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Pencil Shavings: 3Q11 GPC, London
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Pencil Shavings: 3Q11 GPC, London


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A roundup of Leo Burnett's 3Q11 Global Product Committee meeting in London, including links to 7+ work, creative profiles and more.

A roundup of Leo Burnett's 3Q11 Global Product Committee meeting in London, including links to 7+ work, creative profiles and more.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 11pencil shavingsA Letter from MarkDear Friends,Summer’s come and gone for most of us (and in the case of London, it didn’t arrive at all). It’s time once again torefocus ourselves on the forthcoming year. There’s a bit of a lull every August, in the wake of Cannes, as we alltake a few well deserved days off to reflect on where we’ve come and where we’d like to go. The task at handbegins with a clean slate, and I encourage all of you to take a few moments to consider the briefs in front ofyou, the opportunities on the horizon, and the limitless potential of the coming year. We are privileged to workin an industry where our ideas are currency, and where creativity is the most valuable asset in business today.It’s important to remember that our clients do not pay us to produce advertising anymore: they pay us to buildrelationships with people. The way forward lies in replacing the rigid dynamics of old marketing techniques witha more fluid approach that puts people at the heart of all our communication. The expectations have shiftedas the channels have changed: STORYTELLING has evolved and become a two-way conversation betweenbrands and people. So how does a brand become a storyteller?Human beings have been communicating with each other through storytelling since we lived in caves and sataround campfires exchanging tales. We are hard-wired, as a species, to connect to stories. That’s why some ofthe most successful and effective brands are master storytellers. A great story makes us laugh, listen, participate,learn and remember.If you are a company that enriches people’s lives, people will want to connect with your brand. The key to becominga great storyteller requires a ‘Human Purpose’. Purpose shifts the conversation from what a product does towhat it means. Purpose tells us what a brandbelieves, why it exists, and what it’s going to doabout it. Purpose tells us how and where andwhy and when a brand fits into a person’s life -and the value it provides. At the heart of everybrand story is a purpose. HumanKindThe secret is to create purposeful use of narrative Q3 GPCand tell the brand story with wit, charm, intrigue Londonand imagination. Storytelling will become thekey ingredient to managing communicationsand innovation in the 21st century. 1
  • 2. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 11A Sort of HomecomingI spent a week in my home town last month with the 3Q11 Global Product Committee, reviewing the output of LBWorldwide. It was a small quarter, in terms of submissions, and consequently the 3Q11 7+ list is quite short. The jurywas also tough, but each member of the panel offered intelligent commentary and thought-provoking feedback onevery piece. The purpose of the GPC is not just to identify the 7+ work that serves as the creative standard for ourbrand. The purpose of our meetings is to improve every submission, by providing constructive thoughts on everypiece submitted for evaluation. As I tell the group every quarter, the GPC is not an awards show. It is a platform forself-improvement, and an opportunity for everyone in the network to receive honest, unbiased critiques of theirwork from a panel of their peers. This process is part of what makes Leo Burnett unique, and it is the main reasonwhy we continue, year after year, to be named in the Gunn Report as the network with the most offices worldwidecontributing to our creative reputation. I urge all of you to ensure that the work you produce gets seen and evaluatedby the GPC at least once a year. The GPC is the connective tissue of our network, and an invaluable part of ourcompany’s DNA.Although there was not a lot of 7+ work to celebrate this quarter, the executions that received high scores are quitebrilliant, and I hope you take the time to peruse this quarter’s 7+ gallery. Also included in this edition of Pencil Shavings aresome of the amazing presentations we saw in between sessions. Brilliant guests such as the leadership of D&AD,Donald Gunn of the Gunn Report, and Jonathan Mildenhall of Coca-Cola all offered inspiring presentations thateveryone in our network should see. We were also privileged to hear from Giles Hedger, who sat on the inauguralCannes Effectiveness Jury this year. Giles gave us some profound insights from his experience judging this year’sentries, including a clear brief in terms of how to prepare a perfect entry for the Cannes Effectiveness Awards nextyear. Jonathan Mildenhall, one of the world’s most progressive clients, shared with us a highly inspiring presentationinto the way the Coca-Cola company thinks and behaves. I urge everyone to watch his thought-provoking and highlyinformative film. It’s a great example of the