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  • 1. By: Leslie ZarcoOncologist
  • 2. About the career An oncologist is: a physician who looks at tests and treats cancerous tumors There are different types of oncology such as: radiation oncology, surgical oncology, and there’s more. The one that I’m interested in would be medical oncology Medical oncologists use chemotherapeutic and other medical methods to treat cancer
  • 3. Salary In April 2009, Oncologists earn a median salary in the U.S. of $263,282 Entry level salaries earn around $198,000 Oncologists with over 3yrs of experience average to $257,000 High paid Oncologists earn around $455,000
  • 4. Location The career doesn’t necessarily have to be in a certain area Mainly its in the eastern, western, or Midwestern area but I think its where its needed
  • 5. Private College Alma college: Its a residential private liberal arts college The school focuses on undergraduate students The admission requirements would be to apply, transcripts, counselor’s evaluation, and the entrance test results Prequisites would be having all certificates from high school, middle school, and also elementary The tuition depends on how long you’re going to stay there and would be around $15,000 for a term
  • 6. Public College UCLA: it is one of the well known universities that is rewriting history The admission requirements focus on enrolling and having someone join UCLA would be a good thing No prerequisite is needed unless notified first The tuition depends on whether you’ll live on campus or with someone else around $13,000
  • 7. State College Colorado State University: This is one of the best research universities ever! For the admissions you can read their web page online and then sign up to get more information to see what it’s like then sign up and read anything else you want/need to know For the prerequisite you must take a class and work toward entering, do a program, ask questions, and also maybe home school The tuition depends on how long you’re staying and where, it should be around $20,000
  • 8. Citations Colostate.edu/about.aspx Ucla.edu/about/ Healthservices.ph.ucla.edu/faqs/do-i-need-any- prerequisites-course Search.colostate.edu/search Google.com/search