Legwork Patient Relationship Management Software

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Legwork PRM is a Patient Relationship Management …

Legwork PRM is a Patient Relationship Management
software and promotions system that saves you
valuable time and money by providing automated
communications designed to grow your practice.

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  • 1. Patient Relationship Management Software The all-in-one automated communications software that handles the Legwork for you. 1Friday, October 4, 13
  • 2. Patient Relationship Management Software Introducing Legwork Legwork PRM is a Patient Relationship Management software and promotions system that saves you valuable time and money by providing automated communications designed to grow your practice. 2Friday, October 4, 13
  • 3. Patient Relationship Management Software Why manage relationships? Attracts Like-Minded Referrals Broad Consumer Focus Peer Recommended Un-trusted Highly Trackable Difficult to Track Low Cost Expensive Educational Interruptive PRM Advertising Increasing the consistency, frequency and relevancy of your existing patient communications not only results in improved retention but also significantly increases new leads and referrals. 3Friday, October 4, 13
  • 4. Patient Relationship Management Software PRM Software Key Features 4Friday, October 4, 13
  • 5. Legwork PRM Software Legwork PRM Software categorizes, schedules and delivers automated communication to incoming leads and patients that are designed to encourage appointments increase referrals and patient retention. Patient Relationship Management Software Nurture Educate Thank Reward Retain Practice Management Software Micro-Sites Remind 5Friday, October 4, 13
  • 6. Email Complete Automation Text Search Social Postal Rewards + + + + Patient Relationship Management Software Reviews + Legwork PRM is not just another appointment reminder system but rather a comprehensive marketing system. 6Friday, October 4, 13
  • 7. Key Features Designed to educate leads and patients who are searching for specific services and technologies you specialize in. Micro-Website & Custom Facebook Pages Patient Relationship Management Software 7Friday, October 4, 13
  • 8. Key Features Lead Generator Forms Embedded forms placed on your various sites capture new leads. Website Micro-site Review site Facebook page Email link } Patient Relationship Management Software 8Friday, October 4, 13
  • 9. Patient Relationship Management Software Patient & Lead Contact Management Securely houses patient and lead contact information in the cloud for easy access. Seamless syncing Syncs with your practice management software, micro-site and social pages. Key Features 9Friday, October 4, 13
  • 10. Key Features Patient Relationship Management Software Key Features New Patient Experience Communications are designed to welcome patients to the practice, deliver online patient forms, thank them for choosing you and when appropriate even provide post treatment care instructions. MEDICAL/DENTAL HISTORY Patient’s Name: ___________________________________________________ Birthdate: __________________________ 1. Are you in good health? Yes No 2. Are you now under the care of a physician? Yes No If yes, for what condition? ________________________________________________________________________ 3. In the past five years have you been hospitalized for a major operation or illness? Yes No If yes, please explain? __________________________________________________________________________ 4. Physician: _____________________________________________________ Phone #: ___________________________ Former Dentist: ________________________ City:_______________________ Phone #: ___________________________ 5. Do you have or have you had any of the following: 6. Has a physician ever recommended antibiotics before dental treatment? Yes No 7. List any prescription and / or over the counter medications you are currently taking Taking ___________________ for ___________________ Taking _____________________ for ___________________ Taking ___________________ for ___________________ Taking _____________________ for ___________________ Have you ever taken any of the following medications (Actonel, Aredia, Bonefos, Boniva, Didronelv, Fosamax, Ostac, Skelid, Zometa)? Yes No How long? ________ 8. Do you smoke? Yes No Do you chew tobacco? Yes No If yes, how long?_________________ 9. Are you allergic to or have you had a reaction to: Local Anesthetics (Novacaine) Aspirin Penicillin or other Antibiotics Latex Codeine or other Narcotics Other _______________ 10. (Women) Are you pregnant? Yes No If yes, ______ months. Are you nursing? ___________________ 11. Have you had any serious trouble associated with previous dental treatment? Yes No If yes, explain: ________________________________________________________________________________ 12. Are you having any dental discomfort or concerns? Yes No If yes, explain: ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ 13. Do you have any of the following? Is there anything you would like to change about your smile?