kind of strategic thinking that will shape our industry in the years to come.I’d also like to thank our hosts in London; Justin Tindall, Andrew Edwards, Giles Hedger, Paul Lawson, and particularlyAnn Hunter, who graciously welcomed the GPC to the city that I’ve always considered home. Good company, goodfriends, and pints at the local pub after hours made for a lovely stretch of overcast days. Returning home to LBLondon reminded me of T.S. Eliot’s famous quartet: “We shall not cease from our exploration. And the end of all ourexploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”The pages that follow are filled with highlights of an inspiring week spent exchanging ideas and celebrating creativity.Please take some time to look at the presentations and examine the work.Kind regards,Mark TutsselChief Creative OfficerLeo Burnett Worldwide 2
  • 3. HumanKind GPC 3Q 11has real experiential valueat the time that it’s consumedrather than justdispensing a message
  • 4. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 11ContentsThe 3Q11 Global Product Committee 5London Calling:Bright Minds Light The Way Forward 6Lessons from the Cannes Jury:Giles Hedger on Creative Effectiveness 7Spikes Asia Awards 2011 8Leo Takes New York 9A Chat With the Leadership of D&AD:The Toughest Jury In The World 10Coca-Cola 2020: Jonathan Mildenhall Looks for Liquid Ideas 11Donald Gunn presents The Gunn Report Archive 12The 3Q11 8-Balls 13The 3Q11 7+ Gallery 15 “The man with the pencil sits through far more meetings than he should, but I have learned that the creative meetings which send him back to his pad or typewriter with the greatest zeal often are those which have provoked the hottest arguments.” 4
  • 5. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 11The 3Q11 Global Product Committee Mark Tutssel Michael Pawel Heinze Tom Loockx Worldwide Canning Warsaw Brussels New York City Farid Chehab Giles Hedger Kent Guy Moore Beirut London Middleton London Chicago Graham Fuad Ahmad Gareth Anja Lakeland Bangkok Simpson Radulovic London London Belgrade Guillaume Jorritt Donald Gunn Rosalie Geier Chifflot Hermans London Chicago Paris Brussels Chris Chiu Andrew Bechara Nicola Singapore Edwards Mouzannar Novellone London Beirut Warsaw Jonathan Richard Riccardo Kim Koster Mildenhall Robinson Robiglio Toronto Atlanta London Milan Jennifer Justin Tindall Susan Credle Tom Bernardin Skidgel London Chicago Worldwide Chicago The GPC would like to congratulate Anne Vigus on the occasion of her 40th Anniversary with the company. Anne Vigus started at Leo Burnett 40 years ago. At that time, Rod Stewart’s “Maggie May” was number one in the charts, and Edward ‘Ted’ Heath was the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Anne is an amazing role model for anyone in this industry and a wonderful human being. Happy 40th, Anne! 5
  • 6. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 11London Calling:Bright Minds Light the Way ForwardLondon has always been a hotbed of creativity, a city filled with formidableagencies that are led by talented teams and charismatic visionaries.Although Leo Burnett has always been a force in the UK, the agency is inthe midst of a notable resurgence. LB/London has hit its stride under theguidance of a group of familiar faces and a few new hires leading the chargeforward. Andrew Edwards and Paul Lawson have provided steadyleadership as the group’s CEO and MD, and 2008 hires like Marc Giustias the agency’s Chief Digital Officer and Giles Hedger as the Group’s ChiefStrategy Officer have opened up new avenues for growth and opportunity.The latest addition to LB/London’s management team is the new ExecutiveCreative Director of the agency. Justin Tindall arrived at Leo Burnett in late2010, following successful stints as the head of art at DDB/London and as apartner at “The Red Brick Road.” His arrival marks the start of a new chapterfor LB/London, and the agency is primed and poised for new success on theheels of the outstanding campaigns they’ve produced in the last few years.The two campaigns below are representative of the outstanding work emergingfrom our friends in London. The image on the bottom left is a still from thehugely popular McDonald’s “Favourites” TV spot, which won a Lion at Cannesin 2010 and one of the first ever Creative Effectiveness Lions at Cannes2011. The image on the right is the incredibly beautiful “House of Cards”deck created for Shelter in the UK. The future for this office is bright indeed. 6
