Introduction to QuickBooks Online in the Cloud

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This presentation will explain how using QuickBooks Online in the cloud can benefit your business. …

This presentation will explain how using QuickBooks Online in the cloud can benefit your business.

The background for the presentation, was that after blogging about complex and specialized QuickBooks Online How to Videos, I decided that a simple and introductory presentation would be helpful.

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  • 1. Objective
    To learn why QuickBooks Online in the Cloud is an excellent option
    To discuss the Pro’s and Con’s of QuickBooks Online
  • 2. Why is QuickBooks Online in the Cloud an Excellent Option ?
    Easy to use
    Work at home, anywhere, anytime
    Multiple users and sharing
    Automatic software updates
    Back up
    I-phone, Blackberry & Android
  • 3. Easy to use
    Web based
    Takes a few minutes to set up
    Loaded with sample chart of accounts
    No downloads
    PC and Mac compatible
    Work on the PC at work and the Mac at home
  • 4. Work at home, anywhere, anytime
    Web based
    Multi office and multi location all share the same information
  • 5. Multiple users and sharing
    More than one person can work on the file
    No complicated network required
    Allocate bookkeeping to different people
    Payables, check writing, etc.
    Share with you business partners
    Share with your accountant
    Faster response to your question
    Able to fix remotely
  • 6. Automatic software updates
    Seamless update
    No installation
    Included in cost
  • 7. Back up
    Automatic back ups
    Intuit’s data centers
    No back up hardware to purchase
  • 8. Secure
    Same data-encryption technology as banks
    VeriSign SecuredTM 
    Activity log
    User trail
  • 9. I-phone, Blackberry & Android
    You can view your
    Balance sheet
    Income statement
    Bill customers from your smartphone
    Look up payable information – Who you owe
    Read only access
    Cannot enter info or make changes
  • 10. Pro’s and Con’s
  • 11. Good News and Bad News
  • 12. QuickBooks Online Choices
  • 13.
  • 14. Next Step
    If you found value from this video and you are ready to order
    Click and your order will be handled by Intuit
    After Step 1, you will be at the Intuit page
    Go to the bottom of the Intuit page and click “compare products in more detail” .
    then you will be able to view all of the functions for each QuickBooks Online choice.
    If you want to learn more about the 7 functions discussed on the preceding page and see live examples, then please click here or go to YouTube to view my video which will help you understand more about your QuickBooks Online choices.
    You will need 10 minutes to fully understand these features. If you still need help then you should seek advice from someone knowledgeable in QuickBooks Online.
    Contact information -
    As a member of the QuickBooks affiliate program I receive a small commission if you order. All orders and sales are handled by Intuit — this is affiliate link. Thank you in advance for your support.