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eXtremeDB FE

  1. 1. eXtremeDBFinancial EditionFB lee.hyeongchaehyeongchae @ G+
  2. 2. About me 이너비트 NHN ( CUBRID ) 텔코웨어 알티베이스▪ 티베로▪ 리얼타임테크▪ 아키스▪ 선재소프트
  3. 3. McObject is ...
  4. 4. McObject Company Telecom & Networking ↑ Aerospace & Defense Consumer Electronics Financial ↑ Industrial & Process Control Energy & Smart Grid Mobile Database Telematics Web services (persistent memory caching) Reference Applications
  5. 5. McObject President & CEO Steve T. Graves : Co-founder “In-memory database systems. Interview with Steve Graves, McObject.” – Roberto V. Zicari ( ODBMS )
  6. 6. GartnerMassimo Pezzini :The Next GenerationArchitecture:In-Memory ComputingWhos Who in In-MemoryDBMSs Published: 10. 09. 2012 + McObject eXtremeDB + ALTIBASE HDB
  7. 7. DBMS2.comCurt Monash :Many kinds of memory-centric data management+ SAP HANA+ IBM solidDB+ McObject eXtremeDB+ HP H-Store & VoltDB+ Oracle TimesTen
  9. 9. STAC Benchmark Council Members McObject Joins STAC Benchmark Council – May 2012 DB Vendor : 1. KX Systems 2. McObject, LLC
  10. 10. STAC Workload Category As of 16.08.2010 :  Maket Data  Analytics  Execution
  11. 11. STAC Workload - Market Data Examples of products Domain Caption Workload summary Example metrics to be tested* - Latency from exchange message hitting Taking inbound market data messages Ticker plant software, ticker the wire to normalized update coming Direct feed from plant appliances, full-serviceSTAC-M1 integration exchanges, normalizing and caching them, through API - Max throughput to 5 clients with 99th trading platforms that offer a and making them available via an API. market data API percentile latency less than 1 ms - Latency from the moment a message is Taking normalized market data streams ready for distribution to the moment it Market data platforms, Market data through a publisher API and delivering exits the subscriber API.STAC-M2 distribution them - Latency to “undisturbed consumers” messaging software, messaging appliances to multiple consumers via a subscriber API. when other consumers are starved of resources - First-result latency Querying a time-series dataset and (time to get back the first result) Time-series applying - Last-result latencySTAC-M3 data management various analytics. Taking streaming data, applying basic analytics to it, and persisting (time to get back all results) Tick databases - Write latency it to a time-series store. - Storage efficiency
  12. 12. STAC Report: STAC-M3 / McObject eXtremeDB 5.0 / Kove XPD2 L2 / Dell / Mellanox (SUT: XTR121105)▪ Type: Audited▪ Specs: STAC-M3 Benchmarks (Antuco Suite)▪ Stack under test: – McObject eXtremeDB 5.0 Financial Edition – Kove XPD™ L2 Storage System with Mellanox QDR InfiniBand, dual port – Dell PowerEdge™ R910 Server – Intel Xeon E7-4850 Processors – CentOS Release 6.2 Final – Mellanox MT26428 ConnectX-2 QDR InfiniBand, dual port HCA – Mellanox MTS3600 InfiniScale-IV QDR InfiniBand switch
  13. 13. eXtremeDB 5.0 FE >= KDB+ 2.8 STAC-M3 Report 4Q.2012
  14. 14. KeyeXtremeDB FE Features
  15. 15. eXtremeDB FE Architecture▪ Core In-Memory Database System (IMDS) Design – As an in-memory database system (IMDS), eXtremeDB gives your application speed without rewrites or expensive new hardware.▪ Short Execution Path, Tiny Footprint (Approximately 150K) – Small code size and minimal overhead (database system memory footprint is as small as 15% of managed data volume) means less RAM is required.▪ Optional On-Disk or Hybrid Storage – McObjects eXtremeDB Fusion edition▪ Columnar Layout for Time Series Data – Traditional DBMSs bring rows of data into L1/L2 cache for processing. But financial data – such as trades and quotes – is naturally columnar, and handled more efficiently by a column-based layout.
  16. 16. eXtremeDB FE ArchitectureMr. Simple !! Small !! Fast !! Reliable !!By SQLite.org
  17. 17. Powerful Run-Time FeaturesACID Transactions High Availability and ClusteringTransaction Logging 64-Bit SupportMulti-Version Concurrency Control ( MVCC ) Open ReplicationCache Prioritization Event NotificationsDeterministic Rule-Based SQL Optimizer Pattern SearchSecurity Features Binary Schema EvolutionRemote Procedure Calls ( RPCs ) Database Striping / MirroringXML Import / Export Kernel Mode DeploymentGUI-Based Performance Monitoring & API
  18. 18. Unmatched Developer Flexibility B-Tree, R-Tree, Patricia Trie, KD-Tree andC/C++, SQL, JAVA, C# APIs hash IndexesWide Range of Supported Data Types Designed To Prevent Database CorruptionCustom Collations Broad Platform SupportSource Code Available Proven SolutionUnmatched Developer Support
  19. 19. Managing Market Datawith eXtremeDB Financial Edition - Flexible data layout - Vector-based statistical function library ( boolean, add, subract, multiply, divide, compare, not, and, or, xor, conversion, weighted sum, weighted average, covariance, correlation, conditional operations, difference, concatenation, max, min, sum, product, count, average, variance, standard deviation, user-defined functions and more… ) - Handles real-time and historical data
  20. 20. ExtremeDB 4.5 FE 3G 2.5G 2G 1G
  21. 21. Performance
  22. 22. eXtremeDB 5.0 FESUNJESOFT Gliese ALTIBASE XDBORACLE TimesTen 2013, coming soon
  23. 23. WINNEReXtremeDB 4.5 FE 4Q.2012
  24. 24. Q?!AFB lee.hyeongchaehyeongchae @ G+ 6:05:05 AM / 00