Grocery shopping


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Simple solutions for improving your health by changing your grocery shopping habits.

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Grocery shopping

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  2. 2. Suggestions for Grocery Shopping Here are some useful suggestions for grocery shopping. The following guidelines will help you make sure that shopping for groceries supports a healthy and nutritious meal plan. “Knowledge in power”. Learn from the professional. 1. Don’t go to the store when you are hungry. 2. Only Shop the perimeter of the store. 3. Stick to a shopping schedule. 4. Pick a day each week to go shop. 5. Buy fresh, frozen, and canned foods. 6. Buy a variety of fruits and vegetables 7. Be cautious not to over indulge at the large discount grocery stores (i.e., Costco/Sam’s Club).
  3. 3. Fruits & Vegetables Purchase a variety of different in season fruits. Do not buy a lot of food Go shopping MORE OFTEN, and purchase smaller portions.Examples 1 bag chopped lettuce 4 apples 1 bag small carrots 2 pears 1 bag frozen broccoli 3 bananas 1 bag greens beans 1 Bag of grapes 2 cans vegetable soup 1 Bag of frozen blueberries 3 tomatoes 2 cans mandarin. Oranges 1 onion 4 Cans of Izzie or juice
  4. 4. Meats and Proteins Remember this: "If it is round or loin, then it is lean.” Choose a variety of protein sources Don’t limit yourself by choosing only one or two foods.Examples  1.25 lbs of deli meat (turkey, chicken, roast beef, ham)  1 carton of eggs, eggbeaters  1 container of 1% cottage cheese  1 lb of chicken or turkey  2 cans of beans
  5. 5. Carbohydrates A healthy carbohydrate is one thatisslowly converted into blood sugar, glucose and is associated with a low glycemic index rating. High levels of fiber and protein help slow down this conversion. Offering a slow and steady level of glucose in the blood stream. Resulting is less stress of vital organs that help sustain physiological homeostasis (balanced state). When looking at a food label, look for foods that have 3 grams of fiber, or more per serving, and have very little to no sugar added. Fruit and milk sugar are "Appropriate” food choices, and certainly help with developing successful long term benefits to health and fitness.
Examples  1 box of High fiber cereal  1 loaf of high fiber bread  1 package of small whole wheat tortillas  1 package of High fiber crackers (AK-man, kavli, mailba toast
  6. 6. Milk products Look for dairy products that are:  Lower in fat not necessarily NON FAT.  Non fat diets will cause negative LONG TERM and sometimes SEVERE health consequences.  Simply put, every cell in your body consists of a lipid bilayer, that is made from fat. This that is fundamental to the integrity and health of the cell, furthermore, over all health of the person.  Example: not fat diets = bad skin, hair and nails  Consume little to no added sugar.Examples  1 Gallon of skim milk  5 fat free yogurts (cascade fresh)
  7. 7. Fats Fat is very high in calories and needs to be limited HOWEVER:  GOOD FATS (monounsaturated) ARE ESSENTIAL TO GREAT HEALTH!!! Saturated and trans fats need to be limited. Monounsaturated fat is HEALTHY and should be the main ingredient in your fat products, such as salad dressing.Examples  1 bottle of Light dressing, possible vinagrette
1 container of no trans fats margarine spread
1 bottle of canola or olive oil
1 can Pam spray
  8. 8. OtherOptions That Can Be Added To Meals* Bullion* Pickles* Hot sauce* Mustard* Canned peppers* Flavored teas* Flavored water* Splenda* Low sodium V8
* Garlic* Herbs* Lemon/lime* Sugar free J-E-L-L-O
  9. 9. Contact Information These tips courtesy of Heather Cherry, 10 Years working experience in private counseling. Please share this information with those you care about. This business was created to offer solutions for improving your health, longevity and quality of life. “To a life well lived” For more info contact my wife Heather at (303) 514-9894 or by email: