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* What social media platform has doubled in size in the last 6 months?

* What platform is second to Facebook and tied with Pinterest in average time users spend on site?

* What blogging platform does Google estimate to become the 'Kleenex' of blogging platforms (brand name stand-in for the generic web term) by the end of the year?

The answer is Tumblr.

Tumblr isn't new (launched in 2007), but its popularity has really taken off in the last year. So far fashion and media brands have been pioneers on this platform but now other brands are starting to take notice (ex: Huggies). Tumblr can be an interesting alternative to or complement to a brand's presence on other social platforms. If you are considering Tumblr for your brand, check out "Talkin' Tumblr: An Introduction for Brands."

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Tumblr for Brands

  1. 1. “”Talkin’ Tumblr: An Introduction for Brands Tumblr is a customizable microblogging platform. It launched in 2007, but has really taken off in the last year. In fact, eMarketer reports that Google predictions indicate “Tumblr” could become the generic word for “blog” by the end of 2012. Users can create content from mobile phones or desktop browsers. Similar to Twitter, users can follow other users and repost content. When it comes to brands, fashion and media companies have been the pioneers in this space. Are you considering Tumblr for your brand? If so, check out these four tips. 1) Understand the platform user base to determine the fit with your brand & content AUDIENCE* ACTIVITY* 140 million users 23.1 billion posts 42% in US 16.7 billion monthly page views TOP 25 US SITES 1 Google 2 YouTube 18-24 FEMALE 3 Facebook 25-34 4 Twitter . . . 21 Tumblr *Quantcast, May 2012 BEHAVIORS Gender Average time spent in minutes per visitor (Worldwide, Jan 2012) Most users reblog content vs. posting original content. Popular content includes: Facebook 405 Tumblr 89 Humor, GIFs, Memes ) Pinterest 89 Fashion & Design Twitter 21 LinkedIn 17 Photography & Art Myspace 8 Google+ 3 Food & Drink Source: comScore data (cited in WSJ Feb. 28, 2012) as reported by eMarketer Celebrity Tip: Alternative ways to engage with consumers include Meetups and templatesTalkin’ Tumblr: An Introduction for Brands, Vol 1., Issue 1, June 2012 © Leo BurnettContact: Marina Molenda (312-220-5465) or Kate Twohig (312-220-6734)
  2. 2. “”Talkin’ Tumblr: An Introduction for Brands 2) Utilize features to optimize your presence Variety of post types: text, View current followers or photos, quotes, links, music explore other bloggers and videos Posts can be published now, on a pre-determined date, saved as drafts or marked as private Tags can be added for better search capabilities Custom urls can be created for posts All followers posts are displayed View notes, reblog or within the dashboard interface like each post 3) Build a following 1) Engage with other users’ posts Tumblr Radar (reblog, like, etc.) •Showcases interesting or sponsored blogs 2) Follow other users •120M+ daily impressions 3) Promote your blog via linking and posting content to other sites 4) Use Tumblr’s paid media options Tumblr Spotlight •Features blogs curated by Tumblr staff •Sponsors can also Tip: be featured Highlighted posts should be utilized strategically & sparingly to avoid annoying users or looking like spam Highlighted Posts Tumblr is open to discussing custom •For $1, posts can be sponsorship ideas with brands highlighted & stickers can be added for emphasisTalkin’ Tumblr: An Introduction for Brands, Vol 1., Issue 1, June 2012 © Leo BurnettContact: Marina Molenda (312-220-5465) or Kate Twohig (312-220-6734)
  3. 3. “”Talkin’ Tumblr: An Introduction for Brands4) Explore successful blogs for inspiration Kate Spade NY URL: http://katespadeny.tumblr.com/ Theme: Fashion Highlights: • Uses an array of images and colors to provide a sense of the brand to followers • Showcases brand’s personality and tells brand story by featuring behind-the-scenes content and sharing what and who inspires the brand • Includes giveaways/sweepstakes within overall content of their page This post was reblogged from another Tumblr partnering with Kate Spade for the Giveaway Huggies: Highchair Critics URL: Highchaircritics.com Theme: Celebrity Highlights: • Entertaining content about everything “celebrity baby” plus fun baby videos • Followers showcased on home page • No mention of Huggies besides link to their Facebook pageWhoʼs Using it? #WhatShouldWeCallMe URL: http://whatshouldwecallme.tumblr.com/ Theme: Humor Highlights: • This user-generated blog created in February 2012 has over 34K followers and has been featured in several magazines • Key to success is humorous GIFs (animated images) used to convey funny reactions to a variety of situations KEY TAKEAWAYS: Tumblr is best suited for brands that deliver content which aligns with platform user behaviors Content that can be consumed quickly and inspires sharing is best for the platform The most successful Tumblr blogs have focused content and often appeals to a specific lifestyle, state of mind or interest Discoverability can be optimized by using custom tags and URLs, Tumblr advertising (as appropriate), and distribution and linkage to other brand social accounts and digital propertiesTalkin’ Tumblr: An Introduction for Brands, Vol 1., Issue 1, June 2012 © Leo BurnettContact: Marina Molenda (312-220-5465) or Kate Twohig (312-220-6734)