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The little boy and the puppy
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The little boy and the puppy


a kid and a puppy

a kid and a puppy

Published in Lifestyle , Education
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  • 1. A store managerwas tacking a signabove his door thatwe could read...puppies for sale.
  • 2. Soon a little boy was seduced by the poster and asked ... What price do you sell these puppies?The store owner replied ... around 30 to 50 USD ... The little boy reached into his pocket and pulled out some change.I have 2.37 USD, can I watch them? The owner of the store smiled and whistled.
  • 3. His bitch named Lady ran out of the kennel down the aisle of the store followed by five little puppies, but a puppy was lagging behind.Immediately the little boy chose the lagging, limping puppy, he asked from what does this little dog suffer?The man explained that at its birth, the vet had told him that the puppy had a congenital hip which would make it limp for the rest of its life.The little boy got really excited and said ... Thats the puppy I want to buy.
  • 4. The man replied ... No you can not buy this puppy, if you really want it I give it to you.The little boy upset looked at the man right in the eye and said ... I do not want you to give it to me.It is worth as much as any other dogs and Ill pay the full price. In fact I give you 2.37 USD now and give you 50 cents every month until I finished paying.Man thwarted ... You want to buy this puppy! Really! It will never be able to run, jump or play.Then the little boy bent down, he rolled up his pant leg and showed a sick, twisted, crippled leg supported by a long metal rod.
  • 5. He looked at the man and said ... Well, I do not run so well and the little puppy will need someone who understands.The man bit his lower lip, tears stung his eyes. He smiled and said ... I hope and pray that each of these puppies has an owner like you.In life, no matter who you are, as long as someone appreciates you for who you are, accepts you and loves you unconditionally, this is what matters.