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LBGF Business Plan - October 2013

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LBGF Business Plan

  1. 1. “Our children are the rock on which our future will be built, our greatest asset as a nation. They will be the leaders of our country, the creators of our national wealth, those who care for and protect our people.” Nelson Mandela ©Copyright 2013 Lee Bromley Golf. All Rights Reserved. Design and Development by Lee Bromley
  2. 2. Enriching the Lives of Disadvantaged Children through Golf! Table of Contents 1. Introduction to LBGF 2. Executive Summary 3. Mission Statement 4. Objectives of LBGF 5. Keys to Success 6. Situation Analysis 7. LBGF Project and Marketing 7.1. Organisation Summary 7.2. Marketing Strategy 7.3. Marketing Objectives 8. Management Structure 8.1. Head Office 8.2. Project Management 8.3. Coach and Mentor Development 9. Expansion Plan 10. Coaching and Long Term Athlete Development Model 11. Monitoring and Evaluation Plan 12. Sustainability Plan 13. Corporate Development Process 14. Awareness Campaign and Marketing Plan 15. Financial Stability 16. 2013/ 2014 Budget
  3. 3. Enriching the Lives of Disadvantaged Children through Golf! 1. Introduction to LBGF LEE BROMLEY GOLF FOUNDATION Enriching the Lives of Disadvantaged Children through Golf! Organisation Name: Lee Bromley Golf Foundation Acronym: LBGF Contact Address: P.O.Box 930, Howick, 3290, South Africa Telephone: +27 (0) 72 249 2733 Email: Website: LBGF Projects: Howick GC Project Midlands GC Project Spumelele Project Mevana Project Directors: Mr Lee Bromley Mr Mlondi Mlotshwa Mrs Lee-Anne Bromley Facebook Page: Lee Bromley Golf Foundation Twitter: @leebromleygolf Linked In: Lee Bromley You Tube Video Links: gY0KvsWdxMFop4iKCHw
  4. 4. Enriching the Lives of Disadvantaged Children through Golf! 2. Executive Summary The Lee Bromley Golf Foundation (LBGF) is a “Grass Roots” initiative and “First Touch” program that introduces golf to disadvantaged children from deprived areas, with the purpose of providing them an opportunity to build character and learn important life skills, such as; • Integrity • Self-respect • Courtesy • Sportsmanship • Confidence • Perseverance • Patience • Social Integration LBGF, registered as a non-profit company, is the vision of Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Lee Bromley, a professional golfer since 1994. Bromley entered into an agreement with Howick Golf Club, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, in July 2013 as the Head Professional Golfer, to offer professional golf services and develop golf. Upon commencement, Bromley was astounded by the number of children living in poor conditions in the informal settlement, Shiyabazali, which borders the golf course. After a meeting with the uMngeni Mayor, the hounorable, Cllr Mbali Myeni, Bromley visited the settlement and presented an opportunity to the headman for the children to learn golf at Howick Golf Club. After a few coaching sessions, Bromley realised that the children were learning more than just golf. A vision for using golf as a tool to provide the children with the ability to better themselves and learn important life skills was created. The Howick Golf Club Project soon proved very successful and LBGF soon realised that the model created can, and should be implemented across KwaZulu-Natal and beyond. LBGF is a youth development organisation that uses the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, with age appropriate skills activities to assist in the development stages that all individuals go through, whether they are physical, emotional or social. More than a golf learning centre, LBGF provides a positive impact on children, their families and their communities through the great game of golf. It provides the perfect framework for optimal growth, development and maturation through golf. y child is entitled to the opportunity to become the best they can be in their chosen career is our social responsibility to ensure that they are provided with the tools and knowledge to make their own informed choices. Lee Bromley, Founder of the Lee Bromley Golf Foundation (2013)
  5. 5. Enriching the Lives of Disadvantaged Children through Golf! 3. Mission Statement 4. Objectives of LBGF LBGF’s main objective is to enrich the lives of disadvantaged children through golf. To enrol 2500 (two thousand five hundred) children in the first year of operations, with the launch of projects throughout KwaZulu-Natal. Ensure the coaching philosophy and structured levels of progression are consistently managed and implemented at all LBGF Projects. Create national and international awareness of the LBGF Projects and the coaching model. Implement a corporate development process to align with business partners that share the same vision and looking to invest in their Corporate Social Investment. Raise enough funding to cover Project’s activities and strategic plan. The primary financial objective is to ensure LBGF can break even, maximise cash flow and reduce financial risk. Training coaches, mentors and assistants for each individual project. Ensure each LBGF Project has a LBGF certified coach, mentor and assistant. Integrate non-athletic components into LBGF Projects, such as educational assistance, counselling, medical evaluation and community service. Engage with Local, Provincial and National Government to identify new project areas, assistance in creating awareness and the development of corporate alliances, enabling LBGF to achieve enrolment targets. All LBGF children will become members of a golf club and affiliated to the South Africa Golf Association, with official handicaps, by 31 August 2014. Produce Provincial golfers by the end of the 3rd (third) year of operation. Implement a state of the art training academy by the end of the 3rd (third) year of operation. Develop and implement the LBGF specific, Long Term Athlete Development Model in the first year of operation.
