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Israeli New Media Innovation - IBC 2011
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Israeli New Media Innovation - IBC 2011


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In an ever changing media world, innovation and creativity are needed to keep up with demand. …

In an ever changing media world, innovation and creativity are needed to keep up with demand.
Israeli new media companies encompass in their technological solutions both innovations and creativity alongside cutting edge and breakthrough technology.
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  • So the first kind of export that came out from israel – or then the jewish community – was oranges in 1895. and they were exported through Jaffa port out to the world. We have come a long way since then
  • - Gross domestic product -GDPIt is often considered an indicator of a country's standard of living As you see from this chart israel economy is growing stronger as you can see with the data in realtion to the GDP, the rise in exports and the decline in unemployment.
  • The % of high tech exports of the total export of israel is about 50%
  • WEF – world economic forum report for 2010-2011 The black line presents graph as an ideal innovation driven economy should be presented on it with the relevant marks in the paramteters as were decided by the WEF. As you will see there is a high corralation between this ideal graph and the one that represents israel marks on the same parameters.
  • Culture – reseliance, hutzpa, role models, the ability to fall down and get up, israel intself is a new-=old start up Q1 of 2011 -140 companies raised 4780 million dollars from Non conformist
  • The media world today is facing a very dynamic, challenging and demanding reality – the golden age of the empowered consumer. The consumer today expects to get his media, whatever format it is, at any given moment, at any place he chooses, on whatever device he has available and of course to be able to share the experience. Here are some insights that can give us some idea to the trends and changes that the media world is experiencing. In order to face these challenges the media companies have to be one step ahead and be guided by creativity and innovation to keep ahead of the game.
  • At the IEICI we have put under the definition of new media 4 sectors: Broadcasting technologies, Internet, Gaming and entertainment technology which refers to the electronics industry targeted and serving the entertainment industry What is important to note is that these sectors of course intertwine between themselves – internet companies who have offering to the broadcasting industry or entertainment technologies which enable new user experience in gaming. Moreover – in todays evolving media world – every media player is interested in a whole range of solutions – and not only limited to his core offering.
  • The new media industry is a challenging sector to estimate its export – in an age where the business model does not go through any port and most of the time nothing physical is exchanged – it demands a new perspective on the word export and how to measure it. From an estimate we did a few years ago we reached the modest number of 2 B US$ - we believe this nu,ber has increased and we are conducting at this time a specially ordered survey in order to reach an exact numver. 25 new internet companies have been established from the beginning of 2011
  • Internet has redefined our lives. Internet is a small word which holds in it an entire universe – both in the technologies offered and the targeted markets for it. The internet - which is the heart of the new media industry – both in numbers and in spirit. More than anything the new media sector in israel is one of enterpernuiship And the internet is a realm where ideas can be brought to life quite quickly and their uniqueness is crucial in order to stand out There isn’t a corner of the internet where you can’t find israeli companies and moreover leading it.
  • Israel has leading world players in regards to broadcasting technologies – with names such as Harmonic, NDS or Pilat media which are world wide leaders in their own fields. Specifically israel has been dominnent in presenting solutions to the cable and IPTV industries. Today Israel is also presenting innovative solutions in personal and interactive tv Including solutions for content discovery and social tv viewing.
  • The Gaming world is a dynamic sphere of its own – and new players are getting involved in it understanding its potential. In this area as with the previous ones israel offers innvoative platforms on the cutting edge of the current trends such as socail gaming, taking mobile gaming to the next level or making the most of the motion detection technology. Israel also offers technology platforms and services in the area of advertising or monetization of gaming platforms.
  • When we say entertainment technology we are referring to the companies in the fabless semiconductor business who enable new interface platforms or advanced home netwroking solutuions. In addition there are also companies offering new add ons and remotes which offer a new entertainment experience.
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    • 1.  
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    • 3. Israel – ‘The little state that could’
      • Israel is Second only to China in Listed Companies in Nasdaq (Among NASDAQ International Companies)
      • in the world for venture capital funds right after the US
      • in No. of High-Tech Startups after the U.S.
