Tweetcamp II - Twitter Bootcamp

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The slides to accompany Tweetcamp II, a bootcamp conducted via Webcast and Twitter (#tweetcamp2) offering training in how to use Twitter, particularly in health care.

The slides to accompany Tweetcamp II, a bootcamp conducted via Webcast and Twitter (#tweetcamp2) offering training in how to use Twitter, particularly in health care.

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  • 1. Twitter 151: Tweetcamp II Lee Aase Manager Syndication and Social Media Mayo Clinic
  • 2. Why?
  • 3. Why Social Media? #1 Preference among U.S. adults for diagnosis and treatment of serious medical conditions: Mayo Clinic #1 info source influencing preference: Recommendation from a friend, MD Social media = WOM in 21st Century Social media ascending on media landscape
  • 4. Why Twitter? Why Tweetcamp? Innovation in Mayo’s DNA for > 100 years Medical Record, Cortisone, Joint Replacements Heart-Lung Bypass, CT Scanner, MRI Sharing, Learning from Others also in Mayo DNA Dr. Will and Dr. Charlie via Train, Boat Twitter, social media are powerful tools for much faster, broader exchanges
  • 5. Today’s Goals You will better understand social media, particularly Twitter You will see, share applications for your work For Mayo Clinic participants: You will work with our social media team and Center for Innovation to identify additional potential use cases and pilots
  • 6. Tweetcamp = Twitter Bootcamp In one hour, covering all this and more Twitter 101: Intro to Twitter Twitter 102: Creating an Account Twitter 103: Following and Being Followed Twitter 104: 4 Steps to Building Your Network Twitter 105: Tweeting by Text Message Twitter 106: Tweetdeck vs. Twhirl Twitter 107: Twitter Clients for iPhone Accelerated learning but no shortcuts Google Lee Aase for full curriculum
  • 7. Twitter vs. Facebook Facebook is primarily for strengthening existing connections (or re-establishing former ones.) For your friends. Twitter enables you to connect with people who have common interests. For the friends you don’t know yet.
  • 8. Twitter vs. Blogs Twitter is a micro-blogging platform. Limited length reduces writer’s/artist’s block Blogs provide opportunity for more thoughtful reflection and development Tweeting = great way to take notes on a live event Blog = platform for review/synthesis Twitter = great for spreading word about posts
  • 9. Assignments for Virtual, Non-Mayo Participants Introduce yourself with a tweet that includes your employer name, your city and the hashtag #tweetcamp2 Alternate: room/tweetcamp2 Continue to tweet any questions or comments using the same hashtag
  • 10. 5 Reasons Twitter is Better than Email “Brevity is the soul of wit” - and of Twitter No expectation to read and respond to everything Conversations open and discoverable Direct messages can reach recipients with priority Blocking or unfollowing punishes abuses
  • 11. More Reasons to Care Twitter traffic grew 33 percent in 1 month Whether Twitter remains the “hot” platform or not, this type of communication tool will grow in importance Ed Bennett’s list had 132 hospitals with Twitter accounts 4/15/09, and keeping up with growth is hard http:/ /
  • 12. Case Studies and Use Cases
  • 13. Case Study #1: Listening
  • 14. Ensuing Conversation
  • 15. Case Study #2: Tweetup in Baltimore Me: Are you based in Baltimore? Me: I’m going to be there Tuesday for this conference. ( on a panel RU available late pm? Me: I’m flying out Tues at 6:45 p.m. Any avail in the later afternoon? I think my panel is done about 2:30
  • 16. Case Study #3: Contributing to Virality Alerted to interesting video of older couple playing piano in Gonda atrium. Embedded in Sharing Mayo Clinic, posted to Mayo Clinic Facebook page, and Tweeted 1,005 views in six months up to 4/8/09.