  6. 6. Enriching the Lives of Disadvantaged Children through Golf! 5. Keys to Success Expand into new areas within KwaZulu-Natal to provide access to all disadvantaged children in the province through the implementation of the LBGF strategic plan. Secure the support of Local, Provincial and National Government and National and International Golf Bodies. Continue to develop the corporate alliance base and fundraising efforts to ensure financial stability of the foundation. Ensure coaching philosophy and methodology is consistently administered in all LBGF Projects. Implementation of a sound coaching accreditation program. Procurement of state of the art coaching and training equipment, technology and applications. Utilise the school system to enrol children into the foundation and compliment current schools sports curriculums. Creation of partnerships with reputable tertiary education institutions and the set up of scholarships for LBGF children with elite skills level in academics and/or sport. 6. Situation Analysis The need for youth golf programs is validated and magnified by information that attributes long-term value to children in these programs. Numerous studies document the direct value of children participating in sports. These studies demonstrate that involvement in development programs, such as LBGF, results in reducing the potential to become involved in drugs, sex, crime and gang-related behaviours. Furthermore, it gives children the grounding to build character and learn important life skills. The economic, social and personal value of investing in the lives of children produces a positive impact on the communities and country. LBGF provides opportunity that serves as a personal reference for children throughout their lives. LBGF wants to empower the children to grow up to be successful citizens and leaders in their community. Offering hope and opportunity for a better future is what drives us.
  7. 7. Enriching the Lives of Disadvantaged Children through Golf! 7. LBGF Project and Marketing Plan 7.1. Organisation Summary LBGF is a non-profit, youth development program serving children aged 5 – 17, in the KwaZulu-Natal Province of South Africa. The focus of the program is to promote healthy development in children, by providing them with the opportunity to build character and learn important life skills through golf. LBGF is currently based at Howick Golf Club in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, South Africa where the pilot project and coaching model was created and implemented. LBGF has successfully implemented the coaching model in 4 (four) projects; LBGF Howick GC Project LBGF Midlands GC Project LBGF Spumelele Project LBGF Mevana Project 7.2. Marketing Strategy LBGF strives to be the premier “Grass Roots” initiative and “First Touch” program for children in South Africa. The marketing strategy serves to successfully communicate the unique value LBGF offers children and corporate partners. This strategy reflects the focus of the benefits to, not only the children, but the communities in which these children live. The marketing strategy will continue to identify the needs of the market and communicate with this audience in the most effective and positive manner. Continuous efforts will be made to understand how LBGF can maintain the quality and integrity of our program within the financial resources provided by the community of donors and supporters. The LBGF “Brand” will become globally synonymous with youth development and enriching the lives of future generations. The growth strategy is based on continued attention to the quality of the experiences and opportunities for the children, in conjunction with identifying opportunities to expand the participation of programs through KwaZulu-Natal and beyond.
  8. 8. Enriching the Lives of Disadvantaged Children through Golf! 7.3. Marketing Objectives The objective is to enrich the lives of as many disadvantaged children as possible in a positive and supportive manner. A positive, constructive and meaningful manner is the sought-after result of the LBGF experience. This experience will assist children to better understand the necessary skills that life demands and empower them to realise the choices and attached commitment, available to them. LBGF marketing objectives serve common purposes; Enrich the lives of 2500 (two thousand five hundred) children in KwaZulu-Natal by 31 August 2014 and enable their parent/guardian to appreciate the value of the LBGF experience for their child. Create awareness for LBGF on a national and international platform, allowing corporate partners to enjoy numerous and unique benefits for their corporate social investment. Fund raising efforts to acquire the financial resources to meet the objectives and ensure expansion of the projects reach. Create strategic alliances within Government to provide the appropriate platform to ensure LBGF becomes the premier and preferred youth development organisation. Promote the coach training accreditation program and attract individuals to become coaches, mentors and assistants at one of the LBGF projects. Education of all sectors of the community and promote LBGF’s strategy pyramid. Opportunity to excel A broad variety of experiences in sports & Life to Self Develop, Build Character and learn important Life Skills A wholesome, positive, safe and valueorientated atmosphere where children learn LBGF core values Equal opportunity to participate, regardless of skill level
  9. 9. Enriching the Lives of Disadvantaged Children through Golf! 8. Management Structure LBGF is administered and co-ordinated from the Head Office by Chief Executive Officer, Mr Lee Bromley with the support of a small dedicated team. Each project will be responsible for the implementation and management of the LBGF operations model and must meet clearly defined time-based targets. 8.1. Head Office The Board of Directors is currently made up of 3 (three) Directors: Mr Lee John Bromley Mr Mlondi Mlotshwa Mrs Lee-Anne Bromley Upon securing a “Presenting / Title Corporate Partner”, the corporate involved will be invited to have a representative on the Board of Directors. Furthermore, a Government Representative will be invited to also sit on the Board of Directors, ensuring all concerned parties interests are represented and the appropriate governance of LBGF. In order to create and maintain transparency and legitimacy in the operations of LBGF, various consultants / affiliates will be appointed to take care of important aspects of the foundation. LBGF will outsource the following; LBGF Head Office Hierachy Board of Directors Chief Executive Officer Administrator / Personal Assistant Fundraiser & Marketing Manager Book Keeper
