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Mastering Pinterest
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Mastering Pinterest


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Mastering Pinterest presentation by Ed Swiderski

Mastering Pinterest presentation by Ed Swiderski

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business
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  • 2. MEET PINTEREST •  Uniqueness drives results •  Evergreen index of quality content •  E-Commerce & virtual catalog POWERHOUSE •  Quality over quantity •  Great for videos •  One the fastest growing social platforms in history 80% OF THE TOP 15 PINTEREST CATAGORIES ARE #eventtechlive CONNECTED TO COMMERCE
  • 3. WHO IS PINTEREST? •  •  •  •  •  Majority of users are between 25-54 Over 60% of Pinterest users have a college degree Over 25 million unique users Longest average time spent on social platform Concentration on Midwest users Hot Industries #eventtechlive Sources: TRAVEL • FOOD • FASHION
  • 4. WHY PINTEREST? #eventtechlive Source: Alexa
  • 5. PINTEREST IS NOT… •  An event management tool •  Low quality content •  “Social” in the sense of traditional social •  For every brand •  For every industry •  For every event #eventtechlive
  • 6. PINTEREST VS. ALL Unusually high follower engagement % #eventtechlive Source:
  • 7. IMAGES = EMOTION •  •  •  Images have the potential to promote both a visual and emotional connection You can use your images to: -  Show event pictures before, during, and after -  Show products that you produce -  Inspire users to pin their own images Pinterest also allows users to pin videos #eventtechlive Source: Dynamic Logic MarketNorms®
  • 8. HOW #eventtechlive
  • 9. THE BASICS •  Pins •  Repins •  Boards #eventtechlive
  • 10. SOCIAL ROI (REALLY OVERLY IGNORED) = SET GOALS Needs laser focus in order to be effective Must be driven by business needs Must be tweaked based on results What do you consider ROI? Sales? Prospects? •  Benchmark your results with A/B testing •  Must be measured. LIKES ARE LAZY. •  •  •  •  #eventtechlive
  • 11. Goal Examples •  % Increased sales •  Increased site visitors by X •  Improved Customer Service by lowering X calls •  % customer engagement •  New product ratings & feedback Goal Success Stories •  Create brand awareness •  Stronger consumer relationships •  Turn happy customers into raving fans •  Mainstream media exposure •  Stay ahead of competition •  Customer service •  Research & Development Remember This is not just a feel good activity. The goal is to affect your bottom line. #eventtechlive
  • 12. RELENTLESS REACH •  •  Using other digital marketing -  Email -  Blogging -  Pin This icons Compelling content encourages #eventtechlive influence
  • 13. CREATIVE BOARD NAMES •  •  •  •  •  •  Engage the Senses State the Obvious Sarcastic Banter Quote others Inspire Themes #eventtechlive
  • 14. EVENTS #eventtechlive
  • 15. EVENT INTEGRATION •  Drive attendance and awareness pre/post •  Living event brochure •  Dynamic product catalog •  Tools and processes to align with the event •  Leverage and supplement other networks •  No age gate, but… #eventtechlive
  • 16. PRE-EVENT •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Involve users in the preparation process for the event (test product images, previous event photos, etc..) Build excitement with behind the scenes Contests Request re-pins and favorite votes Keep users in the loop (without spamming) Establish goals and success measurement Establish hash tags #eventtechlive
  • 17. EVENT BOARDS •  Reflect brand personality •  Create specific boards for your event for pre-event prep, inspiration behind the event, the event itself, and post-event •  Include behind the scenes photos to make your brand more "human” •  Invite users to share on other boards/brands #eventtechlive
  • 18. VISUAL EVENT HUB •  Curated content hub to complement overall campaign •  Leverage other platform audiences to participate in your activity •  Re-pin images related to past events #eventtechlive
  • 19. ANALYZE •  Promoted pins •  Pinterest is quickly becoming an online marketplace, so use this to your advantage •  Determine the right channels  •  ROI is less relevant as transactions are happening in real time •  Advertising…coming soon! #eventtechlive
  • 20. POST EVENT •  Review analytics and “lift” based on goals •  Focus on quality product content that triggers emotion = BUY •  Review goals established pre-event •  Re-align goals for next event #eventtechlive
  • 21. PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS #eventtechlive
  • 22. + •  Already integrated = bigger buzz •  Combine video with Pinterest •  Videos can link back to your portfolio •  •  •  •  Play into “share and tell” Share images from Pinterest Static iFrame tab Facebook continues to integrate more with Pinterest •  Great contest integration •  Source for hand-picked, quality content •  Be careful •  Tweet your pins •  Pinterest and Twitter run on same concept •  Take advantage of altering pins to fit Twitter before tweeting #eventtechlive them
  • 23. •  •  •  •  •  User-curated Evergreen Click throughs Brand “lift” Cleaner ROI •  •  •  •  •  User-generated Real-time Brand mentions Surface-level activity ROI difficult to trace #eventtechlive
  • 24. NEXT SECTION: Viral Content Equation #eventtechlive
  • 25. THERE IS NO VIRAL EQUATION •  Quality content wins. Some examples of more active content: •  Infographics -  Provides necessary details and figures while stimulating the brain •  Contests -  “Pin and Win”, Most Repins, Scavenger Hunts, Sweepstakes #eventtechlive
  • 26. PINTEREST ETIQUETTE Following the Rules •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Would you put it in a frame? Cite Sources for Your Links Don’t Smother Your Audience Descriptive Captions Avoid Pinning Addiction Report Spammers Repinning -  Only repin content that you believe to be original and not under copyright infringement Images -  Images must fit with Pinterest’s standards of quality Try to only pin content you own or have a license to distribute #eventtechlive
  • 27. Ed Swiderski #eventtechlive