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Master Social & Organisational Psychology
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Master Social & Organisational Psychology


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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • Transcript

    • 1. MSc Program Social and Organizational Psychology August 30, 2012 Welcome Master students!
    • 2. What is the idea of today’s introduction meeting? Seeing each other’s faces Give you an overview of the Master program S&O Introduce each of the mandatory and elective courses for the Master Program and additional features of the Program Answer questions
    • 3. MSc Program in Social andOrganizational Psychology 60 ECTS (Two semesters)
    • 4. MSc Program in Social and Organizational Psychology Mandatory courses 20 ECTS Elective courses 10 ECTS Thesis Proposal+Thesis 20 ECTS Internship 10 ECTS 60
    • 5. MSc Program in Social and Organizational Psychology The social psychology Mandatory (20 ECTS) of organizational behavior (10) Electives (10 ECTS) Intergroup relations (5) Thesis Proposal+ Applied data analysis (5) Thesis (20 ECTS) Internship (10 ECTS)
    • 6. MSc Program in Social and Organizational PsychologyFall semester: Mandatory (20 ECTS)- Motivation,Power,Leadership- Psychology of Economic behavior Electives (10 ECTS)- Mediation Skills- Environmental PsychologySpring semester: Thesis Proposal + - Psychology of Economic Behavior Thesis (20 ECTS)- Mediation Skills Internship (10 ECTS)(each course is 5 ECTS)
    • 7. MSc Program in Social andOrganizational Psychology Mandatory (20 ECTS) Electives (10 ECTS) Thesis Proposal + Thesis (20 ECTS) Internship (10 ECTS)
    • 8. Mentorship system during Master phase Monitoring of progress, be accessible to discuss questions, problems Mentor = supervisor thesis and internship
    • 9. Social psychology of organizational behavior Starting Tuesday, September 11, 15.00 hours 10 meetings Exam December + resit in JanuaryIntroduction by Wolfgang Steinel
    • 10. Intergroup relations Starting Wednesday September 5, 13.00 hours (5 meetings) Exam October (resit January) Introduction by Daan Scheepers
    • 11. Applied data analysis Focus on applications Prepares for data analysis master thesis Lectures and work groups Offered in both semesters but urgent advice to do in fall semester Start Wednesday September 5 at 9.00 hours.
    • 12. Colloquia Presentations of research by distinguished social/organizational psychologists At least 10 coll. each academic year, announced several weeks in advance Attendance of 4 colloquia mandatory, part of thesis requirements Registered via “green card”(provided now)
    • 13. Master Thesis 20 ECTS Empirical research Choose topic from a list of topics offered by staff members Enrollment not via USIS, but via u-mail:  September 6th : topics list in u-mail inbox  Enrolment between 10-12 Sept.: send an e-mail with top-5 preference to mastersop  Mid-sept. : first meeting with your thesis supervisor , who will also be your mentor
    • 14. Master thesis Thesis proposal:  Literature, method  Investment: 10 hours a week  Deadline: End of January 2013 Actual thesis research:  Data collection, analysis, write up  Investment: at least 22 hours a week  Deadline: mid-May 2013
    • 15. Internship Internship, 10 ECTS, standard from mid- May till the end of July 2013 You must find an internship yourself NOT allowed to start before approved thesis proposal (i.e., not before February 1 st) Information meeting in November ( tips and guidelines) List of recent internships is available on Blackboard
    • 16. General Coordinator of Theses and Internships: Mieneke Weenig, email via MasterSOP Objectiveof the standard schedule: Each student in good health will graduate within a year (but quit job > 8 hrs/week) If you want to deviate from standard time schedule of master program, contact Mieneke Weenig as soon as possible
    • 17. Electives: Four electives offered by S&O: four/two in each semester (two offered twice) Enrollment for electives for fall semester today (check compatibility rosters for electives offered by other specializations!) Questions about procedures? Check with ‘Onderwijsbalie’ (in person, not by phone)
    • 18. Elective: Motivation, Power, and Leadership Fall semester: starting Tuesday September 4 Series of 6 Lectures Exam end of October Introduction by Fieke Harinck
    • 19. Elective: Psychology of Economic Behavior Offered in both semesters Fall semester: starting Thursday September 6, 11.00 hours Final exam end of October (resit January) Introduction by Eric van Dijk
    • 20. Elective: Mediation Skills Offered in both semesters: enrolment Fall semester today. Start October 29 Course is about the skills needed for conflict management, as a neutral third party Only course in Dutch! Introduction by Belinda van Riessen
    • 21. Elective: Environmental Psychology Fall semester: starting November 1 Seven lectures. Exam middle of December, resit January Introduction by Henk Staats
    • 22. Master Opleidings Commissie(MOC)Student representative: Maud LourensQuestions, complaints, suggestions?
    • 23. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: wanted- 1 international S&O student for International Students Platform- student assistants for Arjaan Wit’s 2th year course on Group Dynamics- Interested?
    • 24. Frequently Asked Questions Can I take courses in a different order? Can I combine my thesis and internship? When will I complete my degree?
    • 25. Frequently Asked Questions Can I take courses in a different order? always start with mandatory courses Can I combine my thesis and internship? not recommended, only on approval When will I complete my degree? within 12 months (but limit competing activities)
    • 26. Frequently Asked Questions How to find an internship? When to start searching for an internship? Can I do an extended internship?
    • 27. Frequently Asked Questions How to find an internship? personal network (data base backup) When to start searching for an internship? middle of november Can I do an extended internship? yes, but complete degree requirements first
    • 29. Career perspectivesWide range of positionsin public/private organizations: policy researcher professional trainer organizational consultant marketing professional public relations officer personnel manager mediator public health advisor etc.