  10. 10. Enriching the Lives of Disadvantaged Children through Golf! 8.2. Project Management While all the projects will be co-ordinated from Head Office, each project will implement the LBGF coaching curriculum independently, according to the progress of the children, but with time-based targets. Each project will have the following minimum structure; Head Coach Level 3 Coach Minimum Mentor & Assistant Coach Level 1 Coach Assistant Coach Level 1 Coach Apprentice The Head Coach of each project is responsible for the operations of the project and will be required to report weekly to Head Office. The Head Coach will be supported by a Mentor and Assistant Coach, who in turn will be responsible for training an apprentice, who is either a volunteer or an aspiring coach. The Head Coach will be accredited as a Level 3 LBGF Coach, being an individual who has completed the first 3 levels of LBGF coaching curriculum. The Mentor will be accredited to Level 1 LBGF coaching and will have the added responsibility of the welfare of the children both at home and at school. The mentor will have to submit individual reports for each child in the project on a monthly basis. The assistant coach will be an accredited Level 1 LBGF coach and will assist the Head Coach with sessions and the LBGF coaching curriculum. The assistant coach will also act as a translator for effective communication between the Head Coach and the children.
  11. 11. Enriching the Lives of Disadvantaged Children through Golf! 8.3. Coach and Mentor Development All project employees will be required to complete the LBGF Coaching and Mentoring Accreditation Process. Each coaching level is based on the progressive levels that children will reach as they benefit from the LBGF experience. Each level is more advanced and requires coaches to evolve with the children in their project. The curriculum in each level, not only covers the golf coaching aspect, but also requires the coach to be just as competent in the life aspect, including the emotional and mental stage a child may be experiencing. LBGF expects the coaches to consistently deliver LBGF’s coaching philosophy and, as the children are expected to grasp the opportunity to be the best they can be, LBGF expects coaches to also want to progress through all the levels of coaching accreditation to become the best coach they can be. From the volunteer or apprentice stage, an individual should share the vision of LBGF and want to progress through all the levels and want to manage their own project. Thereafter, the individual is expected to want to progress with the children in their project and become an Elite Coach to take the children to the highest possible level of golf and life skills growth.
  12. 12. Enriching the Lives of Disadvantaged Children through Golf! • All Children are entitled to the opportunity to become the best they can be in their chosen career. It is our social responsibility to ensure that they are provided with the tools and knowledge to make their own informed choices. Lee Bromley, Founder LBGF (2013) 9. Expansion Plan LBGF’s vision has no boundaries and plans to launch as many projects as resources will allow. The current expansion is based on the ability to recruit and accredit as many coaches, mentors and assistants, as possible, in the shortest period of time. This will provide LBGF with a workable implementation and expansion model. Each LBGF Project will be launched under the guidance and direct instruction of the Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Mr Lee Bromley. Initially, a project will conduct sessions once a week with all children being coached in the “Active Start” level and potential coaches will be given practical training before completing the accreditation process. LBGF plans to expand throughout KwaZulu-Natal with the launch of twenty five new projects in the first year of operation, ending 31 August 2014. The simple process in Project Identification will ensure LBGF reaches this target;
  13. 13. Enriching the Lives of Disadvantaged Children through Golf! LBGF has designed a simple but effective expansion process; Launch Project with Day and Time set for sessions Conduct Demo at School or in Community to recruit Children Presentation to School Principal or Community Head. Set Date and Time for Demo Identification of Disadvantaged Schools and Communities Meeting with Municipality and Local Government Youth Development Officials 1. LBGF will engage with Municipalities and Local Government Youth Development Officials to present the LBGF model and obtain the endorsement of the Municipality to set up a LBGF Project. 2. Disadvantaged schools and communities will be identified and a meeting with the school principal or community head will be set up. 3. A presentation of LBGF to the school principal and/or community head. A date and time will be confirmed for the demonstration of LBGF to the disadvantaged children, to attract them to participate in the project. 4. A demonstration is held at the school or in the community. 5. Registration for the LBGF Project is completed and a launch date and schedule is set for the local LBGF Project. Given the number of municipalities in the KwaZulu-Natal Province, LBGF expects to cover the 12 district municipal areas within a 5 (five) year period, dependent on LBGF’s resources and fund raising efforts. In order to achieve this, LBGF has to ensure that each step in the process is continuously maintained in conjunction with the Coach Development Program.