      • in terms of the number of patents granted by the US Patent Office for 2010 (after US)
      #2 #1 #9
    • 4. Israel – Macro Economic indicators Source : EIU, CBS, Bank of Israel 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 Criteria 218 195 202 168 146 134 GDP (B$ -at current market prices) 4.6% 0.8% 4.2% 5.4% 5.7% 5.1% GDP Real Growth rate (%) 29,404 27,930 27,960 26,730 25,080 23,390 GDP per Capita (PPP, $) 80.5 67.7 81.1 71.3 62.5 57.2 Exports of Goods & Services (B$) 76 62.9 84.0 73.5 61.7 57.6 Imports of Goods & Services (B$) 6.6% 7.5% 6.1% 7.3% 8.4% 9.0% Unemployment Rate (%) 2.7% 3.9% 3.8% 3.4% -0.1% 2.4% Inflation Rate (Year End) 3.1%* 3.9% 0.8% 2.9% 5.1% 3.1% Current Account balance (% of GDP)
    • 5. Source: CBS & IEICI Calculations’ Total High-tech Export of 2010: 29 B$ Israel Hi-Tech Export
    • 6. Israel’s R&D Investments a s % of GDP (2008) Source: Ministry of Finance Israel is ranked 1 st of all OECD countries by expenditure on R&D (research & development)
    • 7. #6 in the world in innovation WEF report 2010-2011
    • 8. ` R&D and manufacturing centers* * Partial List
    • 9. ‘ Start Up’ Nation
      • Transfer of knowledge Military/Academy to industry
      • Networking
      • A Culture that promotes entrepreneurship
      • Early adaptor market – Israel is a ‘Beta site’
      • Government support of R&D
      • Robust VC sector
    • 10. Breakthrough Solutions & Aquasitions Disk on Key invented by M-Systems World leader in DRM and CA Systems for TV Introduced Toolbars as a monetization platform AOL acquired ICQ Facebook aquired Snaptu Motorola aquired Bitband Technologies DG acquired Mediamind (2011)
    • 11.
      • The ‘Golden age’ of the empowered consumer – What, When, Where, How and with Whom
      • Report insights:
        • By 2015 –
          • VOD spending to reach 4.7 B US$ (2.9 B US$ in 2010)
          • Internet Spending to reach 408 B US$ (8.6% compound annual increase)
        • Internet advertising will overtake newspaper advertising in 2012
        • Online and wireless video games will overtake console/handheld games in 2013
      The Global Media Market (PWC Media outlook) Source : PWC Global entertainment and media outlook: 2011-2015
    • 12. New Media Industry Gaming Broadcasting Technologies Entertainment Technology (CE) Internet
    • 13. New Media Industry - overview
      • Export estimate at 2 B US$ (2008)
      • Over 1000 companies
      • Most (~500) are Seed and R&D
      • 90% are Internet companies
      • Leading target markets – US, Europe & Far East
    • 14. Internet
        • Applications & Services
        • E-Commerce & Marketing
        • Online Advertising
        • Entertainment & Video
        • Search
        • Social Networks
    • 15. Broadcasting Technologies
        • Digital & Cable TV,OTT, IPTV, Satellite
        • Content Creation & Management
        • Content Delivery
        • Personal & Interactive TV
        • STB & DVR
    • 16. Gaming
      • Gaming Platforms
      • Social Gaming
      • Mobile Gaming
      • Advertising
      • Publishers
    • 17. Entertainment Technology (CE)
      • Fabless Semiconductor
      • New interface remotes
      • Home entertainment
    • 18. IBC 2011 – Israeli Companies
    • 19. Content Management & Distribution
    • 20. Cable & Digital TV, IPTV
    • 21. Online & OTT Video
    • 22. Service Delivery/ Management Platform
    • 23. Satellite Communications
    • 24. Broadband Wireless Solutions
    • 25.
      • Founded in 1958
      • Non-profit organization
      • JV between Government and Industry
      • 27 sectors of Industry in Israel
      • High-tech department - Telecom, IT and New Media
      • Mission - Promoting International Cooperation and Export
      IEICI – Overview
    • 26. Thank you!