  • 7. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 11Lessons from the Cannes Jury:Giles Hedger Talks Creative Effectiveness At the 2011 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, a group of jurors gathered together to pore over the marketplace effectiveness of shortlisted and Lion- winning campaigns from Cannes 2010. Leo Burnett London’s Giles Hedger was a member of the inaugural Cannes Lions Creative Effectiveness jury, and a few months after Cannes wrapped up, Giles and a team of coworkers put together a compelling strategy deck detailing some key observations regarding the metrics and arguments used to evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign.Questions abound about this new category at Cannes. What differentiates the Cannes Effectiveness Lions fromthe Effies? What makes one case better than another? What claims are valid and what does the jury dismiss? In apresentation to the 3Q11 GPC, Giles detailed some of the learnings from his experience at Cannes. Giles was joinedby LB/London planners Tom Roach and Matt Watts, the winners of a Gold Effectiveness Lion for their brilliant McDonald’s“Favourites” case, and together they offered some invaluable insights into how to put together a solid Cannes Effectivenesscase for future yearsA significant portion of Giles’ presentation deals with evaluating the success of the new models of communicationthat have taken the marketing world by storm in recent years. In an era where agencies across the world are nowfocusing on cultivating participation and engaging people in a dialogue, the question bears asking: does dialoguealways lead to increased sales? Giles spent some time debunking some of the prevalent myths and claims surroundingthese new models of communication, as well as examining their premises. For instance, Giles noted that participationwill not necessarily yield better marketplace results than an elegant and convincing sales proposition. Earned mediamight not necessaily be more effective than bought media. All claims needed to be verified, and a careful examinationof the Cannes cases revealed that “traditional channels” quite often yielded undeniably strong results. One of theconclusions Giles draws is that the most effective cases seem to incorporate a blend of old marketing approachesand new models, in which the efficiencies of new mediums are employed around a simple, scalable idea. This isnotable because it implies that a rush to embrace new media without a solid grounding in traditional channels isprobably not a recipe for success. The demise of traditional advertising, it seems, has been greatly exaggerated.As we move forward into 2012, it’s imperative to understand what creative effectiveness implies for our business.“Effectiveness” is not measured by whether or not “the blogosphere went ballistic,” or if your work caused “staggeringresults.” The accumulation of YouTube hits does not designate a campaign’s success. Creative Effectiveness is mea-sured in sales figures, and as noted by Giles, ads are at their most effective when they leverage simple, clear brandideas with efficiency. The executions must be engaging and the communication must be easy for people to under-stand and appreciate. These conclusions cohere neatly to our HumanKind philosophy of communication.We encourage all of you to consider Giles’ conclusions as we move forward. Creativity and effectiveness are interwoven.As Giles writes in the presentation’s final slide: Leo Burnett’s Effectiveness Awards will come from a culture of creative effectiveness, not from isolated moments of creative brilliance or isolated instances of commercial effect. 7
  • 8. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 11Spikes Asia Awards 2011 Last week, the finest creative talent in Asia Pacific congregated in Singapore to celebrate the Spikes Asia Advertising Festival. Over 1700 people attended the most important creative show in the region. A record number of entries, 3647 in total, competed in 14 categories. During the week, in the midst of packed seminars, Todd Sampson, the CEO of Leo Burnett Sydney delivered a fantas- tic presentation entitled “Creativity and Fear.” Todd’s seminar asserted that: “Creativity is the last remaining competitive advantage companies have today... The power of creativity [can] solve any problem – big, small, social, political, economic or environmental.... Creativity has the power to change the world but fear has the power to stop that from happening and the most successful leaders and organisations of the future will be the ones that can successfully balance both.“ The seminar was one highlight of a spectacular and full week, in which our stars shined very brightly. Leo Burnett Asia Pacific is currently ranked #1 in Campaign Brief’s regional creative rankings, which is testimony to the remarkable depth and breadth of talent we have residing in this region. The work from this region consistently dramatizes the remarkable power of creativity when amplified and activated in fresh, new, future-facing ways. When the results of the festival were finally announced, the Leo Bur- nett network had secured 49 shortlisted pieces, and won an impressive 25 prestigious Spikes (7 Gold, 6 Silver, 12 Bronze). Leo Burnett Melbourne won four Gold Spikes for their brilliant “See the Person” campaign for Scope, and LB/Bangkok, LB/Sydney, and LB/Shanghai each won a Gold Spike as well. The festival was a triumph for Leo Burnett, who concluded the weekend by hosting a memorable afterparty following the final award show. The entertainment at the afterparty was provided by the incredibly talented band Rudely Interrupted from Melbourne, who played an amazing gig, with a set that included their Cannes Grand Prix-winning single “Close My Eyes” for Scope. The band was a brilliant conclusion to a stellar week, and all of the offices in our Asia Pacific network deserve congratulations for the fine work they’re doing pushing our brand forward into the future. 8
