Benefits Administration Support


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Benefits Administration Support

  1. 1. A better roadto managing youremployee benefits EMPLOYER SUPPORT
  2. 2. Need better control of yourbenefit costs, risks and execution?The road to managing employee benefits is often filled with hazards, preventing youfrom effectively achieving the results you desire. Consider the following factors: Costs continue to rise for both employer and employee Risk increases with every new government compliance requirement Administrating benefits is time consuming and often managed by a reduced staff The complexity and rate of change within the benefits industry is difficult to navigateWhat if you could gain back time and We help you achieve greater resultscontrol of your benefit plan? through our comprehensive services.We are dedicated to helping clients control costs, Corporate Synergies’ proprietary systems andmitigate risk and reduce the administrative burden of in-house experts handle the business of your benefits.managing employee benefits. Through more detailed We put your plan into action, manage administrativeinformation regarding your benefit plan, we provide the details and help you meet compliance obligations.control you need to impact your costs and risks. Employer Contribution Employee Contribution $8,003 $15,745 $11,429 97 % $5,866 $4,316 $2,137 Source: Kaiser/HRET Survey of 2002 2012 Employer-Sponsored Health Benefits, 2002-2012
  3. 3. Day-in and day-out,we handle the detailsof your benefits plan.General Compliance and Risk MitigationWe identify areas of immediate risk and apply strategies to bringyour plans into compliance. Optional services can include plandocument review and preparation.Data Connectivity, Benefits AdministrationOur proprietary benefits administration technology connects youwith your vendors and participants and manages tasks such as openenrollment and life events. Our in-house BenefitsVIP advocacy ®center provides personal one-on-one inquiry and claims resolution.Annual and Long-Term Cost ControlOur experts use your data to develop a deeper understanding ofyour participants and plans, leading to annual and long-rangestrategies to control benefit costs, for you and your participants.“ Open enrollment can be a stressful and challenging time. However, your expert “ You have a wide and experienced perspective of the carrier world. With Corporate Synergies, ” ” guidance, detailed planning and thoughtful I always learn something new or see a execution raises the bar for other brokers. different perspective. Benefits Manager, Museum Benefits Manager, Technology Company
  4. 4. Yes, there is a better way to manageemployee benefits.An efficient benefits strategy should run in the background, not sidetrack yourresources with demands and detours. Our Employer Support services include*:Reducing Your Compliance Risk Controlling Your Benefit Costs New client plan assessment Claims analysis Healthcare Reform support Funding strategies COBRA, HIPAA process analysis Aggressive vendor negotiation IRS Form 5500 preparation Wellness and disease management On-going legislative and regulatory updates Renewal optimization and moreSupporting Day-To-Day Management Thought Leadership BenefitsVIP personal advocacy Market intelligence Benefits administration technology Continuing education Open enrollment support Quarterly business reviews Employee communications and surveys Long-range strategic planning Reporting and data carrier feeds Accredited webinars, seminars and forums* Corporate Synergies offers increasing levels of Employer Support services. These levels include both standard and optional services to help design the appropriate plan for your organization.“ Your new client assessment opened our eyes to the compliance landmines we were facing. To learn more call Corporate Synergies today ” Thanks for putting us back on the right track and for your continued support. at 877.426.7779 or visit Benefits Director, Healthcare Provider
  5. 5. Corporate Synergies takes aunique approach to employeebenefits. We rely on a deeper 77 %understanding of the industry,employers and participants toprovide insightful consultation andsupport for your plan strategy,design and execution. We call thisapproach Synergies360 . SM Year after year, Corporate Synergies protects us from unreasonable premium rate increases, which alleviates the stress of renewal. HR Manager, Healthcare Media Company
  6. 6. www.corpsyn.comHeadquarters: Mt. Laurel, New Jersey | New York, New York | Melville, New York | Wayne, Pennsylvania | Bethesda, Maryland | Orlando, Florida