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Social Investing Presentation Impact Roundtable
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Social Investing Presentation Impact Roundtable


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Social Investing & Business

Social Investing & Business

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  • 1. Social Investing & Business: Can you afford NOT to do it? Casey Rogers, Janis Minton Consulting Lee Schwing, CIO, CTO, & Senior IT Executive IMPACT Roundtable Presentation July 10, 2009 1
  • 2. The Third Sector _ 501c3 – Tax Exempt Organizations ! Grantseeking and Grantmaking entities _ Charity vs. Strategic Philanthropy ! Fill gaps ! Fund innovation _ Corporate Social Investing ! Invest in community with benefit to corporation ! E.g., Aerospace & math and science curriculum 2
  • 3. What Social Investors Should Look For: _ Meeting a Need _ Strong Leadership _ Financially Sound _ Board Strength and Commitment _ Measure Impact 3
  • 4. Women for Women International _ NEED: 1993 – rape used as tool of war in Bosnia; women needed to rebuild their lives _ LEADERSHIP: Zainab Salbi _ FINANCES: FY05 $12 M budget; 70% individuals, 20% grants, 10% program revenue _ BOARD: Governing and Advisory (100% give) _ IMPACT: $24 M loaned to 55,000 women in 10 countries = 300,000 beneficiaries 4
  • 5. IMPACT 5
  • 6. Here’s What Matters: How You Give, Not How Much _ With every investment, there should be: ! Passion for the cause ! Involvement with the organization ! Desire to be educated about the issues ! Willingness to be an advocate 6
  • 7. A Closer Look: India 7
  • 8. Third Millennium Awakening Clean Water Project 2009 Nimboli, India
  • 9. Mission Statement _Third Millennium Awakening (TMA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to uplifting the quality of life in impoverished areas of the Thane District, Maharashtra State, India. _Our goal: offer human and material resources to help alleviate the oppressive burdens of hunger, poverty, and disease, and, in doing so, bring hope and inspiration to individuals and communities. Third Millennium Awakening at 9
  • 10. TMA HQ in India Nimboli Village Thane District Maharashtra State Third Millennium Awakening at 10
  • 11. Best Practices _ Needs assessment _ Project plan ! Use of local resources ! Education of villagers ! Evaluation of project _ Sustainability Third Millennium Awakening at 11
  • 12. NEEDS ASSESSMENT Third Millennium Awakening at 12
  • 13. Needs Assessment _ 21% of communicable diseases in India are related to unsafe drinking water. _ In India, diarrhea alone causes more than 1600 deaths each day and approximately 400,000 deaths in children under 5 each year. _ Doctors (both private and governmental) in the Nimboli area confirmed that diarrhea and other waterborne disease run rampant throughout the countryside. Third Millennium Awakening at 13
  • 14. Providing Pure Water Helps… _ Decrease infant mortality—giving babies a chance to grow up. _ Increase school attendance—helping children escape from poverty. _ Enable adults to maintain jobs—providing adequate income for families. _ Reduce incidence of diarrhea in elders—preventing untimely deaths Third Millennium Awakening at 14
  • 15. Nimboli Sources of Drinking Water _ Tap water available for 1 hour daily _ The river _ Contaminated wells Third Millennium Awakening at 15
  • 16. PROJECT PLAN Third Millennium Awakening at 16
  • 17. Project Plan Three-pronged project plan: _ Educate villagers on importance of clean drinking water and good hygiene _ Provide biosand water filters to families and institutions _ Conduct pre and post surveys to determine effectiveness of program Third Millennium Awakening at 17
  • 18. Education TMA provides education on clean water and hygiene at the individual and group levels. _Flyers are distributed discussing the importance of drinking clean water. _Meetings are held with groups of villagers to provide information on the importance of pure water and good hygiene. _At least one member of a family receiving a filter is instructed on filter use and maintenance as well as proper water storage. Third Millennium Awakening at 18
  • 19. Biosand Water Filter _ Appropriate for home use _ Locally produced using materials that are readily available _ Inexpensive to make and cost nothing to operate _ Require very little maintenance _ Highly effective at eliminating water impurities Third Millennium Awakening at 19
  • 20. Biosand Water Filter The filter is simply a concrete container, enclosing layers of sand and gravel which trap and eliminate sediments, pathogens and other impurities from the water. Third Millennium Awakening at 20
  • 21. Production of Filters _ Manufactured locally with materials that are readily available. _ All employees are residents of the Nimboli area. Third Millennium Awakening at 21
  • 22. Production of Filters Third Millennium Awakening at 22
  • 23. Distribution of Filters Third Millennium Awakening at 23
  • 24. Water Filter Families Third Millennium Awakening at Nimboli, India 24
  • 25. Measuring Impact of Project _ Pre and post surveys are conducted asking questions about health (pre & post) and filter use (post only). _ Analysis of data on first 70 filters indicated a significant decrease in the incidence of diarrhea and other waterborne diseases. Third Millennium Awakening at 25
  • 26. Responses to Clean Drinking Water _ River water is always muddy and dirty but after filterization, water convert into safe, crystal clear like mirror… _ We get clean, clear, sweet, chilled, pure and safe water as compared to public outdoor tap and river water. _ Filter is like round o’clock doctor who save us from waterborne disease. Third Millennium Awakening at 26
  • 27. SUSTAINABILITY Third Millennium Awakening at 27
  • 28. Fire Mountain Retreat Center In 2007-2008, TMA built the Fire Mountain Retreat Center in Nimboli India. The Center has space for 30 people in its main building while a small house can be used for the group leader. The jewel of the Retreat Center is a geodesic dome that’s useful for meetings, Hatha Yoga practice, and meditations. Proceeds from center rentals will be used to fund TMA projects. 28 Third Millennium Awakening at
  • 29. Two-Story Main Building 29 Third Millennium Awakening at
  • 30. Geodesic Dome for Meetings Small House for Group Leader Third Millennium Awakening at 30
  • 31. You can help them… Reach us at…. Website: e-Mail: Third Millennium Awakening at 31
  • 32. A Closer Look: Los Angeles 32
  • 33. Homeboy Industries _ NEED: 1992; “Jobs Not Jail” _ LEADERSHIP: Fr. Greg Boyle _ FINANCES: FY08 budget $9 M; 65% individuals and grants, 25% earned income, 10% other _ BOARD: Business and community _ IMPACT: 12,000 served annually, 2/3 gang involved; jobs, mental health services, tatoo removal, etc. 33
  • 34. The Third Sector: 2009 _ Downsizing staff/services; needs increase _ Loss of foundation assets; giving decreases _ Mergers and some non-profits closing their doors _ Time for innovation 34
  • 35. Responding to Social Needs in the Current Climate _ Communicate _ Be Creative _ Power of the Individual 35
  • 36. Thank You 36
  • 37. Contact Information: _ Casey Rogers:, 310-829-4771 _ Lee Schwing:, 310-569-7108