Business Plan presentation Project Ebiz Summer School


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Final Project Presentation During the International Summer School in Electronic Business that held from University of the Aegean at Mytilene, Greece

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Business Plan presentation Project Ebiz Summer School

  1. 1. Ebiz 2013 Business Plan Presentation 4/8/2013 Molyvos, Mytilene International Summer School in E-Business University of Aegean Darousis Eleftherios, Spyros Langos «New e-Business Idea in the Greek Winter Tourism Market»
  2. 2. Useful Data Source: Eltrun Laboratory ( From the above survey the 93% are using online travel and tourism e-services The same category was in 3rd place in 2011
  3. 3. Objectives of the business idea  Vision and Statement:  The vision of snow4all is to become the first choice of Greek ski and winter tourists by providing innovative and value added services regarding the winter and ski tourism market  Snow4all’s mission is to provide , through the use of new technologies and modern service channels, integrated and high quality services, with particular reference to the full satisfaction of the requirements and needs of its targeted customers  Strategic Objectives:  To get established as the first choice from the winter tourists in Greece over the next 2-3 years of business activity  To acquire within 2 years high user traffic, by achieving 15,000 visitors per day  Achieve the number of 60-80 winter sports equipment bookings per day during the winter season
  4. 4. Services  Interactive online booking engine for winter sports equipment and complete winter tourism services  Instant and reliable information about the status of Greek ski centers  Introducing innovation in the industry and in the service against competition  Online information database and directory for winter destinations  Online directory , portal presentation and database for winter destinations and ski centers  Winter sport tutorials for beginners through multimedia application and winter sports selection wizard  Use of multimedia technologies for basic learning from professionals and national climbing groups  Desktop and mobile applications  Easy to use and portable use services  Virtual community services and social networking
  5. 5. Technology  Domain name registration  Hosting (E-shop feature included)  HTML (for menus and listings)  Databases (data storage)  Content Management System (Customized configuration)  SSL  SEO (keywords)  Shareable Content
  6. 6. Swot Analysis Strengths Weaknesses •Providing of innovative and easy to use services •Reliable and instant information for the status of the Greek ski centers/resorts •Mobile and desktop apps for portable and easy access of the offered services •Lack of providing live streaming image from the ski centers •Lack of trust in new entry start-up businesses from consumers Opportunities Threats •Lack of strong competition and opportunity for innovation and entry in the market of winter tourism •Continuous increase in the usage of internet and e-commerce services from Greek people •Possibility of future new innovative entries •Increased competition from overseas markets which offer the winter tourism product in lower prices as a package •Economical crisis in Greece, which affects consumers behavior and preferences •Continuous environmental pollution
  7. 7. Innovation and Competitive Advantage  Provision from the competition of some services which are equally attractive  Information on the status of ski centers is inefficient  Incomplete information about weather conditions  Lack of virtual community services  Absence of online booking winter gear mechanism  “Old Fashion” technology site with lack of cutting edge technologies (CMS, SEO)  Failure to provide desktop and mobile application  Lack of affiliate travel and tourism services  Lack of contact and interaction with the user  Low level of competition in the industry and the particular sector
  8. 8. Marketing-Customers  Target Groups:  Winter tourists  Winter sports and activities enthusiasts/fans  Winter shops as retailers and suppliers  Business and portals related with winter tourism that will advertise in the website  Marketing Strategy  Use of Micromarketing – tailoring services and marketing programs to suit the tastes and needs of specific groups of individuals and locations.  “Live the experience of snow culture’’, through Snow4all: The expert of Greek Snow Booking Equipment, offering a holistic services approach (Brand messaging signal)  Value for money - benefit positioning:  Get brand awareness and internet exposure as the best specialized platform in the Snow Industry (goal)  Advertise freely through all social media platforms
  9. 9. Marketing (Continue)  Marketing Promotional Techniques  Printed Corporate Material  Digital  E-marketing  Monthly Newsletter  Direct Placement Advertisement  Google Ad Words  Google Network/Ad Sense  SEO  Social media  Facebook (4.000.000 Unique Greek Users, Eltrun)  Twitter (210.000 Unique Greek USers, Eltrun)  LinkedIn  Pinterest  Youtube
  10. 10. Income and Expenditure  Estimated income sources:  Winter equipment booking service fee  Memberships packages  Affiliate tourism services commission earnings  Information SMS service fee earnings  Website Direct Advertisement and Google Network/Ad Sense  Advertisement in the mobile and desktop version  Estimated expenditure sources:  New business establishment cost  Digital Promotional Advertisement  Operational(physical and digital) costs  Website Development  Mobile App  Company facilities  Management-Consulting  Service fee cost for the e-payment provider
  11. 11. Future Strategic Planning  Business activity expansion in the neighboring countries (Balkans/Bulgary)  Future international expansion overseas  Featured Services  Winter destinations and ski centers rating (comment) system  Geo location of POIs via Google Maps/Earth service  Mobile Augmented Reality of the most important and useful POIs (ski routes)  Ski lessons online booking  Supplier filtering mechanism of winter equipment pricing (similar with skroutz,gr for electronics)
  12. 12. Homepage