_________________________________________________ I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct Signed:____________________________________________________ Date:______________________ Patient (Parent/Guardian if under 18) Growths, sores or swollen areas Bleeding gums Teeth sensitive to heat, cold, or sweets Pain or discomfort while chewing Jaws click, crack, lock or pop Clench or grind your teeth Pain in or near ear Bad breath Stained or discolored teeth Cracked teeth Ill-fitting partials or dentures Yes No Asthma Sinus trouble Diabetes Hepatitis (Type____) AIDS / HIV+ Arthritis Fibromyalgia Yes No Heart attack Heart murmur Mitral valve prolapse High blood pressure Stroke Rheumatic fever Prosthetic joints Yes No Kidney / liver trouble Prolonged bleeding Glaucoma ADHD medications Drug addiction / alcoholism Fainting spells or seizures Other: _________________ REORDER #06-17668 Welcome to the practice! We at Dr. Giesy’s office are so happy you have decided to join our practice! We look forward to providing you and your family the best, most comfortable care. Our desire is to create a unique dental experience in which your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. During your dental appointment you may enjoy the following: A massage in your dental chair Satellite Music Satellite TV A favorite film Noise-canceling headphones Warm blanket Complimentary WiFi Your comfort is our priority: please let us know if you have a special request. If for some reason you are not able to attend your scheduled appointment, we understand. We simply request that you call two business days ahead so we are able to serve one of our other valued patients. If you are unable to make this call, please understand that we may need to charge a missed appointment fee. If you have a last-minute emergency, we will absolutely take that into consideration. Thank you for choosing to trust Dr. Giesy and his team with your beautiful smile. We look forward to serving you soon. Michael J. Giesy DMD Sherri Dinkins Treatment Coordinator A powerful way to grow your business D ENT I ST RY DENTISTRY 6004WestgateBlvdSuite210 Tacoma,WA98406 10Friday, October 4, 13
  • 11. Key Features Referral Generator Ask to refer friends and family and reward patients with a gift cards in exchange for referrals. Patient Relationship Management Software Key Features 11Friday, October 4, 13
  • 12. Online Reviews Program Request reviews and surveys from patients to enhance your online reputation. Patient Relationship Management Software Key Features 12Friday, October 4, 13
  • 13. Key Features Appointment, Recall & Reactivation Reminders Any combination and timing of Postcard/Text/ Email will remind patients of appointments. Patient Relationship Management Software Key Features 13Friday, October 4, 13
  • 14. Direct Text, Email,Postal & Gifting Tools Manually communicate to individuals or groups with a click of a button. 07/17/13 @ 1:30 p.m. Dear Justin, I was thinking 05/13/13 @ 1:30 p.m. Dear Justin, I wanted to remind you that Dr Johnso 09/20/13 @ 1:30 p.m. Dear Justin, It was a pleasur 04/18/13 @ 1:30 p.m. Dear Justin, Thank you for 04/02/13 @ 1:30 p.m. Dear Justin, Did you want 03/09/13 @ 1:30 p.m. Dear Justin, you can forget 01/10/13 @ 1:30 p.m. Dear Justin, Thank you again for your referral! Justin Patient Relationship Management Software Key Features 14Friday, October 4, 13
  • 15. Results of your progress are conveniently displayed on the Legwork dashboard. Key Features Results Tracking Patient Relationship Management Software 15Friday, October 4, 13
  • 16. PRM Promotions Key Features Patient Relationship Management Software 16Friday, October 4, 13
  • 17. Legwork PRM Promotions Marketing programs that are intended to drive both leads and existing patients to your micro-website that is designed to educate and encourage appointments for your key services. Patient Relationship Management Software In-Office Collateral Social Media Marketing Search Marketing Patient Newsletters Online Listings/Reviews 17Friday, October 4, 13
  • 18. Communications are scheduled and delivered to your incoming leads and patients to educate them about the services you offer and to encourage appointments. Promotions include... Patient Relationship Management Software Pre-Designed Promotional Programs Key Features 18Friday, October 4, 13
  • 19. Key Features Patient Relationship Management Software Jump start your social media exposure and maintain top of mind awareness with social contests. Social Media Contests 19Friday, October 4, 13
  • 20. Key Features Patient Relationship Management Software Posts are delivered 3 times per week that are designed to direct fans to your micro-site content. Social Postings 20Friday, October 4, 13
  • 21. Key Features Patient Relationship Management Software Legwork will plan, budget, design and implement a monthly search marketing program designed to direct search results to your landing pages. Search Marketing 21Friday, October 4, 13
  • 22. Key Features Patient Relationship Management Software Educate patients of your additional services with email and/or postal newsletters that are sent 6 times per year. Educational Newsletters Sample Email Newsletter 22Friday, October 4, 13
  • 23. Pricing One-time set up fee $1,500 $299 per monthPRM Software $199 per monthPromotions Program Patient Relationship Management Software Please Note: Postal communication and gift rewards costs are not included in the above fees. Add .95 per piece for than you and post cards. Add $2.95 plus the cost of the gift reward for all rewards fulfillment. 23Friday, October 4, 13