Lilly gold sit 'n' stroll 5 in 1 car seat and stroller combination, red licorice


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Lilly gold sit 'n' stroll 5 in 1 car seat and stroller combination, red licorice

  1. 1. Lilly Gold Sit n Stroll 5 in 1 Car Seat and StrollerCombination, Red LicoricePrice :CHECKPRICETECHNICAL DETAILS:Center pull harness- easily adjusts to provide aqsnug fitThree harness positions- accommodates your childqas he or she grows5-point harness- recommended by safety expertsqLatch system- meets new child restraintqregulationsTop leather- for better forward-facing installationqin vehicleRead moreqPRODUCT DESCRIPTION:The Lilly Gold Sit %27N%27 Stroll 5 in 1 Stroller is a perfect stroller for baby and parent alike%2E It%27s not just astroller%2E It can be used as a car seat%2C an airplane seat%2C and a booster seat%2E These features make thisstroller easy on parents who enjoy mobility and travel%2E Read morePRODUCT DESCRIPTION:Simplify your life and downsize your baby gear with the Lilly Gold Sit n Stroll 5-in-1 Car Seat and Stroller Combination.The Sit n Stroll easily transforms into five essential baby carriers: a rear- or forward-facing car seat, a stroller, abooster seat, and an FAA-certified airline seat. Comfortable and stylish, the Sit n Stroll accommodates infants andtoddlers weighing 5 to 40 pounds. Extra seat padding, an infant head bolster, and a five-point harness system withthree positions ensure safety and comfort. The carrier meets all federal, NHTSA, and FAA safety standards.
  2. 2. Sit n Stroll5-in-1 Car Seat & StrollerAt a Glance:• Converts to car seat, stroller,dining seat, and airline seat whilechild remains seated• Fits infants and toddlers 5 to 40pounds• Multiple handle heights and frontswivel wheels for maneuverability• Five-point harness toaccommodate babys growth• Meets or exceeds federal safetystandards• Backed by a manufacturerwarrantyThe versatile Sit n Stroll meets or exceeds all safety requirements. View larger.Five Essential Baby Carriers in OneGetting to and from multiple destinations and navigating day-to-day travel with your child is simpler than ever with this5-in-1 convertible baby carrier. Ideal for active parents and caregivers, the Sit n Stroll allows you to travel with ease,whether youre going from the car to a restaurant or from to airport security to your gate.Conveniently, your child can remain seated while you convert the Sit n Stroll to a different mode. To transform it fromseat to stroller, simply lift it off the ground and press the release lock to deploy the wheels. When you convert thestroller back into a car, booster, or flight seat, the stroller wheels retract and stay safely tucked away. With this portable,16-1/2-pound carrier, you can significantly downsize your baby gear and lighten your traveling load.Comfortable Seating and Easy Use
  3. 3. Transforms from car seat to stroller in seconds. View larger.(Shown in Nautical Blue.)Your baby will be comfortable thanks to the Sit n Strolls plush seat padding, which includes shoulder and pelvicpadding for added comfort and an infant head bolster for extra support. Recommended by safety experts, the five-pointharness meets the new child restraint regulations for safety. It features three harness positions, which can be adjustedas your child grows. The center pull harness offers a simple and secure way to ensure that the restraint fits snuggly andcomfortably around your child.In stroller mode, the Sit n Stroll suspension system helps absorb movement for a smoother ride. And with multiplehandle heights, front swivel wheels, and foot-activated rear brakes, this convertible stroller offers easy maneuverabilityfor parents and caregivers.Exceeds Federal Safety RequirementsThe Sit n Stroll features a new LATCH system, which meets the new child restraint regulations for safety. It also meetsor exceeds all USA federal safety standards and all USA Department of Transportation standards. The Sit n Stroll is acertified car seat, qualified to use the NHTSA mark, and an FAA-certified flight seat, so it can go from the sidewalk to theairplane with a simple transformation.Whats in the BoxLilly Gold Sit n Stroll 5-in-1 Car Seat & Stroller Combination (Red Licorice), sunshade, and instruction manual.Rear-Facing Car SeatUp to 30 lbs.Forward-Facing Car SeatUp to 40 lbs.Dining Booster Seat Full Function Stroller FAA-Certified Flight SeatRead moreYou May Also LikeLilly Gold by Triple Play 0-9701-NS/Z NeatSeat Sit n Stroll Cover in ZebraJL Childress Gate Check Bag for Car Seats, RedStar Kids Snack and Play Travel TraySashas Wrap Around Sun, Wind and Insect Cover for Sit n Stroll/Triple Play Single StrollerPlaytex Diaper Genie Refill (810 count total - 3 pack of 270 each) Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging