Chosen story + ideas


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A description of my story and several ideas to be used through the trailer.

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Chosen story + ideas

  1. 1. Chosen Story + Ideas<br />"An illegal organisation situated within the UK, known by the world is constantly chased by the CIA over a ten year period. The fight ends in the UK with only 3 people remaining in the organisation after the rest were reluctantly taken down. The group includes one new recruit, but is everything as it seems with the new recruit."<br />
  2. 2. New Recruit<br />The introduction of the new recruit in the organisation will allow for the film trailer to be on the edge if things are not as they seem:<br />The new recruit may be an Ex-CIA agent and so will be going against his old employers.<br />The new recruit may want to take revenge on his former employers if both had a “squabble” or argument and so the recruit lost his job.<br />The new recruit may lost the opportunity to have a promotion with the CIA and so having this opportunity with the organisation.<br />The new recruit could be in the middle of a mind game to which both organisations know each other and the recruit is blind to what is happening. <br />
  3. 3. Recruit: Hostage<br />The illegal organisation may have a number of plans to get themselves out of serious trouble.<br />This may be provided when the new recruit could be turned into a hostage held against his own will and giving the CIA one of the hardest decisions to make.<br />The new recruit could be used as bait to which gives the organisation time to make a sneaky escape from the country.<br />The new recruit could be used as a basis to which the organisation can get into the CIA and so take control from inside.<br />
  4. 4. CIA<br />The CIA may also be using the new recruit or even using other ways to take down the illegal organisation.<br />The new recruit may be used by the CIA as an internal source to the organisation and as a result taking down the organisation.<br />The new recruit may be sent in to take down the organisation one by one in the sneakiest way possible.<br />
  5. 5. Location<br />There could be several ways to which the location(s) to be used throughout the film.<br />The whole film could be located in one location and just be shot in different ways in which to reveal at the end of the film trailer. <br />The locations could be chosen in a range of places to add variety to the clip and so keep the audience guessing.<br />The chosen locations could be linked to each other, but in a much more blind way from the audiences view, and reveal all at the end.<br />
  6. 6. In Conclusion...<br />The new recruit could be linked in a number of ways and so the audience may be blind to what is happening throughout. <br />Eventually leading to the audience understanding what all parts of the story meant throughout.<br />Both organisations could be working together somehow, or could be attempting to take each other out.<br />The locations and characters together could play a big part of the story and have huge effects on the story.<br />