  • 9. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 11Leo Takes New York Leo Burnett New York City made a splash at the 3Q11 GPC, announcing their arrival as the network’s newest hot shop by producing four 7+ pieces in the design and film categories. A recent addition to LB’s global network, the office in New York is helmed by CCO Jay Benjamin, the former ECD of LB/Sydney. Mark Tutssel asked Jay’s long time Australian colleagues Kieran Antill and Michael Canning to make the trip from Sydney to New York to form the creative nucleus of LB/NYC, and they’ve started off their US tenure with some compelling self-promotional work. How does an agency synonymous with Chicago launch itself anew amidst the fiercely competitive denizens of Madison avenue? By listening to the people of New York City. As the agency writes in its overview of their brilliant “New York Writes Itself” campaign: “When Leo Burnett arrived in NYC, we didn’t want to begin by just shouting about ourselves. Instead, we wanted to listen to the people of New York. We wanted to engage New Yorkers in a dialogue, in something that would add real value to the city, and which New Yorkers could own and shape over time. New York Writes Itself is a platform designed to connect the people of New York with its creative community, a platform which feeds inspiration from the streets of the city to artists, musicians, and filmmakers, turning that inspi- ration into amazing pieces of communication.” This huge platform idea has infinite potential to grow and evolve. It’s hard to argue with the potency of the campaign’s chosen tagline, encompassing all the joys, marvels, insanity and magic found everyday on the streets of New York City: The Founding Father, Mothers, Sisters & Brothers of Leo Burnett New York City: Jumana Abu-Ghazaleh, Jay Benjamin, Michael Canning, Kieran Antill, Tom Flanagan, Kristal Korzon, Darren Wright, Dave Skinner, Masataka Kawano, Max Goodwin, Simen Braathen, Shaina Stigler, Doffen Trellevik 9
  • 10. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 11A Chat With the Leadership of D&AD:The Toughest Award Show In the WorldThe 3Q11 GPC was visited midweek by the leadership of the Design & Art Direction Awards, with outgoing CEO TimO’Kennedy, new CEO Tim Lindsay, and Chairman Dick Powell presenting a brief overview of the history and heritage ofthe world’s toughest award show. Unlike other prestigious shows, D&AD is a not-for-profit organization which uses itsfunds to help advance professional development in the fields it monitors. Founded in 1962 by a group of passionatedesigners and art directors, the organization is committed to “lionizing and celebrating creative communication.” A pencil fromD&AD is one of the greatest accolades anyone in communication could hope to receive over the course of their career.Chatting with the organization’s leadership proved to be an invaluable reminder of the single-minded focus requiredfor true greatness, and how important it is to acknowledge the work around us that pushes the needle forward.The D&AD team also introduced their new White Pencil Award to the panel, and shared an open brief with thegroup available to anyone worldwide. The White Pencil is an award for a creative idea that changes the world for thebetter. Designed in part to commemorate D&AD’s 50th anniversary, this award seeksto honor and acknowledge endeavors that harness powerful creative tools and ideasto make a real difference in the world around us. Click on the pencils to the right todownload the open brief and details regarding the 2012 D&AD White Pencil Award.“D&AD – home of the talented and skilled, the imaginative and the curious, the restless andthe bloody-minded. Commercially savvy, sometimes romantic, often cynical and occasionallyrather weird. A source of information and ideas: of professional development, support andinspiration, interesting people to talk to and nice things to look at. All creative life is here.” Click on the picture above to see a time-lapse video of the annual D&AD judging process. 10
  • 11. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 11Coca-Cola 2020:Jonathan Mildenhall Looks for Liquid Ideas It’s not every day that a client like Jonathan Mildenhall comes along. Formerly the managing director of TBWA in London, and then a strategic director at Mother/London, Jonathan left the UK several years ago to take a position as the VP of Global Advertising Strategy and Creative Excellence at Coca-Cola Worldwide. From his office in Atlanta, he is a guardian of Coke’s brand essence, a sponsor of brilliant ideas and campaigns, and one of the most passionate advocates for creativity you’ll find anywhere in the world. The GPC had the distinct pleasure of welcoming Jonathan to the group’s last day of deliberations, where the panel evaluated the Coke work produced by Leo Burnett Worldwide. Prior to scoring Leo Burnett’s contributions to the Coke brand, the panel sat through a presentation Jonathan has been delivering all over the world reflecting Coke’s creative marketing strategy over the next decade. An impeccably crafted animated film accompanied Jonathan’s description of a brand that has identified different ways it wants to tell its story. Coca-Cola is in search of what it calls “liquid and linked ideas,” ideas that are so contagious they simply cannot be controlled. This brilliant video offers a masterclass in creative marketing, rooted in a compelling strategic argument, and it left the panel awestruck. Jonathan’s visit coincides with new opportunities for Leo Burnett to collaborate with the Coca-Cola company, and it left the entire panel with a deep appetite for briefs to work on with this incredibly forward-looking client. Have a look at the video by clicking the images on this page. This is a client that understands the power of creativity. 11
