SPONSORSHIPSApril 2012
  2. 2. PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES MORE THAN EXPECTED / MORE THAN THE TYPICAL  PORSCHE seeks a SPONSOR for its North American GT3 Cup Series. In true PORSCHE style, the opportunity goes far beyond just that, reaching the core of Porsche brand passion and its loyal audience - When signing on as Series Sponsor, you get all the expected Porsche Motorsport benefits / deliverables, PLUS your brand becomes a Porsche ‘Family Member’ AND a JDX Racing / American Le Mans Series partner, gaining access and connection to -  Active, High-Net-Worth Porsche Owners and Sports Car Fans,  Enthusiastic Porsche Club Members / Porsche Events Attendees,  Engaged Porsche Dealers and fellow Porsche Motorsport Partners. As a Porsche Partner, activation takes place not just AT the race track, but also IN the Marketplace, AT Dealers, AT Events, IN the Media, and ON-LINE in the social space. All to take your brand to new levels of Awareness, Consideration, Activation, Reach. OUR goal is to put YOUR brand in the heads, hearts, and hands of Porsche Owners / Fans / Enthusiasts.April 2012 2
  3. 3. PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES THE PROGRAM - Uniquely Porsche  SPONSORSHIP WITH PORSCHE CUP RACING and PORSCHE. • Porsche Motorsport - The benchmark for all racing programs. • Porsche Cars - The iconic sports car for all. • US, Canada, Global - Reach / Presence / Performance.  SPONSORSHIP WITH JDX RACING GTC PORSCHE and the ALMS. • The JDX Racing car in the American Le Mans Series adds extra value.  ACTIVATION, AUDIENCE, MARKET REACH, RESULTS. • Experiential / Social / Media Marketing. • In-Market [beyond racing], On-Line, In-Store, At-Track, In-the-Media. • B2B Networking, B2C Interaction, VIP Hospitality, Sales Promos, PR. • Type A’s, Achievers, Trenders, Spenders, Enthusiasts, Professionals. • Motorsport Marketing AND General Market activation.April 2012 3
  4. 4. PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES PORSCHE CUP RACING - The Premiere One-Make Racing Series Your brand on every North American Porsche Cup car.April 2012 4
  5. 5. PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES PORSCHE CUP, NORTH AMERICAN SERIES - The Executive Summary 15 races / yr run with ALMS events and Formula 1 in Montreal. 2MM fans attend the races, 23MM reached via ALMS media / marketing. Porsche communications dedicated to support Series marketing.  40% ALMS fan growth over recent 5 years.  Major Market Coverage - NY, LA, SF, Miami, Boston, Baltimore, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Toronto, Montreal.  Fan / Follower Demographics are attractive and active.  Competitors are high-net-worth car owners and young pro racers.  Porsche Cup is the premiere one-make series in North America.April 2012 5
  6. 6. PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES PORSCHE RACECAR - The 450 HP / 180 MPH Type 997 - CUP / ALMS GTC Your brand on up to 50 Cup cars AND the JDX Racing GTC Porsche.April 2012 6
  7. 7. PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES JDX RACING ALMS PORSCHE - The Executive Summary Competing in the American Le Mans Series - World-class sports cars. 2MM fans attend the races, 23MM reached via ALMS media / marketing. Your Branded JDX Porsche racecar in the ALMS ‘Main Event’ race.  9 to 11 ALMS races each season.  Major Market Coverage - NY, LA, SF, Miami, Boston, Baltimore, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Toronto, Montreal.  ALMS is the premiere Sports Car Series in North America.  JDX Racing is a Top 3 team in the ALMS GTC class.  25 yrs of Wins, Championships, Corporate Sponsorship mgt..April 2012 7
  10. 10. PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES PORSCHE, JDX, ALMS RACING - The Hosting / HospitalityApril 2012 10
  11. 11. PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES PORSCHE, JDX, ALMS RACING - The Experiences / InteractionsApril 2012 11
  12. 12. PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES CONTENTS THE LANDSCAPE - All the Pieces page 13 SPONSOR DELIVERABLES - and Audience page 14 - 20 PORSCHE PERSPECTIVE - Teamwork page 21 THE NEXT STEPS - Discussion / Customization page 22 The logic to this proposal is simple -  The STRENGTH of Activation via PORSCHE / JDX Racing / ALMS.  The ADRENALIN of Brand Association with Professional Motorsport.  THE OPPORTUNITY drives B2C / B2B Sales, Marketing, and Branding.April 2012 12
  13. 13. PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES THE LANDSCAPE - Full Integration This sponsorship is built around the following assets -  The NAmerican Porsche GT3 Cup Series. www.imsachallenge.com • 15 races, 50 Porsche owner / drivers, major market venues, US and Canada.  JDX Racing Porsche in American Le Mans Series. www.jdxracing.com • 9 pro races, major markets, global coverage, the pinnacle of NA sports car racing.  ALMS / Porsche Motorsport / Porsche Cars Media and Marketing. • A constant array of Interactive attention-setting communications.  Porsche Owner / Enthusiast Experiences. • Monthly events that allow for direct and personal interaction.  The Porsche Dealership Organization. www.porsche.com • 200+ Retailers / 27,000 Annual N. American sales / Up-market branding.  Porsche Business Opportunities. • Official Supplier possibilities and BizDev partner introductions.April 2012 13