  • 17. The next day...
  • 18. Six Days Later...
  • 19. 8 p.m. CDT on 4/22/09
  • 20. The story continues...
  • 21. Twitter Hashtags Enable easy gathering, especially around an event, such as: #journchat #hcsm #mhsfellows #LeeAaseIsReallyWonderful - unused to date Follow in - try searching for #tweetcamp2 now! Or log into room on Create a hashtag simply by using it in a tweet
  • 22. Use Case/Pilot #1: Tweetcamp II (#tweetcamp2) Promoted exclusively externally through Twitter, blogs, Facebook - starting Monday, 4/20 Webcast added yesterday Webcast registrations: 47 as of 5 a.m. 4/23 65 as of 11 a.m. 4/23 We’re living the pilot right now
  • 23. Use Case/Pilot #2: #healthedreform Mayo Clinic National Symposium on Medical and Health Care Education Reform April 27-28, with Web cast Several Mayo staff live-tweeting and encouraging others to watch and tweet Potential to broaden event awareness and participation
  • 24. Use Case/Pilot #3: Communicating Research #a1cflex - Dr. Victor Montori discussing diabetes paper at 5 p.m. CDT on Monday, April 27 - http:/ / Goal: Live, focused discussion of research findings in Annals of Internal Medicine, to help engage interested community and disseminate findings
  • 25. Using Twitter with Yammer Yammer = Twitter for Enterprise Adding #yam tag to Tweets can import to Yammer See Yammer curriculum for more background: One tweet to share externally and internally
  • 26. Yammering via Twitter Less than a minute later, on Yammer:
  • 27. The Twitter API A toolkit other programmers can use to create useful services based on Twitter Examples include: for sharing photos Phone applications (e.g. Twitterific, Twittelator, Tweetie, Twitterberry) and Desktop clients (e.g. Tweetdeck, Twhirl) to schedule tweets Hundreds of others (tweet your favorites and their functions w/#tweetcamp2 hashtag, please!)
  • 28. Twitter Etiquette Generally follow your followers Following not = endorsement Auto d to new followers = Not Cool “Protecting” updates also = Not Cool Replying (@) = Cool Re-Tweet (RT) to credit sources, help followers find interesting tweeters also = Cool Don’t conceal work affiliation
  • 29. Evolving “Follow” Policy At first @mayoclinic didn’t follow anyone Then started following other medical providers But only people we follow can send direct messages, so we began adding “non-salesy” tweeters New approach: Follow followers who show they want to be followed by sending a tweet saying: “@mayoclinic please follow”
  • 30. @mayoclinic Profile
  • 31. Sample Twitter Bio
  • 32. How I Monitor and Respond in Twitter Two accounts: @leeaase and @mayoclinic Use Tweetdeck as @leeaase, with panes for All Friends “Top Tweeps” Replies Directs Search (“Mayo Clinic” or mayoclinic) Twhirl as @mayoclinic
  • 33. My Twitter Priorities Following 1,000+ in two accounts = Fire Hose Particular emphasis on Replies, Directs and tweets mentioning Mayo Clinic Scan “All Friends” as able, but no guilt trip As tweeps say interesting things or interact, add to “Top Tweeps”
  • 34. Finding “Tweeps” Search for terms that interest you on See who is saying interesting things Follow them Try services like and
  • 35. Assignments Sign up for Twitter if you haven’t yet Set up your account to conform to Mayo guidelines Follow @leeaase, @mayoclinic & @EdBennett Get Tweetdeck or Twhirl Start listening, following, re-tweeting See “10 Ways You Can Use Mayo Clinic’s Social Media Tools” - See full Twitter curriculum
  • 36. For Extra Credit Join in #a1cflex and #healthedreform, and send out some tweets to help spread the word, such as: @mayoclinic to hold symposium on medical & health care education reform next wk. See Webcast info at http:/ / #healthedreform @vmontori from @mayoclinic is holding a Twitter discussion of #diabetes research findings Mon Apr 27 Details: #a1cflex
  • 37. Discussion