Social Shopping Archetypes


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Explore six social shopper archetypes based on Leo Burnett and Arc Worldwide's Social Shopping study.

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Social Shopping Archetypes

  1. 1. Tweet it. Like it. Watch it. Buy it. Leo Burnett and Arc Worldwide illuminate what brands need to do to connect with shoppers in their own social worlds. People assign a different purpose and expectation to each social media channel they use. These social channels have different strengths in serving the indulgent, impulsive, informational and utilitarian social needs of today’s shoppers. And, not all social shoppers are alike. Nor do people shop different categories in the same ways. The perceived risk or reward for each purchase is weighed differently and therefore social media can take on varying roles. Understand PERS how people use social media to shop and you’ll drive meaningful SHOP brand engagement now and in OCIAL the future. TODAY’S S “ MEET I talked about the Versace @ H&M event on Twitter weeks before it happened... Savvy Passionista it made me look in-the-know. The Social Trendsetter ” Socia l Sho These are heavy social shoppers using social media pping channels to satisfy their indulgent needs. They stay Need in-the-know, broadcast the latest trends, stay connected s with favorite brands and share opinions with others. Help shoppers discover, express and connect on everything from Facebook to Pinterest to Twitter. “Social platforms likeGroupon bring me to places INDU LGENthat I wouldn’t have triedwithout a deal. Opportunistic Adventurer ” T The Daily Dealaholic On a mission to score fun and unexpected deals, these “ folks have impulsive social shopping tendencies. Invest in tailored deals that are “too good to pass up.” Use geo-location applications such as shopkick, build I track postings, watch visibility on daily deal sites such as Groupon and provide videos and always seek recommendations on Amazon. “ online advice from people using the products I want. ” Social conversations help me get tips on how to cut corners and save SIVE Quality Devotee a few bucks. PUL ” The High Maintenance, High Standards ShopperIM RTS With heavy informational needs, they use social media ER REPO CONSUM to validate their choice and shape purchasing decisions. “ No matter the time or research involved, they will find the best product available. I take one quick look Help shoppers build knowledge through in-depth reviews and at the review and buy the expert opinions via blogs, forums, review sites and YouTube. Strategic Saver The Black Belted Negotiator one with the most stars. I don’t care about price. These shoppers use social media to ” comparison shop and dig for deals on their favorite brands. Aim to validate choices by offering custom “ shopping tips and ways to save money by INFO tapping into blogs, forums and review sites. Efficient Sprinter The Few Dollars Shorter, RMA Several Minutes Richer Shopper I use social media to find the lowest price no matter what the product or brand. T This group uses social media to save time and ION quickly sort through product choices based on ” the opinions shared by others. Simplify the buying process. Provide a curated list of top selling products on the brand’s social channels and retailer sites. A L Dollar Defaulter The Dollar Sign Connoisseur With just one social shopping goal, they are out to find the cheapest alternative. Driven by utilitarian shopping needs, they choose only the lowest prices and do not feel loyal to specific brands. Broadcast special deals on retailer websites such as and LITA RIAN UTI For more information regarding how people social shop, contact 35 W. Wacker Dr. Chicago, IL 60601 312.220.4533