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Leveraging Lenati’s expertise working with multiple clients designing and executing inside sales GTM and engagement models, we’ve identified critical components of a “best in class” inside sales organization and use this IP to help sales leaders benchmark their own sales org to identify strengths and weaknesses. The “anatomy lesson” identifies key building blocks required for designing a world class inside sales plan including: Segmentation, Customer Journey, Functional Alignment, Metrics Management & Infrastructure.

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  • 488 companies – 2009 – 78% from Americas17% large, 31% mid size, 52% small50% of companies were high tech - Fair Assessment?Would you agree with these definitions?
  • Tight integration of Marketing programs working in conjunction with Telesales program is key to sustained successImplications: Collaboration between Telesales leadership and Marketing program management teams deliver higher quality leads,lower cost per acquisition and improved ROI. Collaboration should be extended to include search engine and email marketing as wellwebinars, trade shows and events.Email is the killer telesales app – primary tool for qualifying prospects. 100% use email to contact/qualify prospects as compared to 92% via voice contactImplications: Effective email should include well-crafted, auto responses and templates for highly targeted and personalized mailRaise of hands on how many of you have a collaborative relationship with your marketing department? Was it always that way? How as that helped your sales team?How many of you provide your sales reps with resources to gather intelligence on prospects? What resources do you provide? How are they using the resources? Benefits?How many of you have an email integration tool such as constant contact, eloqua or marketo?
  • How many feel these are accurate challenges? Any other challenges you feel are more precedent? Which one of the Top 5 will have the most impact on your ability to achieve your revenue #’s?
  • How do you determine where you are going to invest time & resources? Where do you begin? How do you fix it?
  • Inside sales models vary across industries, company size and maturity but there are 5 key building blocks for designing an inside sales strategy and questions you must answer to be successful.Evaluate whether you have successfully answered all of these building blocks.
  • What are the ramifications of not clearly understanding your customer segmentation?
  • How many companies design their sales model, without evaluating the customer buying process?
  • 57% of organizations report not having metrics in place for measuring effectiveness of telesales38% of the survey respondents report being able to specifically measure overall effectiveness of their telesales program.Effective measurement for overall telesales performance remains the exception rather than the rule – awarenessremains high, but too few are reaching goal. Implications: Sales leaders are being held accountable fortop line performance, but may not be aware of the underlyingfactors hampering results which could be corrected through earlydetection.
  • With a clear definition of the customer, the buyer, the roles, and the metrics, you can then define the enabling set of people processes and tools needed to fulfill the strategy. All too often sales orgs start with the tool or process to “fix” the problem. Too often those tools fail to gain adoption or improve performance as the building blocks for effective design have been overlooked or underserved.
  • Anatomy world class inside sales organization- lenati

    1. 1. Building Stronger Customer ConnectionAnatomy of World Class Inside SalesDailah LesterManager, Sales StrategyConsultingdlester@lenati.comMark IppolitoSr. Manager, Sales
    2. 2. How do you define World classinside sales performance? >87% of sales representatives are achievingquota >17% year over year increase in sales revenue >7% year over year improvement in leadconversion rate Win/loss performance improvement of >6% yearover year2Source: Aberdeen Group
    3. 3. What are key characteristics of a WorldClass inside sales organization? Strategic Alignment between Marketing & Sales collaboration & agreement on demand generationprograms, definitions to increase quality & conversionrates Inside Sales Enablement team provided with resources & tools forcustomer/prospect business intelligence data toimprove contact results Email & Content Engine – tight integration withcustomer relationship management system Create efficiency and maximize pipeline velocity3Source: Aberdeen Group
    4. 4. 2013 Inside Sales Top 5 Challenges4
    5. 5. To achieve World Class performance in 2013,Do you need to hire more people, implementtraining and process or provide your reps withtechnology and tools to be more effective?
    6. 6. Building Stronger Customer ConnectionSales OptimizationAnatomy for World Class Inside Sales
    7. 7. Anatomy for World Class5 key building blocks for designing an insidesales strategy and questions you should answerto be successful:What People,Processes,and Tools doyou need inplace tosuccessfullyenable yoursellers?Who are yourcustomersand where areyouropportunities?How do yourcustomer’sbuy and whatdo they getfrom a salesrepresentative?How do salesactivities alignto thecustomerjourney andwhat rolesneed to becreated?What are thekey metrics tobenchmarkand track toenable desiredbehavior?SEGMENTATION CUSTOMERJOURNEYFUNCTIONALALIGNMENTMETRICSMANAGEMENTINFRASTRUCTURE
    8. 8. Customer SegmentationInside Sales Strategy begins and ends with a deep understanding of who yourcustomers are.INVESTMENT ALLOCATIONSALES RESOURCING & QUOTAALIGNMENTEmergingLarge MatureMed. MatureAll Others MarketsTier 2: GrowthTier 1: StrategicTier 3: ScaleSize theopportunityAlign offeringwith customerneedsChoose howto reach thosecustomers:Evaluate the CustomerEvaluate the Market= +TargetBundleSolutionProductVertical orIndustryAlignment20%30%50%A B CPRODUCT A, B & CTier 1CustomerPRODUCT A & BTier 2CustomerPRODUCT ATier 3CustomerProductOffering:Self Serve Retail Inside Partner FieldSegmentationGo to MarketChannel Strategy
    9. 9. Customer Journey SpectrumCustomer Journey9SolutionSellingTransactional SellingTele-Sales ModelHigh-Volume, ImpressionSalesVirtual SalesModelHigh Touch, RemoteSales Call center excellence Call Scripts Outbound/Inbound customermanagement Activity based metricmanagement Standard Product Many Substitutes Simple/Easily Understood Custom Solutions Low Substitutes Complex ValueDevelop a deep understanding of how your customers buy and the sales modelneeded to address the customer buying journey. Relationship Management Consultative Selling World Class virtual sales tools Sales Specialization Value based metricmanagement
    10. 10. Function & Role AlignmentDefining a clear and targeted focus for inside sales roles are critical for success:Bus Dev Sales Services• Lead Generation• Prospecting• Qualification• Registration• Small Business• Mid-Market• Enterprise• Product• AccountManagement• ConsultationServices• Implementation• SupportAlign role resources to meet the different functional needs of the business:Team SalesFieldInsideSpecialist Sales Segment SalesProductFunctionTech
    11. 11. Metrics ManagementDATACULTUREKPIDEFINITIONPERFORMANCEBENCHMARKINGTRACKING &REPORTINGIdentify key activitiesdrive successful endresults and informhow behaviors canbe replicated.Key PerformanceIndicators areuniversallyestablished,measured andtracked. Thesemetrics are bothleading and laggingindicators ofperformance.Utilize a continuous rhythm ofthe business to track andreport upon KPI definitions toenable data driven decisionmaking and optimization.Build a culture of data with insights, actions, and decision-making all coming back tomeasurable outcomes.
    12. 12. Infrastructure12High Performing Sales ProfessionalsConsistent Tools Company-WideScalable & Repeatable ProcePEOPLEPROCESSTOOLSDefine the enabling set of people, process, and tools needed to fulfill on the strategy
    13. 13. How do YOU achieveWorld Class status? Segment for Sales Define your customers and prioritize opportunities Define Customer Journey Real-time, market-facing applications Align Functions & Roles Clear focus for each role and function Metrics Management Culture of data driven insights and decision making Infrastructure Design People, Process, and Tools
    14. 14. Thank YouLearn More: Ippolito Dailah