  • 12. GPC 3Q 11Donald Gunn & The Gunn Report ArchiveThe origins of the GPC date back to the 1980’s, when ad guru Donald Gunn was working at LeoBurnett Chicago as LB’s Director of Creative Resources. In conjunction with a few like-minded people, Donald put in place the first 1-10 rating scale and the voting format that hasevolved over the years to become the GPC. In London, the 3Q11 panel was delighted towelcome Donald back into the fold as an honorary guest judge. He was joined by long timecolleague Emma Wilkie of the Gunn Report, and after scoring a few ads, the two sharedthe incredibly deep reservoir of knowledge found in the library of the Gunn Report is available to all Leo Burnett employees worldwide. It contains award-winning spotsfrom the last 40+ years, and is searchable via selling format, product category, and ad message. Needa great historical coffee spot from Latin America that uses animation? It’s a few clicks away on theGunn Report Library. Need something that dramatizes “taste’s better”? It’s searchable on the GunnReport and just a few clicks away. Register for access to The Gunn Report on theNotepad.This brilliant archive is a great reference tool for everyone in our industry. Please use it. 12
  • 13. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 11 ball galleryDiageo - Bundaberg RumWatermarkLeo Burnett / SydneyCategory: IntegratedIn late 2010 and early 2011, a series of devastating floods hit the province ofQueensland in Australia, turning the entire state into a disaster area and forcingthe evacuation of thousands of people. The widespread flooding causedimmense property damage and derailed the local economy, and a large scalerecorvery program began in earnest once the waters receded. One of the townsaffected was Bundaberg, the home of Bundaberg Rum, and when the distilleryre-opened it decided to create a product that was a symbol of the resilianceand indomitable spirit of the people of Queensland. The company produced acommemorative rum called “Watermark,” with a beautifully designed bottle anda brilliant campaign around it that celebrated the people of Queensland asthey sought to rebuild their communities. Proceeds from the sale of the Water-mark rum were donated to relief efforts, and the company also sponsored theWatermark Music Festival, giving Austalian bands the opporunity to contributeto relief efforts by performing at benefit concerts in Queensland. This CannesGold Lion winner is an inspiration to the entire network for its scope and ambition. 13
  • 14. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 11 ball galleryLeo Burnett Sydney - New Business / PromotionalApple BoxLeo Burnett / SydneyCategory: DesignThis stunningly beautiful “Apple Box” serves as an agency gift to prospectiveclients, and offers an in-depth glimpse of the Leo Burnett company’s richhistoric heritage as a global advertising agency. The impeccablydesigned crate is a testament to masterful craftsmanship, and contains layerupon layer of content, with each revealing compelling details about the storyof the Leo Burnett company and its people. The crate itself is incribed withiconic illustrations and quotes, and beneath the carefully folded paper applesare big black pencils, a copy of Leo’s famous “when to take my name off thedoor” speech, and a customized iPad that tells the story of Leo BurnettSydney and showcases some of the agency’s finest work. This is the finestpiece of self-promotion produced anywhere by Leo Burnett in recent years,and is well worthy of the Silver design lion it received at Cannes this year. 14
  • 15. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 117 gallery + Coca-Cola Coke Studio IndiaArt Director’s Club Ukraine Leo Burnett / New DelhiWe Are Not Your Mother Category: IntegratedLeo Burnett / Kyiv Tasked with creating brand loyalty amongst young peopleCategory: Integrated throughout India, Leo Burnett New Delhi created Coke Studio, aTo promote the Art Director’s Club of Ukraine Awards, taking performance showcase for up and coming bands and unheraldedplace for the first time in the country, Leo Burnett Kyiv created musicians from across the country. By promoting a unique andan integrated campaign constructed around the powerful insight memorable alternative to the dominant Bollywood sound, Cokethat to your mother, you’re always a winner. However, the jury of Studio built a following amongst young people by featuring artiststhe ADC is not your mother. They will not coddle you, shelter you, that fused together traditional Indian genres with new and modernor tell you that you’re special. Your mother may not need proof sensibilities. This celebration of India’s diverse musical heritagethat you’re a genius, but the ADC does. This brilliant campaign connected young people to Coke in a new way, and earned thefeatured prominent talents from the Ukraine’s advertising brand a renewed appreciation amongst the target dressed as their mothers, and this idea was executedacross a variety of channels to encourage entries to the showand to publicize the event as a prestigious celebration of talent. 15
