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Published on is your price comparison specialist. With over 4,000 retailers and approximately … is your price comparison specialist. With over 4,000 retailers and approximately
1 ,000,000 products listed, the shopping website allows you to compare prices from a large number of online shops across the UK. With its built-in voucher code functionality, any further discounts will automatically be factored into the purchase price and you can be safe in the knowledge of getting the best prices.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Price comparison like, pricerunner, are the best source to compare prices for the same product from different retailers and stores to find best and cheapest prices you should try on price comparison websites where you can compare prices online just sitting on your computer or laptop.
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  • 1. Media Pack July 2012
  • 2. 1. About2. Benefits for Merchants3. Further Benefits4. Product Data Feeds5. IdealoApp6. In the News7. Contact 2
  • 3. About What is growing price comparison engine in the UK.Receives 2.4 million page views and 1.4 million unique visitors every month – these figuresincreasing due to constant growth and development.Parent Company Axel Springer is one of Europes largest publishing companies.Sister comparison sites in Germany, Austria, France and Italy. Isone of the top 3 price comparison sites in Germany.Our support team has over 12 years experience. This ensures you get the best qualitytraffic to your site, and that your shop and online brand reaches as many different markets aspossible.With a large number of product filters, product reviews from industry experts and consumers,as well as shop reviews, visitors can be confident that theyre making an informed decision.The website is also available as a price comparison app for both Android and iOS.(Please see Page 5) 3 1.
  • 4. Benefits for Merchants Why use comparison specialist for over 12 years.Highly targeted traffic to specific products.One of the top 10 comparison sites in the UK – one of the top 3 in Germany ( 5,000 retailers and 1,000,000 Idealo products created, with over 29 million retailer offers.Site wide conversion rate of 3% (leadouts to sales).We drive high quality web traffic to your online shop, due to high product rankings on searchengines and a high volume of returning visitors.Greater exposure for your shop to a wider range of new customers and markets.A large international content team to oversee quality control and ensure your products arematched with our data-rich created products. 4 2.
  • 5. Further Benefits Why use unique voucher code system which integrates codes into the actual offer on our site -e.g.Shops using the Magento, PrestaShop or Zen Cart shop systems (that work with us directly),will have access to our free export modules, allowing our customers to create their own datafeeds.Direct shops gain access to our Idealo Partner Login system giving you the ability totrack the number of daily clicks, and individual clicks along with their referringIP Addresses. 5 3.
  • 6. Product Data FeedsDue to the continuously changing nature of our site, we rely heavily on perfect data feedswhich are up-to-date, accurate and include all the necessary information. A high qualityProduct feed is not only necessary for integration into the Idealo shopping platform, butalso optimises performance after integration.File types we use include CSV and XML - we consider these to be the best formats for data feeds, however we will also accept TXT files:-- CSV (Comma-Separated Values) feeds: data records should be separated bypunctuation marks (e.g. comma, tab, semicolon or |). To prevent confusion, the punctuationused to separate the data record should never appear within the columns, but should onlyact as a separator. Files in CSV format can be easily generated by Excel and manydatabase programmes or e-commerce systems. - XML data feed - We also accept these as an alternative. All the product information must beconveyed in the feed. All the information for one offer must be contained within one line for aCSV file and in one element for a XML file.Please find more details about our product feeds and requirements here. 6 4.
  • 7. Idealo AppAs featured in the Guardian last year (see Page 6), Idealo also offers a fantastic mobile app. Thisenables consumers to compare the latest products and prices at any time of the day or night,regardless of their whereabouts.The IdealoApp for iPhone, iPad or Android smartphones offers price information for more than3 million products, and hundreds of online shops. Users can simply search for the product requiredby using the product name or number search box, or use the barcode scanner for an even fastermatch. 7 5.
  • 8. In the NewsJan 2011 - - What does the VAT rise mean for you?March 2011 - - Web traffic for bikes up "58% month-on-month due to petrol hikes"August 2011 - - 10 Best LEGO Castles of All-TimeSept 2011 - - Idealo - consumer app of the weekDec 2011 - - As HDD prices rocket, SSDs get even cheaperJan 2012 - - Idealo finds 400% increase in smartphone app use ..Jan 2012 - - Apple UK prices most expensive in Western Europe says IdealoFeb 2012 - - The true speed at which games prices erodeMay 2012 - - Budget airline flights cost families £87 MORE per booking ...May 2012 - - Budget airlines - pricier than BA?Feb 2012 - Featured as part of The Chilli Challenge on ITVs This Morning Show 8 6.
  • 9. Contact : 9 7.