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Google apps woolooware


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Lena ArenaICT Consultant K-129582 what is Google Appsfor Education?
  • 2. Google Apps is a collection of web-based programs and file storagethat run in a web browser, (e.g. Internet Explorer) without requiringusers to buy or install software. Applications include: Communication tools (Gmail, Google Talk, and GoogleCalendar), Productivity tools (Google Docs: text files, spread sheets, andpresentations), Google Sites (to develop web pages).Google Apps
  • 3. • Available to all teachers and students through the DECportal…soon!• Single sign on – new tab Google Apps for Teachers• Not all Google applications will be available to students e.g.blogger• Seamless integration – no need to create separate gmailaccount for access• Latest version of Internet Explorer recommended or GoogleChrome – Internet Explorer 8 no longer supported• 25Gb of storage space (5Gb for non Google content0Google Apps
  • 4. 41. Drive – cloud storage2. Docs in Drive:• documents• forms• presentations• spreadsheets• drawingCore Google Applications
  • 5. Core Google Applications1. Sites – creating web sites• Teachers create the site and students may edit2. Groups3. Contacts4. Calendar5. Gmail
  • 6. 61. Finance2. News3. Maps4. Custom Search5. Books6. Google Translate7. Google+ - social networkingAdditional Google Applications
  • 7. 9 Google Apps Professional Learning Site
  • 8. Support – Learning Systems Site
  • 9. •• Access, organize, and share files from anydevice, anywhere.• Integrates with Gmail, Google Docs, Picasa,Google+ and other Google apps• Documents edited in real time, allowscollaboration on documents• Creator determines level of access to files e.g.view, comment, editGoogle Drive
  • 10. Google Docs Files can be shared and edited with others Accessible from any computer with internetaccess Files can be uploaded/downloaded to/fromGoogle Drive Google documents can be downloaded asWord documents Google docs created with your personal gmailaccount can be transferred toGoogleApps@DEC
  • 11. Google Docs Uses• Collaborative writing between students• Group work – ability for multiple users to work onone document in real time• Can be used for faculty or executive meetingminutes• Security can be set to include specific users ifnecessary• Ability to set security for sharing within DEC only
  • 12. Google Docs
  • 13. Google Forms• Staff, student and/or parent surveys andquestionnaires• Forms for school procedures e.g. bullying,behaviour management• Tests – pre or post• Collating student subject selections• Can be embedded into websites, wikis,blogs, Edmodo, Moodle etc
  • 14. Google Forms• Data automatically collated into a Googlespread sheet• Several form templates available• Link can be emailed or placed on a website• Add-ons available – Flubaroo can be used tomark tests created using Google forms• Google Form Example
  • 15. Google Presentation• Create presentations – similar to PowerPoint• Check internet browser – earlier versions ofInternet explorer will need an add-on forpresentations to display correctly (GoogleChrome Frames)• Google Presentation Example
  • 16. • Always have files saved on more than onedevice and/or place• Change passwords on desktop and mobileapplications when you change your DEC portalpassword.Tips
  • 17. Advantages1. Accessibility:• Anywhere• Anytime• Anything2. Auto save3. Instantaneous collaboration and sharingoptions – collaborate with colleagueswithin/beyond school/state/country
  • 18. Advantages1. Variety of apps to suit a variety of purposes2. Cloud storage – access to documents 24/7from any computer and/or mobile device3. Easy to share4. DEC support – Google Champions(regional)5. Goggle Drive app available foriPhone/iPad/Android
  • 19. • Creating narrated tours with KML Touring inGoogle Earth 5• Available on all DEC computers• Free download• Version 7 now available.Other cool stuff…
  • 20. Lena ArenaICT Consultant 9582 2851Questions? Need More Information?