in-memory database system and low latency
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in-memory database system and low latency







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in-memory database system and low latency Presentation Transcript

  • 1. FB lee.hyeongchae
  • 2. About me국산 DBMSs MobileLite 이너비트 Embedded In-Memory DBMS NHN ( CUBRID ) 텔코웨어 CUBRID 알티베이스 Object Oriented DBMS 티베로 리얼타임테크 Telcobase 아키스 In-Memroy DBMS국산 DBs Altibase 선재소프트 In-Memroy DBMS 유엔젤
  • 3. Agenda In-Memory DBMS !! Altibase, TimesTen, ExtremeDB, KDB+, C-ISAM … Why ?! Ultra & Extreme low latency AND Exture+ How ?! NUMA, SSD, Infiniband, Compiler, MQ, Tick, CEP … Best ?! In-Memory Computing ?! Best Of Best !! High Performance Computing !!
  • 4. In-Memory Architecture
  • 5. In-Memory Database System High Performance Low Latency No Jitter Disk-Based RDBMS vs Oracle TimesTen ( Simple Architecture )
  • 6. Modern DBMS ≒In-Memory DBMS
  • 7. In-Memory Database System 4G 3G 2G 1G
  • 8. Altibase HDB & XDB장점 국내개발 및 기술지원 증권사 레퍼런스 MVCC 지원단점 성능한계 & 메모리 이슈 고급 엔지니어 부재
  • 9. Oracle TimesTen & Coherence장점 오라클 & 레퍼런스 성능 DA ( Direct Attach )단점 DA ( Direct Attach ) 한계 MVCC 미지원 Durability 이슈 엔지니어 및 기술지원 부제
  • 10. McObject ExtremeDB & FE장점 성능 해외 통신 & 증권 레퍼런스 STAC Member Join단점 임베디드 전문 회사 국내 기술지원 FE ( Financial Edition ) 검증
  • 11. KX Systems KDB+장점 WORLD BEST QL ( Q Language ) STAC-M3 Leader단점 가격 국내 기술지원
  • 12. IBM Informix C-ISAM장점 OLD BEST 성능 & 가격 Zero Configuration & Admin단점 File DB ACID 미지원 유지보수 및 기술지원
  • 13. second ㎳ ㎳~㎲ ㎲ 2 digit ㎲~㎱
  • 14. Ultra & Extreme Low Lantecy
  • 15. Exture+ RFP
  • 16. Exture+ RFP
  • 17. Exture+ RFP
  • 18. Exture vs Exture+
  • 19. Sync vs Async
  • 20. Pub-Sub Architecture
  • 21. Exture+ Dev ?!
  • 22. Exture+ Dev ?!
  • 23. Exture+ Dev ?!
  • 24. Exture+ Dev ?!
  • 25. NUMA Architecture
  • 26. NUMA Architecture Using McObject’s 64-bit eXtremeDB-64, the application creates a 1.17 Terabyte, 15.54 billion row database on a 160-core Linux based SGI® Altix® 4700 server.
  • 27. NUMA ArchitectureIt supports up to 512 * sockets or 1024 cores under one instance ofLinux and as much as 128TB of globally addressablememory.
  • 28. NUMA Architecture CPU-Socket-Isolation via PhysicalNIC / PhysicalCPU pairing. Multiple CPU sockets holding multiple CPUs should be used like multiple machines. Avoid inter-CPU communication
  • 29. NUMA Architecture 8-socket Nehalem-EX: architecture 8-socket Nehalem-EX: memory bandwidth matrix
  • 30. InfiniBand & 10GbEIn computer networking, Server Message Block (SMB), also known as CommonInternet File System (CIFS, /ˈsɪfs/) operates as an application-layer network protocol[1]mainly used for providing shared access to files, printers, serial ports, andmiscellaneous communications between nodes on a network.
  • 31. InfiniBand & 10GbE
  • 32. SSD
  • 33. SSD is very very difficult.SSD (DRAM/NVRAM/flash/SLC/MLC) is Blah Blah !!
  • 34. Compiler & *.[so|a] Library
  • 35. Message QueueZeroMQ Crazy fast Brokerless architecture In-process library Lower latencies Very simple to use No persistence – requiring higher layers to manage persistenceRabbitMQ VMware vFabric AMQP compliant Written in erlang Small footprint and seemingly fewer lines of code in comparison to other AMQP compliant queue managers
  • 36. OpenMAMA is high performanceMiddleware Agnostic Messaging API
  • 37. Tick & Time series databaseeXtremeDB Financial Edition meets the specialized requirements ofhandling market data with several powerful features:Flexible data layout. eXtremeDB Financial Edition implements columnar datalayout for fields of type ‘sequence’. Sequences can be combined to form a time series, idealfor working with tick streams, historical quotes and other sequential data. The technologysupports database designs that combine row-based and column-based layouts, to bestleverage L1/L2 cache speed.Traditional DBMSs bring rows of data into L1/L2 cache for processing. But financial data –such as trades and quotes – are better handled by a column-based layout that avoidsflooding the cache with unwanted data.Vector-based statistical function library. Vector-based statisticalfunctions provide high efficiency by executing over all or part of one or more sequences andsupporting assembly lines of operations on sequences, for statistical/quantitative analysiseXtremeDB Financial Edition provides a rich library of vector-basedstatistical functions thatexecute over sequence to accelerate management of time series data. Handles real-time and historical data. eXtremeDB Financial Edition’sin-memory storage is ideal for real-time data, while developers can easily specify persistenttables for historical data with a simple notation in the database schema. eXtremeDBprogramming skills are fully interchangeable between in-memory and persistent databasedesigns (developers needn’t learn two database system products for real-time and historicaldata).
  • 38. Complex Event Processing우리는 대용량 고속 데이터에 대한 통찰력을 가지기 위한 복합 이벤트 처리기술(CEP), 인-메모리 기반 분석 기술, 대용량 데이터 베이스 및 저장 기술 등 고급 기술세트를 제공합니다. 복합 이벤트 분석(Complex Event Analytics) 솔루션은 실시간대용량 정보 소스(Source)로부터 통찰과 함께 즉시 의사 결정을 지원하는 혁신적인솔루션입니다.
  • 39. In-Memory Computing
  • 40. In-Memory Computing !=No-Disk Computing
  • 41. TOP500 - 1 st Blue Gene is an IBM project aimed at designing supercomputers that can reach operating speeds in the PFLOPS (petaFLOPS) range, with low power consumption.
  • 42. High Performance Computing
  • 43. HPI ( Hasso Plattner Institut )
  • 44. Q?!AFB lee.hyeongchaehyeongchae@G+