Expanding My "Whuffie": What I've Learned


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  • How to make my resume, cover letter, and business card stand out from everyone else.I learned that creativity says a lot about a person, especially if you don’t use a template. For example, I created a newsletter for a local non-profit organization using a template. The more I thought about it, the more I custom made my publication because the organization is going to send out the newsletter quarterly. I showed this piece in my interview and the “potential employers” were impressed. I didn’t understand why they were so impressed and I thought that they were going to say oh it’s just another newsletter (that’s what I get for assuming). In return, they were extremely impressed for many reasons:It exemplified that I know how to use Adobe Indesign, Excel, PublisherPortrayed my creativity with the knowledge that I have in designing publicationsToday, most people use templates and add the informationAs a result, it showed that I took time to actually create a publication piece without using a template and incorporating my knowledge with the organization’s theme.This is why we have to design such publications because we (students) can always improve our publications and use our creativity. We have to think outside the box, and that’s exactly what I did.
  • This semester, I had a conflict with my Campaigns group. As a result, the conflict got to the point where my reputation and character throughout the department had to be maintained, despite what happened. Because I was professional and I have good morals, character, I had a lot of my colleagues along with professors guiding me and helping me if I had to complete a campaign on my own. To me, being professional even as a student is essential especially when it comes to group projects. This is why I say my job as a student is a “9-5 job.” I learned in this situation that even though you may not like someone and you stand up for what’s right, you still have to complete your job in the most professional manner possible. You never know when you may need your colleagues or professors’ recommendations. As students, we never know when we may run into each other in the years to come and have to work together.
  • At first, I didn’t know how to pronounce “Whuffie” or understand why we had to read a novel such as this. While I was reading the novel, I knew why our professor made us read a book related to our major. The “Whuffie Factor” explained how to give recommendations, feedback, and advice to others and by doing this, it would build your “whuffie” throughout the Internet. Now, I’m helping out 2 local businesses to build their “Whuffie.” I follow the author on Twitter now and I want to read more books of hers. The other novels mentioned are novels that I have read on my own. There is so much that I do not know which I can become knowledgeable of by reading similar novels. They helped me understand various cultures and why certain cultures are the way they are. As a public relations practitioner, it is important to understand various forces such as economic, political, and societal forces to begin practicing public relations in an unknown region. This I learned in International Public Relations this semester. Reading various novels helps me be more professional and communicate more effectively with others.
  • I didn’t understand why I had to learn about Twitter or propenmic in Nixon’s Publications’ class. Then, once I joined these websites, I came to understand why we had to. Here is what I have learned by using these sites:I have expanded my networking with other colleagues and professionals around the nationI am able to research what companies are looking for in public relations students such as what the requirements are, responsibilities, and what types of jobs I can use public relations with.Other professionals are able to see my interests, resumes, publications online through various social networking sites, which allows them to already be familiar with my accomplishments when I go to an interview.By being on various sites, it shows other professionals and companies that I am keeping up with social trends that is essential to being successful in public relations.When I go for my interview, more than likely the employer will already be familiar with me because they see me on various social media sites.Since most companies are using social networking sites to market their companies, I am already familiar with what other competitors are “tweeting” and I’m familiar with how these various sites work. Thus, it gives me an advantage to be hired rather than another person who isn’t networking at all.
