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As you may know the Legends Foundation are professional athletes, coaches, cheerleaders, actors, actresses and musicians present personal Legend’s stories. Professionals inspire audiences to make good decisions, take responsibilities and to leave a legacy on future generations. “After the Bell, 4:20 Daily Choices” with professionals as role models are mentors to many. Our professionals speak at schools, universities, churches, businesses and correctional centers to encourage higher education, careers, good deeds and faith through making good daily choices with motivation and life changing experiences.

Our current project will allow RILEY TO SPEAK! Check out the PowerPoint attached and if you can help support Riley and our causes, it would be greatly appreciated by many.

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Project Riley

  1. 1. Project:Riley Speaks<br />How new technology can influence and change the world for children who are non-verbal.<br />
  2. 2. Thank you for taking the time to learn about “Project: Riley Speaks.” My name is Angie Kintigh and I am the Autism teacher for Carrollton Schools (kindergarten through 5th grade). I hold this project very dear to my heart as I have seen how frustrated a child can become by not being able to communicate her wants and needs. Again, I thank you for your time and consideration of supporting “Riley Speaks.”<br />
  3. 3. Introducing: Miss Riley<br />Riley is a beautiful 13 year old young lady. She loves making others laugh and being with her typical developing peers. Riley is currently transitioning from elementary school to junior high school.<br />Riley is non-verbal and she has multiple diagnosis. She is able to make utterances and many individual sounds. Currently, the only way Riley is able to communicate is through sign language. This is great when working with special education teachers and her parents, but NOT when socializing with her peers, going out to eat, communicating with other staff and adults or just trying to be a normal teenager. Riley is restricted to communicate with only those who know sign language.<br />
  4. 4. More about Riley…<br />With Riley’s disability she:<br /><ul><li>Has difficulty with fine motor skills; writing with a pencil and paper is a tremendous task for her.
  5. 5. Is limited on gross motor skills: walking by herself is a danger, as is maneuvering her body up and down stairs.
  6. 6. Is very delayed in cognitive skills; however, Riley is one smart cookie!!! (trust me!!!)</li></ul>Riley is addressing an envelope to mail a letter to her mom and dad.<br />Completing this envelope was a huge success for Riley. She was so proud of her work as was I. This task took approximately 35 minutes; something that takes you and I only seconds.<br />
  7. 7. Community Life<br />Riley is a very active member of her community in her hometown.<br />She has great family support. Her family always sees her as a child first then a child who has a disability.<br />Riley participates in Special Olympics and is an active cheerleader and member of the Carroll Hills track team!<br />
  8. 8.
  9. 9. New Technology<br />iPad <br />This new technology allows children who are non-verbal to communicate with others effectively, follow daily schedules, and makes learning and completing tasks much less frustrating<br />There are numerous apps such as “Proloquo2Go” that makes communicating as simple as touching a button.<br />With the iPad, Riley will be able to speak intelligibly to all of her teachers, staff and classmates.<br />Order her own lunch at the cafeteria/restaurant<br />Communicate needs and wants<br />When she is sick she will be able to address where she is feeling sick<br />Complete classroom assignments with MUCH less frustration than using a pencil and paper<br />Create and follow her own daily schedule to assist her in BEING AS INDEPENDENT AS POSSIBLE.<br />
  10. 10. Future Goals<br />For all of my students, my goals, as well as their parents’ is to make each child as INDEPENDENT and as well educated as possible, as well as, to become a successful and respectable member of their community. <br />Now, imagine not being able to communicate with others. Imagine knowing sign language and telling someone you need help but them just looking at you and shaking their head because they don’t understand.<br />Imagine your child being non-verbal and unable to communicate with you. Imagine never hearing your child speak. Imagine having to guess why your child isn’t feeling well.<br />Riley’s parents along with many others have encountered these and numerous other concerns. The iPad answers these concerns by providing a voice for these children. They give Riley and others the opportunity to speak.<br />
  11. 11. Support:<br />My main goal is to provide Riley with an iPad as she moves on to the Junior High School. I feel this is greatly needed to make her education as successful as possible. <br />Ideally, I would love to have an iPad for all of the students in my classroom whom are non-verbal. This coming school year I will have 3 non-verbal students. <br />Specs: <br />The four iPads needed are:<br /><ul><li>Apple iPad 2 with Wi-Fi-32GB
  12. 12. Currently available at $599.99 each.</li></li></ul><li>Our School Dellroy Elementary<br />Our school is not big; but it is a school filled with loving teachers, staff and students. We at Dellroy Elementary are a family. Our children are our future.<br />
