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Infographics for lawyers presentation
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Infographics for lawyers presentation


What are infographics and how can lawyers use them?

What are infographics and how can lawyers use them?

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  • John Medina “Brain Rules” – Vision trumps all other senses


  • 1. INFOGRAPHICS FORLAWYERSAllison C. Shields,Legal Ease Consulting, Inc.
  • 2. INTRODUCTION – ALLISON C. SHIELDS President, Legal Ease Consulting, Inc. Practice Management, Productivity,Marketing and Business Development forLawyers Services include individual coaching,training, assessments & surveys,business and marketing strategy andsocial media Practicing lawyer for over 15 years Former law firm Administrative Partner Co-author, LinkedIn in One Hour forLawyers, and Facebook in One Hour forLawyers, published by the American BarAssociation
  • 3. • The importance of visuals• What are infographics?• Why you should consider infographics• How you might use infographics• Examples• ResourcesWHAT WE’LL BE DISCUSSING
  • 4. • “On demand”• Overwhelmed byinformation• Short attentionspansTHE WORLD NOW
  • 5. 60% of people arevisual learners90% of information coming to thebrain is visual
  • 6. Oral InformationAlone: 10%Oral PlusPictures: 65%Retention, 72 hourspost-exposure
  • 7. How Does This Applyto Lawyers?
  • 8. IntimidatingUse “legalese”ConfusingOverwhelmingBoringText-heavyLawyers:**From client’s perspective
  • 9. AnxiousConfusedDistractedOverwhelmedEmotionalClients:
  • 10. A “New” Tool:Infographics
  • 11. VISUAL STORYTELLING• Visually appealing• Convey lots ofinformation quickly• Easy to understand• More engaging• Less intimidating• Combines text andgraphics
  • 12. SHAREABLE• Easy to embed• Can go viral• Builds links• Drives traffic• People lovethem!
  • 13. How Lawyers Can UseInfographics
  • 14. CLIENT COMMUNICATIONHelp clients understand legalconceptsMake information lessintimidatingShow the processIncrease client retention ofinformationReduce phone calls andfrustration!
  • 15. MARKETINGEstablish expertiseDifferentiate yourselfAttract new clients
  • 16. HOW ELSE CAN LAWYERS USE INFOGRAPHICS? Train employees Enhance firm newsletters Showcase firm results Recruitment tool Alternate lawyer bio Statistical firm information
  • 17. Examples
  • 18. *full infographic can be found at: http://gadgetsteria.com/2011/10/07/infographic-steve-jobs-by-the-numbers/
  • 19. InfographicsResources
  • 20. Traditional infographics: Visual.ly infogr.am easel.ly PiktochartDO IT YOURSELF OPTIONS
  • 21. Wordle.netDO IT YOURSELF OPTIONS
  • 22. You don’t always have to create your own!o Hire an infographic designero Find infographics online and share themo Embed infographics into blog posts, website
  • 23.  Know your audience Keep text limited Use white space wisely Credit your sources Don’t forget to shareINFOGRAPHIC TIPS
  • 24. QUESTIONS?
  • 25. ALLISON C. SHIELDS, ESQ.Contact Information:Allison@LegalEaseConsulting.comPhone: 631-642-0221www.LawyerMeltdown.comwww.LegalEaseConsulting.com (blog)