  • 16. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 117 gallery +Salvation Army Blankets for the Living Fiat - Freemont The Kid Car JournalistsLeo Burnett / Johannesburg Leo Burnett / BrusselsCategory: Film Category: Interactive Building on the insight that the journalists who review cars tendThis elegant, beautifully crafted television spot tells the story of to be “middle aged men with sports car fetishes,” LB/Brusselsthe homeless, while promoting a Salvation Army blanket drive in decided to focus on a different group of people to review the newSouth Africa. It’s a sign of respect to cover the dead. What about Fiat Freemont. Children were enlisted as journalists to analyze andthe bodies of the living? document the merits of Fiat’s latest family car. These kids offered insightful critiques that were leveraged across multiple channels.Fiat - Jeep Compass The AdventurousLeo Burnett / BrusselsCategory: Direct / PromoThis direct mail piece for the new Fiat Compass defies categoryconventions. We follow the journey of a Jeep across terrain to theremotest mailbox in Belgium, miles from anywhere. From here,thousands of brochures were mailed to people’s homes through-out the country. Embedded in the mail was the road movie of thejourney, dramatizing the extraordinary off-road credentials of thisnew Fiat vehicle. 16
  • 17. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 117 gallery +McDonald’s - Happy Meal Happy Box McDonald’s - Trust A-ZLeo Burnett / London Leo Burnett / LondonCategory: Film Category: FilmLeo Burnett London continue to produce work that captures This incredibly-well written film runs through the alphabetthe imagination of the British public. This beautiful film, directed according to McDonald’s in the UK, with each letter representingby Neil Gorringe, moves the Happy Meal brand from a “toy in a one quality ingredient or aspect of how the company choosesbox” to “joy in a box.” Huge 3D Happy Meal boxes were placed to do business. The spot is a beautifully crafted testament to ain the streets, parks, beaches; some reflective, some furry, restaurant that has a clear focus on quality and sustainability, withsome bouncy, some that issue water in bubbles, and others you concerns for the community it serves and the planet it inhabits.could paint. The film captured the magnetism of the brand andthe pure visceral joy it creates in children’s lives in an authenticand believable way. T-Side AdvertMcDonald’sStop By The Drive ThruLeo Burnett / LondonCategory: Print (Bus Side)‘Stop by the Drive Thru.’London is notorious for its traffic jams.Drivers spend endless hours stuck in traffic. T-Side Advert In-situThis brilliant interactive transport postertakes a traditional T-shaped poster found onthe sides of London’s double decker busesand turns the image into a brilliant piece ofstreet theater for drivers and pedestrians,transforming the square into a McDonald’sdrive through window. 17
  • 18. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 117 gallery +Allstate Raccoon Allstate Blind SpotLeo Burnett / Chicago Leo Burnett / ChicagoCategory: Film Category: FilmMayhem is the raccoon nesting in your attic, chewing through Mayhem is your blind spot, obscuring your view. This spot forinsulation and wiring, and wreaking havoc with your roof. This Allstate shows mayhem causing the car accident you should havebrilliant spot for Allstate Insurance shows in no uncertain terms seen. Allstate Insurance. Because mayhem is a single raccoon can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Allstate Courteous Driver - Portland Leo Burnett / Chicago Category: Radio VoiceOver 1: Mayhem is everywhere. Mayhem: I’m an overly courteous Portland driver. You’re an equally courteous Portland driver. We meet at a four way stop. Looks like a courteous face-off. I look at you like, ‘you go.’ And you’re like, ‘you go.’ And I’m like, ‘no, you go.’ And you’re like ‘no, you go.’ So we both go. SFX: Cars collide. Mayhem: Oh, I’m sorry. Know what else is sorry? Your cut rate insurance, because chances are it’s not paying for this. So getAllstate Toddler Allstate. You could save money and be better protected fromLeo Burnett / Chicago Mayhem like me.Category: Film VoiceOver 1: Dollar for dollar, nobody protects you from Mayhem better than Allstate.Mommy! Mommy! Mommy Mommy Mommy Mommy Mommy!Mayhem is the fitful toddler in the back seat throwing things.Allstate Insurance gives you protection from mayhem. 18