  • I have been on Propenmic for almost a year now. I check this website every day for potential jobs and to see what is being offered by companies. I’ve actually met through networking Phillip Velez, who is a social marketing specialist. He had a question as his status asking how popular is social media being discussed in public relations classes. I responded, and from there he has given me professional advice.Twitter: I am still learning how to use twitter, but for the most part, I am able to just see what types of public relations jobs that are being offered around the world. I have networked with Paul Young through twitter and propenmic who has helped me with professional advice on how to establish myself when I graduate. LinkedIN: While I was in Atlanta for the weekend, I met the Vice President of Ameristeel in Tampa, Fl. At the time, I had a hardcopy of my resume in a professional folder to give him. But, he asked me if I was on Linkedin and I said yes. This is a prime example of why Nixon required us to be on LinkedIn. I couldn’t imagine if I said no, I’m not on LinkedIn. As a result of having my resume on hand and being on LinkedIn, I might have a job waiting for me in Tampa Fl as a public relations specialist!Weebly: I started using Weebly this summer because I looked at Robert French’s students on PrOpenMic and what they were doing. Let me explain. Mr. French required his students to create a website that they could put their resume online. I said to myself this is my competition, I have to do this. Mrs. Anderson and I sat down and began creating my resume to put online using Weebly. As a result, it shows how creative I am by taking it upon myself without being required to market myself by creating such a communication tool so others can look at my resume without having a hardcopy. Wordpress: I didn’t understand exactly how to blog or what blogging was, but when I began blogging, I had a lot of people look at my topics which include Darfur Diaries, who’s responsibility is H1N1? Etc. I didn’t realize that I am a decent writer and can express myself through blogging. I can connect my blogs to other sites such as twitter for other professionals to look at. Now, I blog when I can and my topic that I’m working on currently is what social status people belong to according to what social networking sites they belong to.What does this all mean: It means that each networking site has a purpose to join, regardless of what people think or how dumb I thought it was. Joining these sites has advanced my career opportunities by just networking and asking questions. When a student seeks advice from various public relations professionals outside of their classrooms, it really shows how interested a student is in their major. I have learned so much about public relations in and outside of the classroom, but mostly from joining these sites.
  • I’m still learning how to blog such as having tags, referers, etc. I’m impressed with myself how many people have viewed my blog throughout this semester.
  • Today, companies are transitioning from “traditional interview questions” to a more creative interview. I remember in my Practicum class, we watched a video on what certain potential job employers are asking. Here are a few:What novel are you reading and why?How are you keeping up with social trends?What character are you in a novel?What is one characteristic that stands out about you?Why do we want to hire you?Have you researched our company before your interview?This was a shocker to me because I didn’t realize that questions in this format could be asked. When I did my portfolio interview, I was asked two questions listed above. What did I do? I didn’t rehearse or look at potential interview questions before my interview. I was honest and explained why or how I keep up with social trends. As a result, I did very well. What I learned from this is that if you be yourself, expand your knowledge, keep up with current events and social trends, then you are able to do well in your interview. I exemplified myself in the interview with all the accomplishments, obstacles, and failures that I have been through and explained that through my college career, I have learned from my mistakes, accomplishments, and most of all, I learned from Nixon how to portray these challenges into a positive light during an interview.
  • When we were learning or reviewing table manners, my mother was interviewed during lunch. Her interviewee was impressed with her manners and how she conducted herself, even though it wasn’t your typical interview. If you’re being interviewed during a meal and your interviewee orders a bottle of wine, what do you do? Well, it would be an insult if you didn’t take the interviewee up on the offer, but just have a sip of the wine. Don’t drink the whole glass of course if you’re of age! Etiquette is everything! Don’t be flashy: Jewelry has to be minimal during an interview, which I didn’t know until this class (even though it’s common sense). Think about it, you want the potential employer to be looking at you, not your big necklace, bracelets, etc. Dress like your grandma/grandpa: Dress conservative. I know this is common sense, but mainly for ladies be aware of skirt lengths and slits. If you do wear a skirt or dress, wear hosiery . This I didn’t know, but now I do and dress up than what you think you should. I thought Nixon was kidding when she told us that we weren’t allowed to wear open toe shoes because it’s not appropriate in the office. But, she wasn’t. So, I had to go buy closed toe shoes ($13). What I learned is that you don’t want your potential employer asking questions such as is she too sexy for this job? Is she too bold and flashy? In my opinion, that is exactly what Nixon was teaching us throughout the semester. Even though it is open toe shoes, closed toe shoes are more professional and it’s a common “shoe” in the workplace.Summary: You can still be yourself, but colors have symbolic meanings to them, which can influence how the employer portrays you. The way you present yourself to anyone is everything. Some employers don’t hire potential employees because they were rude, disrespectful to the janitor or the secretary. You never know what can happen and kindness doesn’t hurt. Even if you do get hired, still keep that in mind. So why are companies doing this? Because to me, it shows them that everyone has a important role/responsibility to play in the company. Furthermore, if you didn’t have people to fulfill those positions, the company would not be hiring you or be where it is today.