  14. 14. PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES THE DELIVERABLES - Topline Summary PORSCHE has created a high-value Sponsor experience that takes full advantage of the GT3 Cup and the entire PORSCHE brand. ALL THE EXPECTED MOTORSPORTS MARKETING DELIVERABLES -  On-Site Activation, Promotions, PR, Display, Hospitality, VIP Access.  SPONSOR ID on ALL Cup Series Race Cars, Drivers, Officials, etc..  TV Broadcast AND / OR On-line Broadband Media of all Cup races / storylines. PLUS -  SPONSOR ID on the JDX Porsche in ALMS Feature Races for max presence. PLUS, PLUS; THE DIFFERENCE-MAKER GENERAL MARKET DELIVERABLES -  Activation inclusion into the Porsche Partner Network.  Interaction / Outreach Programs to PCNA Owners / Customers.  In-Market Marketing Activation Programs IN ADDITION to race track activities.  Social Marketing Programs via On-line videos / Viral community-building.April 2012 14
  16. 16. PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES THE DELIVERABLES - The Audience  FANS OF PORSCHE, AUTOS, AND RACING. • Loyalists - Porsche US (2 Million), Porsche Global (10 Million). • Annual Customers - US (30,000 sales, 100,000 shoppers). • Annual Customers - Global (100,000 sales, 200,000 sales by 2015). • Auto Enthusiasts - US (60 Million, of the 250 Million US Autos owned). • Racing Fans - US (80 Million), Global (1 Billion, 600 Million via Le Mans).April 2012 16
  17. 17. PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES THE DELIVERABLES - The Audience Fan ProfileApril 2012 17
  18. 18. PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES THE DELIVERABLES - The Activation  BRAND EXPOSURE  SOCIAL MEDIA  LAUNCH EVENTS  DIRECT MARKETING  ADVERTISING  HOSPITALITY  EXPERIENTIAL  PR / MEDIA RELATIONS  PROMOTIONS  MARKETING COUNCIL Deliverables detailed and customized, per Sponsor needs / budgets. All designed with ROI of 5 to 1 or better.April 2012 18
  19. 19. PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES THE DELIVERABLES - The Examples  BRAND EXPOSURE  SOCIAL MEDIA • ID on ALL Cup Cars and JDX Racing. • Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, more.  LAUNCH EVENTS  DIRECT MARKETING • Live Event, On-Line, Broadcast. • Series / Porsche Databases.  ADVERTISING  HOSPITALITY • Series On-line, Print, Broadcast. • VIP with Series, Porsche, JDX Racing.  EXPERIENTIALS  PR / MEDIA RELATIONS • Racing AND Non-Racing Events. • Series-dedicated, Porsche inclusive.  PROMOTIONS  MARKETING COUNCIL • Contests, Demos, Prospecting. • Collaborative Marketing Planning.April 2012 19
  20. 20. PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES THE DELIVERABLES - The Possibilities Imagine what Your Brand and PORSCHE could create together. PORSCHE is ready to discuss the B2C and B2B possibilities.  Your Brand and Product Integrations.•  Your Brand and Product Offerings via Porsche Experiences.  Brand-Collaborative Motorsports / Marketing Activities.  Shared Digital Marketing and Media Interactions.  http://tinyurl.com/PorschePartners - An array of experiences. April 2012 20
  21. 21. PARTNERSHIP WITH PORSCHE MOTORSPORT THE WORDS OF PORSCHE - Teamwork “The cooperation between a matching partner and Porsche AG always marks the beginning of a partnership with the aim to position both premium brands as worldwide partners that have something in common. Partnership with Porsche Motorsport showcases the quality and design attitude of the partner’s products, enabling a worldwide image transfer, as well as use of Porsche as a testimonial for the partner’s products in its communications. Porsche and its partner aspire to create synergies between business segments and products. Exemplary fields of cooperation are sales, marketing, events, and production. Using Porsche Motorsport business platforms shall be beneficial for the partner’s B2C, as well as its B2B segments. The title attributed to the partner will be tailored to the partner’s requirements and industry.” - Porsche MotorsportApril 2012 21
  22. 22. PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES THE NEXT STEPS PORSCHE, JDX, ALMS, and PDCA would be pleased to host you for a 1st-hand look into this program and its possibilities for your brand -  A meeting in your office….  A visit to Porsche Cars North America….  Time at an JDX, ALMS, and Porsche GT3 Cup race…..  Participation in a PORSCHE Owner Experience Day. A CUSTOMIZED program built around your needs / objectives using the Assets available via this opportunity will validate any commitment you make to PORSCHE. As PORSCHE has proven time and time again, a partnership with PORSCHE will make a difference and deliver results. PDCA Inc. • 212 396 9303 • 917 656 0274 • leo-parente@pdcamarketing.comApril 2012 22