  • 19. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 117 gallery +Charal Ostriches Arcor - Menthoplus Drinks LambadaLeo Burnett / Paris Leo Burnett / Buenos AiresCategory: Film Category: FilmThis spot updates a famous Cannes Lion-winning commercial This film for Arcor tells a story about a relationship between afor Charal from many years ago by employing a slightly different boy and a girl. It takes you on a jury before the rug is pulled outpremise and a new tagline. from under you. A boy walks into a party and sees a girl he likes.It’s a shame to lose your carnivorous instinct. Mmmmmm. Charal. He makes a cute play for her attention, then lavishes her with thoughtful gestures. He comes across as sensitive, before making an unexpected and completely inappropriate advance. Menthoplus. Half candy, half drink.Haomei AluminumBucalus Soundproof WindowsSound WaveLeo Burnett / China / GuangzhouCategory: Ambient MediaGuangzhou is famous for noise pollution.To promote Bucalus Soundproof Windows,the facades of buildings along a heavilytrafficked route into the city were paintedwith stark soundwave graphics dramatizingthe loud noise outside and the silence inside. 19
  • 20. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 117 gallery +Diageo - Bundy 5 White Rum Orange Slovensko - Hockey SponsorshipAin’t No Nancy Drink The Lucky PuckLeo Burnett / Sydney Leo Burnett / BratislavaCategory: Film Category: Ambient MediaThis highly entertaining film is the work of the masterful director Tom Orange is a sponsor of Slovenia’s National Hockey Team. To buildKuntz, of Old Spice fame. “It depicts a young man in a typically bor-ing bar, with tired décor and dull people sucking down bland drinks. support for the team at the World Hockey Championships, OrangeHe is about to conform, and order a bland drink, when the barman (a let fans of the team throughout the country bless a lucky puck thatmagical fellow in a white tux) intervenes, and takes him on a musi- was ultimately used in the team’s opening game of the journey through a world filled with players, gold, fountains and acamel - the character-filled world of Bundaberg Five.” Procter & Gamble - Tide Tide Smart Bag Leo Burnett / Dubai Category: Direct / PromoBulgari Hotels - La Scala TheatreLaundry ServiceLeo Burnett / Milan 20 billion plastic bags are used every year in Dubai, a staggeringCategory: Design number that has generated immense debate in the U.A.E. about the environmental consequences of using plastic bags. To addressBulgari Hotels delivers all guest laundry in exquisitely crafted garment the issue, Tide created the Smart Bag, a washable grocery bagbags designed to look like the costumes of performers at La Scala that you can write your shopping list on. This brilliant functionalTheater. The bags help promote the hotel’s ticket procurement service to promotional piece demonstrates Tide’s cleaning properties whilethis world famous theatre. simultaneously catering to environmentally conscious people. 20
  • 21. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 117 gallery + Leo Burnett NYCLeo Burnett NYC Computer Pencil New York Writes Itself - Chairman TrailerLeo Burnett / New York CityCategory: Design Leo Burnett / New York City Category: Film (Web Video)6325 keys from old Leo Burnett computers were recycled to LB/NYC introduces us to the “chairman,” a resident New Yorkerform this art piece at the entrance of Leo Burnett New York City. chosen to read aloud a few select submissions each week from theWithin the larger pencil image are hidden messages, such as New York Writes Itself camaign. Scruffy and wizened, with a certain“creativity has the power to transform human behaviour.” disaffected grace, the chairman embodies a specific NYC ethos as only a true New Yorker could.Leo Burnett NYCNew York Writes Itself - TrailerLeo Burnett / New York CityCategory: Film (Trailer)“New York Writes Itself” is a brilliant platform that empowers thepeople of New York to document the unique city they inhabit,filled with memorable characters, amusing interactions, and anundeniable pulse and energy. This trailer is a cinematic feast thatcelebrates the city’s people in each and every frame. 21
  • 22. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 117 gallery + Leo Burnett - Wildfire Cannes Lions Presentation The New Language of the 21st Century Leo Burnett / New York City Category: Design The year’s Leo Burnett Wildfire seminar presented at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity was entitled “The New Language of the 21st Century.” An impeccably designed set of alphabet blocks were the centerpiece of the seminar, with each letter representing a part of a new world of communication. The 26 blocks collectively comprise a primer on communication in the 21st century that everyone working in marketing needs to know. Beyond the blocks, which served as a physical art installation people could interact with over the course of the week, a website was created which offers a “test” on people’s knowledge of this new alphabet. The seminar was a hit at Cannes, and the site is a powerful tool we can continue to use to educate our teams and our clients. Do you know your ABC’s? 22
