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Digital Fuel October 2009
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Digital Fuel October 2009


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Monthly dose of digital creative ideas, inspiration, trends and works picked out by Leo Burnett Praha

Monthly dose of digital creative ideas, inspiration, trends and works picked out by Leo Burnett Praha

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  • 3. Pepsi Maxi List http:// / You heared about party tubing? You have classic party at home and you watch / listen to videos at YouTube. Pepsi took this to the max and created Pepsi Max List, a full clone of YouTube, where you search for videos, cut them and create your own playlist. Let’s party!
  • 4. Google Streetview in Prague Google Streetview finally came to Prague. See our office  http://bit. ly /3GunJ
  • 5. History of Jordan Flights
    • Very nice animated web presentation about history one of the most cult brand of young guys.
    • The FWA site of the day award.
    https:// nike . com /jumpman23/ historyofflight /
  • 7. Wardrobe (The Closet) Story
    • Never underestimate the power of a great story.
    • Viral for TV channel Canal+. Together more than 1mio views online.
    http://www. youtube . com / watch ?v=LniH0ZApCiI
  • 8. PS3 slams into Bravia at 50 mph
    • Sony Australia gave away 25.000 Playstation with new Sony Bravia.
    • To promote it, they made this viral. Playstation 3 slammed into Bravia at 50mph.
  • 9.
    • Do you want to get daily dose of creative inspiration, interactive ideas or useful insights ?
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  • 10. The fun theory
    • VW believe s that the easiest way to change people's behaviour for the better is by making it fun to do. They call it The fun theory.
    • Great campaign that was local but videos on Youtube were seen by millions of people.
    http://www. thefuntheory . com /
  • 11. MOBILE APP
  • 12. VW EcoFuel iPhone app
    • VW is pretty experienced with iPhone apps and now another came, VW Eco Fuel.
    • The new Passat EcoFuel emits only 20g CO2 / km.
    • Blow into the mic to comapre how much CO2 you emit.
    • App available only in some countries, but it creates buzz and brand awareness worldwide.
    http://www. youtube . com / watch ?v=ipPq9ncRCCc
  • 13. Prius iPhone experience at Times Square
    • Prius iPhone Campaign - users download an app, create drawings on the iPhone and add content live to the big screens in Times Square.
  • 14. Nike ID iPhone app Don’t know what colors use for designing your Nike shoes? Inspiration is everywhere! Just take a picture with your iPhone and app will transfer the color palette straight to the sets of shoes you can customize. You can customize your design, share it with friends, personalize the shoes and buy them. http://www. youtube . com / watch ?v=d_ xAAHVhXRI
  • 16. Why Apple & Google Win - and Your Company Doesn't Scott Monty, head of social media at Ford, on the issue why less is more. http://www. scottmonty . com /2009/10/ why - apple - google - win - and - your - company . html
  • 17. Combo collaborative animation
    • Another beautiful stop motion animation. Click here to watch.
    http:// vimeo . com /6555161
  • 18. Facebook measuers how happy we are
    • Facebook recently announced it would begin to track our  gross national happiness  via status messages.
    • Facebook worked with a team of social psychologists to come up with lists of positive words ("yay," "happy," and "awesome," for example) and negative words ("sad," "doubt," "tragic.")
    • It works in USA only yet.
    http:// apps . facebook . com / usa _ gnh /
  • 20. SOS Gardener app
    • Unique fundraising Facebook app for children charity organization SOS detske vesnicky.
    • You choose the present you want to grow for children and with sending donor SMS (DMS) you water and plant them.
    • DMS works only from Czech Republic
    http:// apps zahradnik
  • 21. Lufthansa My Sky Status
    • Web app that sends location, departure and arrivals of your flight to your Twitter and Facebook account.
    • Perfect for friends that have to pick you up at the airport.
    • Mobile app is expected.
    http:// myskystatus . com /
  • 22. One way ticket - Facebook app
    • Do you have some Facebook friends that you started to hate? Nominate them for “frienemies”! Top 20 most nominated frienemies will be given trip to LA or Phuket…one way.
    • From V Australia - Australia's newest international airline .
    http://www. facebook . com / vaustralia
  • 23.
    • If you prefer Twitter and want to get daily dose of creative inspiration, interactive ideas or useful insight, click on the link and follow us on .
  • 24. Google Street View Guys
    • Funny story how Google Street View is made.
    • Watch it, just for fun 
    http://www. collegehumor . com /video:1922981
  • 25. Created by