  • These publications are 3 articles that were published on George Anne’s website. I never thought I was good enough to get published. One of my favorite publications is the 2nd one: Social websites can boost student career opportunities. The reasons being is because this piece takes what I’ve learned by being active in social websites and why other students should do the same. Also, this piece has to do with my major ( a little biased, not much). As a result, when employers see that I was published and the article was related to what I’m currently majoring in, it just says a lot about myself and how I can take what I learned in and outside the classroom & write about it in a creative way.
  • This is on my blog post. I thought that by having websites in this powerpoint presentation, potential employers whom I may not know that is looking at my blogs or resumes, can find me at these various sites. I learned how to be professional on sites, especially on Facebook even though I’m still in college. All of what I’ve learned, publications, and my experiences are on these sites. This makes it easier for employers to find out about me and know exactly what I’m capable of doing. Being on these sites and well versed in social media sites gives me a boost of confidence knowing that I will be okay regardless if I’m hired with a big company or a non-profit organization. Im not waiting on a job, but most companies can find me through these sites and look at my work. That is why I’m on these sites even though most of them were required. Now, I do this as a hobby and to be more familiar with what’s going on in today’s technology.
  • Expanding My "Whuffie": What I've Learned

    1. 1. Expanding my “Whuffie”What I’ve Learned…<br />By: Lauren Hopkins<br />
    2. 2. Publications/Writing<br />News Releases<br />Media Kit<br />Business Card<br />Adobe Indesign CS4<br />Resume<br />Cover Letter<br />
    3. 3. Student Behavior<br />Be Professional even as a student<br />Being a student is the “9-5 job”<br />Seek advice when needed<br />Team Player<br />Character and Reputation are at stake<br />
    4. 4. Novels I’ve Benefited From<br />Whuffie Factor<br />A Thousand Splendid Suns<br />The Kite Runner<br />Longitudes and Attitudes<br />
    5. 5. Networking: Why is it Important?<br />Seek professional advice<br />Research Internships<br />Practice Writing & Communication skills<br />Be Professional!<br />Expand Your Knowledge<br />
    6. 6. Social Media Websites<br />Twitter- connections, internships, PRJobs<br />LinkedIN- post blog, resume, accomplishments<br />PROpenMic- seek advice from other colleagues, professors in the same field<br />Wordpress- personalize what you write<br />Weebly- be on the Web 2.0 Bandwagon<br />
    7. 7. Blogging: What is the Purpose?<br />Gets your name out there<br />Discuss interesting topics <br />Increases knowledge<br />Creative Writing skills<br />
    8. 8. Interview Tips<br />Leave behind a resume and some portfolio pieces<br />Pick only pieces that define your creativity and knowledge<br />Be prepared to be asked what novels do you read & how do you keep up with social trends<br />
    9. 9. Interview Tips (con’t)<br />Etiquette is everything!<br />Don’t be flashy!<br />Dress like your grandma/grandpa!<br />Talk to the Janitor or Secretary!<br />
    10. 10. GSU Publications<br />http://www.stp.georgiasouthern.edu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1226:how-to-avoid-the-lines-at-the-rac-during-peak-hours&catid=1:local-news&Itemid=53<br />http://www.stp.georgiasouthern.edu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1391:social-websites-can-boost-student-career-opportunities-&catid=1:local-news&Itemid=53<br />http://www.stp.georgiasouthern.edu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1391:social-websites-can-boost-student-career-opportunities-&catid=1:local-news&Itemid=53<br />
    11. 11. Want to Know More About Me?!<br />http://twitter.com/Leh1185<br />http://lh1185.weebly.com<br />http://propenmic.com/laurenhopkins<br />http://www.linkedin.com/in/leh1185<br />lala1185.wordpress.com<br />