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  • 1. 1 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe HEIC O
  • 2. 5 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe HEICO group of companies Th. Heimann Holding GmbH & Co. KG Heico Befestigungstechnik GmbH Heico Umformtechnik GmbH Heico International GmbH Heico France S.A.R.L. France Heico Fasteners UK, Ltd UK Heico Fasteners S.A. Spain Heico Fasteners 2 ES Czech Republic Heico Fasteners Ltd, USA Heico Fasteners China China Heico Schweiz AG, Switzerland
  • 3. 7 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe HEICO Umformtechnik HEICO France, F HEICO 2ES, CZ HEICO Fasteners S.A., E HEICO Fasteners, China HEICO Fasteners, UK HEICO Fasteners, USA HEICO Befestigungstechnik HEICO worldwide
  • 4. 11 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe Precision in detail Cold Formed Parts are manufactured in production quantities from Ø 3 to 16 and up to 100 mm long. The following products are produced:  Solid parts  Semi-tubular parts  Hollow parts  Threaded parts  Shoulder rivets  Ball studs  Metal / Plastic parts
  • 5. 20 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe Further services  packing to KLT or cardboard packaging  camera sorting Inhouse Annealing plant  stress relief annealing  recrystallisation annealing production and technology Electroplating  laundering facility  Nickel baths  Brass baths  Copper baths  Zinc baths
  • 6. 21 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe Surface treatments  Zinc flake coatings  Delta Seal / Delta Protect  Dacromet  Zinc-nickel  Zinc-iron  Phosphating  special surfaces upon request Heat treatments  annealing  carburizing  tempering  carbonitriding  inductive hardening production and technology Further treatments  camera sorting  thread coatings …together with certified…
  • 7. 22 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe  Böhme & Weihs CAQ system  CNC measuring tools  contours testing equipment  hardness testing equipment  Colorimeter  metallographical researches  project tracking tools (APQP)  Junker vibration test machines  Video measuring system (Mitutoyo)  Finite Elements simulations Quality for the most demanding applications
  • 8. 23 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe Certifications
  • 9. 25 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe References
  • 10. 27 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe HEICO-LOCK wedge lock washersHEICO-LOCK wedge lock washers
  • 11. 28 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe HEICO-LOCK wedge lock washers The HEICO-LOCK WEDGE LOCK WASHERS consists of a pair of washers with a wedge-locking action, which is a unique method that uses tension instead of friction. The key is the difference in angels. Since the cam angle is larger than the thread pitch, the pair of washers expand more than the corresponding pitch of the thread. HEICO-LOCK washers positively lock the fastener in a joint which is subjected to extreme vibration or dynamic loads.
  • 12. 30 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe HEICO-LOCK wedge lock washers • HEICO-LOCK wedge lock washers offer high quality, high value bolting system • for demanding bolted fastening applications • a proven fastening system, working at low and high preload levels • a bolt securing system providing exceptional resistance to vibration loosening and dynamic loads – safe in both dry and lubricated conditions. • Consistent reusability without loss of function and quality
  • 13. 31 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe HEICO-LOCK wedge lock washers • Ease of assembly and disassembly (already pre-assembled pair of washers) • Working with structual grade and high tensile bolts and nuts (8.8, 10.9, 12.9) • readily available in steel and stainless steel – other materials available on request • available in two versions – standard and enlarged outside diameter
  • 14. 33 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe General Bolt Theory
  • 15. 34 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe Why nuts and bolts are used Nuts and bolts have great holding power and allow rapid assembly and disassembly Relatively low torque can lead to high clamping force which can firmly hold assemblies together
  • 16. 35 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe Two Major Reasons for Failure Self loosening due to dynamic or vibrating loads  improper preloading  Resulting in… • Loss of Clamp Load • Unwanted Movement in Joint • Eventual Bolt Failure
  • 17. 36 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe Limitations of Friction Based Fasteners • Joints loosen due to dynamic or vibrating loads • Advantages of lubrication not utilized • Difficult to achieve adequate or accurate clamping force • Often time consuming to assemble (increased costs) • Possibility of damaging bolt threads • Typically non reusable
  • 18. 37 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe Advantages of using HEICO-LOCK • Maximum Safety and Security • • Resists Loosening of Vibrating and Dynamic Loads • Ease of Assembly and Disassembly • Locking Function not Lost with Lubrication • Controllable Preloads • Positive Locking at Low and High Preload Levels • No Hydrogen Embrittlement or Chromate Contamination • No Special Tool Requirements • Reusable
  • 19. 38 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe The rise of the cams α between HEICO-LOCK wedge lock washers is greater than the pitch β of the bolt. Tension and Geometry α β