  • 23. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 117 gallery +eBay Boxes Diageo - Bundaberg Rum Watermark PlaqueLeo Burnett / Sydney Leo Burnett / SydneyCategory: Ambient Media Category: Print This small component of the larger Bundy Watermark campaigneBay. Clever you! This highly imaginative use of ambient cleverly was held up as an example of a brilliant execution worthy ofdemonstrates to the public that they can buy the latest products being scored as an independent piece. This commemorativenew on eBay. An eBay box sits at the base of street billboards, brass plaque was placed on the walls of drinking establishmentswith the words “buy it new on eBay” inscribed on its sides. This in Queensland that were submerged during the worst flooding inpiece of street theater effectively hijacks other advertising to make the region’s history. Brought to you by Bundaberg Rum as a lastinga point about eBay’s services in a simple and direct way. reminder to commemorate the Australian spirit.Leo Burnett Chicago - Design GroupWhere the Wind BlowsLeo Burnett / ChicagoCategory: DesignLB’s newly created design group wanted to makean impression on a nationwide conference ofdesigners gathered in Chicago. To appeal to thisvery specific target audience, the team crafted anexquisite city guide to Chicago, showcasing thecity from a designer’s perspective, with a focuson minutae and detail that made this publication ahot commodity at the design conference. Strongwriting, powerful insights, and immaculate craftskills make this publication a fantastic testament tothe skill set and creative prowess of this formidableteam of people. 23
  • 24. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 117 gallery +Union Poistovna InsuranceTurkey / Italy / Egypt / CroatiaLeo Burnett / BratislavaCategory: PrintThis print campaign for Union PoistovnaInsurance promotes holiday insurancefor travelers by highlighting some of thecommon challenges found in populartourist destinations.‘In Turkey they haven’t known the meaningof the word steal for years. If you forgetyour wallet or expensive watch somewhere,you can come back hours later and still findthem right where you left them.’‘Believe it or insure yourself.’‘Union Insurance.’‘Italians are the most courteous drivers inEurope. Traffic regulations are sacred tothem. Go ahead and go for a drive in acar or hop on a scooter. You’re perfectlysafe on Italian roads.’‘Believe it or insure yourself.’‘Union Insurance.’‘Egypt is known for its quality water withits beneficial effects on the body. Don’thesitate to enjoy a sip of it from any wellor faucet.’‘Believe it or insure yourself.’‘Union Insurance.’‘In Croatia, there are no sea-urchins. Theywere made up by the locals to scare awayboisterous holiday makers. So take offyour flip flops and head down to the sea!’‘Believe it or insure yourself.’‘Union Insurance.’ 24
  • 25. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 117 gallery + Davivienda - Daviplata Mexico ‘70 / Argentina ‘78 / Spain ‘82 / USA ‘94 / South Africa ‘10 Leo Burnett / Bogota Category: Print This campaign for Davivienda Bank uses the passion people have for World Cup football and powerful human insights to make a compelling point about its services. These in-store posters features the art direction employed by five of the World Cup tournaments from years past, and each visual tells the story of a momententous occasion in someone’s life, which interfered with the dream to attend the FIFA tournament as a fan. The tag line at the bottom of the posters reads:: ‘If something didn’t let you go, choose your plan for Brazil 2014 and start your financial planning now.’ ‘Davivienda Bank.’ 25
  • 26. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 117 gallery +Diamond CoffeeOffice Worker / Bus DriverLeo Burnett / China / Hong KongCategory: Print‘When everyone depends on you to stay awake.’‘Diamond Coffee.’ 26
  • 27. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 117 gallery +Coca-Cola - Samurai Night Watchman / Cook / XeroxmanLeo Burnett / ManilaCategory: PrintTo convey the idea that Samurai energy drink delivers long-lasting energy to blue-collar workers, a series of panel illustrations werecreated that ran in the center of popular tabloid magazines. These intricately detailed illustrations tell the tales of hard-working menarmed only with Samurai to power them through the challenges of their day. A night watchman wards off the various characters tryingto sneak past him, a cook in a busy kitchen contends with hordes of hungry people, and a xeroxman handles a huge line of customerswaiting for his services. The copy line reads: ‘Ready for the daily battle. Samurai Energy Drink. 27
  • 28. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 117 gallery +Canon - Large Format Printers Painter / Pygmy / Cleaner / FencerLeo Burnett / SydneyCategory: PrintThese beautifully crafted print ads graphically dramatize the exacting precision of Canon Large Format Printers.‘More precise than precise.’ ‘Canon Large Format Printers.’ 28
  • 29. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 3Q 117 gallery +Harvest Centre - Children’sShelter HomePunita / Dare to DreamArc / Kuala LumpurCategory: Print (Brochures)Beautifully illustrated brochures tell thepowerful raw stories of the children of theharvest centre, an educational centre forgirls and children facing obstacles in theireducation. These gripping stories arerichly illustrated and provide a compellingreason to donate time, money, and energyto this organization. 29