  13. 13. Thank you again for your time and consideration. My students and myself greatly appreciate any assistance you are able to provide us with.With your assistance, you are providing a voice for students who are unable to speak for themselves. You are making their world more typical and normal. Youare providing a positive foundation for their future.<br />Making a Difference for Riley<br />Project: “Riley Speaks” with IPad Technology $ ______________<br /> <br />Mail To: <br />The Legends Foundation <br />Project: Riley Speaks<br />45 Clement Avenue <br />Akron, Ohio 44319<br />330 714 3150<br />330 322 8495<br />Donate Online:<br />THANK YOU! <br />
  14. 14. Other LEVELS OF Giving and Gift Opportunities<br />Support the Legends Foundation *<br />Your donation supports the good deeds and experiences of the Legends which allow the opportunity to educate businesses, universalities, churches, correctional centers and schools. We encourage unrestricted gifts to the Legends general fund, which provides both long-term stability and the flexibility to fund important emerging and ongoing projects. Legends donors will be invited to various outreach events and receive e-newsletters, briefs and other Legends publications.<br />Legends Foundation Benefactor <br />$100,000 lifetime contribution<br />Honorary listing for those who have donated more than $100,000 in their lifetime or have committed $100,000 or more through their estate plans, which may include naming Legends Foundation as a beneficiary of a will, revocable trust, irrevocable trust, life insurance policy, or retirement plan.<br />Director’s Circle <br />$10,000 contribution<br />Donors will be recognized and stewarded at the highest level.<br />Donors at this level will have priority seating at Legends events. <br />Donors will have name on letterhead and Legends web site.<br /> Leadership Circle <br />$2,500 contribution<br />Donors will be recognized and stewarded at the $2,500 Leadership Circle level. <br /> Special Friends <br />$500 contribution<br />Donors will be recognized and stewarded as a $500 Special Friend of the Legends.<br />ALL GIFTS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE TO THE EXTENT PROVIDED BY LAW<br /> <br /> <br />
  15. 15. Causes and organizations the Legends have supported the past few years / <br />now… PROJECT: “RILEY SPEAKS”<br />Toys for Tots Junior Achievement John Erb Family <br />Stark County Educational Service Pathway Caring for Children Gary & Kathy Brown <br />Shawn Sway Women's Board of Aultman Hospital Melina Curaso<br />Damascus Elementary St Peters & Paul School Buckeye Council <br />Care Works Charlie & Kenny Henegar Hall of Fame Fashion Show <br />Community Harvest Miranda Liggett Benefit Granted Wish Foundation <br />Circleville Dept of Youth Services Hall of Fame Festival Chair Fashion Show Luncheon <br />Lift Up Ministries March of Dimes Hall of Fame Fitness Center <br />Project St Nicholas Returns Drayvon Delong HOF Appreciation Party <br />Fashion Show Luncheon Students of Amos McDaniel Heritage Christian Schools <br />Community Harvest Andy, Katie & Clifford Holcomb Akron Canton Food Bank <br />Grace Bible Church BernitaDugley Stroke Fundraiser Lon & Racheal Christ First <br />St Fancis De Sales Church Dellroy Elementary School Carrollton Elementary School <br />Moonlight In March Big Brother & Big Sisters Big Brother Big Sister of Alliance<br />Siffren Stark County Library Men of God <br />Meals On Wheels The Walsh University Fund American Cancer Society <br />Canton Palace Theater Bonnie Baughman Quest Smith House Youth <br />Eddie Johnson Memorial Golf Scioto Dept of Youth Services Canton Chamber of Commerce<br />Perry Local Schools Marlington Local Schools Sours Middle Schools <br />KSU Health and Safety Day Carroll County YMCA Canton YMCA <br />The Wilderness Center Quest Recovery Center Goodyear Hunting & Fishing Club<br />WalmartKoby's Educational Fund Big Brother Big Sister Gala <br />United Way 211 Jim Meetz Fundraiser Shearers <br />Robyn Fair Cancer Benefit Fund Little Flower Catholic Parish HOF Fashion Show <br />North Canton Medical Foundation Akron Childrens Hospital AMP Athletes with Lost Limbs<br />NC Chamber of Commerce Lehman HS Alumni Assoc Animal Protection Guild <br />Mercy Medical Center Tri County Restaurant Association Ashenisa Gravis Foundation <br />Republic Health Fair Buckingham Dolittle Burroughs Girl Scouts of America <br />
  16. 16. Continued…<br />SGT Cory Endlich Scholarship Stark Community Foundation Cuyahoga County DYS <br />Woman And Outdoors St Joan of Arc Perry High School <br />HOF Enshrinement Festival Boy Scouts of America Night of Champions <br />Spaghetti Dinner For Robert Cozart YMCA Central Stark County Multi Development Services of Stark <br />Prestige Creative Services Faircrest Memorial Middle School Strasburg United Methodist Church <br />Indian River Dept of Youth Ser East Youth Football North HS Football <br />Canton Little League Alliance Middle School Kidney Transplant Fundraiser <br />Heritage Youth Football Tuslaw Alumni Association Jackson Fast Pitch Fundraiser <br />YMCA Night of Champions Akron University Alumni Hammer & Nails <br />Light House Visions Families First of Stark County Woman Board of Aultman Hospital <br />Malone University Incept Boys & Girls Club <br />Elyria Little League North Reverse Raffle Benefit Wendy Clay HOF Parade <br />St Joan of Arc Parish School American Electric Power AEP Junior Achievement <br />Genoa Elementary Schools Summit Co Public & Safety FedEx<br />Pink Diamond Cancer Bash Summa Health Care St Peters 8th Grade Class <br />American Heart Assn Heart Ball Walk With God Lift Up Ministries <br />American Red Cross Ride for Red Community Harvest Silent Auction Beech Grove School <br />Domestic Violence Aultman Angel Auction Horizon Academy Schools <br />Let’s not grow weary while doing good work, for we shall reap what we sow…<br />