  • 20. 39 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe • Cams with blocking wedge effect on inner surface of the lock washer, radial teeth on the outer surface • Gripping and seating of radial teeth in mating surfaces when tightening • Stress only appears inside the inner key faces • Washers already glued in pairs (to avoid assembly errors) Concept of HEICO-LOCK wedge lock washers key faces on inner surface radial teeth on outer surface
  • 21. 40 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe 2. Angle differnce: α > β • The rise of the cams α between HEICO-LOCK wedge lock washers is greater than the pitch β of the bolt. • The elongation of the thickness of HEICO-LOCK wedge lock washers is larger than the potential movement of the the bolt along the pitch. The lock washer prevents the bolt/nut from loosening due to vibration and the bolt/nut is locked safely in place. α β HHEICO HMaterial 1. Hardness dfference: HHEICO > HMaterial • The hardness of the Heico-Lock washer should exceed the hardness of the mating surfaces and is higher than structural grade and high tensile bolts and nuts (8.8, 10.9 an 12.9). • Radial teeth/ridges on the outside of the washer grip into and seat the mating surface in the tightening process. Concept of HEICO-LOCK wedge lock washers
  • 22. 41 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe 4. Preload difference: Fdyn > Fstat • Loosening the bolt causes the pair of HEICO-LOCK wedge lock washers to expand. The result is an increase in the clamping force. • The expansion of the pair or washers increases the pre-load and locks the fastener securely, even when subjected to extreme vibration and dynamic loads. • Large O.D. HEICO-LOCK wedge lock washers are recommended for use on large/long holes (for example with flange nuts or screws), painted surfaces or soft materials, for example aluminum. 3. Friction difference: µo > µi • The cams on the separation plane (joint face) of the individual washers of the pair show a much lower friction coefficient µi than the friction coefficient on the radial ridges on the outside of the pair of washers µo) • Any loosening through a dynamic load will always lead to movement only across the face of the cams of the washers μo μi Concept of HEICO-LOCK wedge lock washers
  • 23. 42 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe Examples of appliance of the wedge lock washers Through bolt - secure on both sides - Bolt secured - in stud hole - Stud bolt secured - without glueing - Allen head screw© secured - in sinkhole -
  • 24. 44 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe HEICO-LOCK dimensions
  • 25. 45 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe Drawing of HEICO-LOCK wedge lock washer (HEICO-LOCK HLS-… , standard)  3D-files also available upon request
  • 26. 46 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe Drawing of HEICO-LOCK wedge lock washer (HEICO-LOCK HLB-… , large O.D. )  3D-files also available upon request
  • 27. 48 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe The Junker Vibration Test The Junker jarring test principle The Junker vibration test meeting DIN 65151 is an excellent method for testing and comparing the security of bolted joints. In a Junker test the bolted joint is subjected to transverse movements while the tension is being continuously measured by a load cell.
  • 28. 49 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe • Tighten the bolted joint at 50 % of recommended preload • Use light lubricant with a viscosity similar to SAE 30 • Run vibration test until either total loss of preload or stop after 2,000 cycles • Measure and collect preload, axial movement and vibration cycles • Determine function of wedge lock washer either by total loss of preload under 2,000 cycles or measure and establish the percentage of loss of preload after 2,000 cycles • Durability of the bolted joint is sufficient if 80 % of initial preload is retained DIN 25201-4: 2010-03 Test Procedures
  • 29. 50 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe Junker Vibration Test • Illustration at full pre-load (18 kN) • Every washer was tested four times in succession • HEICO-LOCK HLS-8  red line • HEICO-LOCK HLB-8  blue line • The results are continuous Junker Vibration Test (Hamburg, 2010-03-04)  HEICO-LOCK M8 (narrow & broad)  blue line = HEICO-LOCK HLB-8 (M8 ; large O.D.) red line = HEICO-LOCK HLS-8 (M8 ; small)
  • 30. 51 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe Junker Vibration Test • Each washer was tested for ≥ 2.000 cycles  HEICO-LOCK HLS-8 • The results are continuous  the recoverability is proven • The official test report from the university of applied sciences Cologne is available Junker Vibration Test (Cologne, 2010-04-19)  HEICO-LOCK M8 (narrow)  Test bench of university of applied sciences Cologne
  • 31. 55 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe HEICO-LOCK wedge lock washers product list …additional sizes as well as other alloys are available upon request.
  • 32. 57 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe Processing machinery Automotive Railway Application examples for wedge lock washers
  • 33. 58 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe Wind power  Agriculture & Forestry Miscellaneous applications Application examples for wedge lock washers
  • 34. 59 © 2012 HEICO Unternehmensgruppe HEIC O