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Biz Behind the Buzz


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Jacqueline Prescott's slides. See for more information.

Jacqueline Prescott's slides. See for more information.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Jacqueline Prescott @jcprescott (Twitter) jcprescott (Skype) © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 1
  • 2. + = • Social Media • Enterprise • Social media Strategy community resources, • Organization platform workshops, Effectiveness downloadable • Branding tools and • Community methodology Development © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 2
  • 3. Vulnerability Holistic Transparency Authenticity Perpetual Beta Participation Responsibility Co-Creation Let Go Meritocracy Soul/ Role Zero Distance User-Generated Content Unstoppable BUBIA [Be Unreasonable! Be in Action!] Voice Amplified © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 3
  • 4. collaboration framework © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 4
  • 5. today: Background/ Social Results Business Media & Challenge Solution Discoveries © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 5
  • 6. background / challenge • A need to share knowledge, align vision internationally with over one hundred thousand independent volunteers. • Goal of creating revenue and cohesion by offering a community platform to vendors, partners. © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 6
  • 7. international grass-roots organization Individual stories, photos, 1 posts and discussions make a large world more accessible and personal. 2 Easy points of access build communication, knowledge sharing, 2 activism. 3 3 Bite-size action items make 3 a huge task (tackling global warming) simple and empowering. 3 3 1 1 1 3 © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 7
  • 8. successes & discoveries :-D (well done!) :-O (gasp!) - 200+ groups participating, - “A stitch in time saves nine.” creating the first multi- Create your business rules and organizational, international scope requirements first, even if intranet that is totally secure you’re in a hurry. and voluntary - It works! The project went from contract signature to launch in four months, including branding, scoping, design, development and implementation - Communications are now top- down and across groups – as designed © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 8
  • 9. background / challenge • Four global CIO’s in three years – each with a new strategy, set of priorities and organization structure. • Employees worldwide and across hundreds of brands needed one direction and vision to follow. • Newest CIO wanted to bring social media into the organization’s technology portfolio. © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 9
  • 10. global food manufacturer 1 Executive videos define the new culture, keep employees focused on the organization’s vision. 4 2 “Hot” news communicates organizational progress toward the 3 vision. 2 1 3 Organizational announcements keep employees up to date. Employees also share their own local news. 4 CIO blog offers insight into the new culture, and allows employees to ask questions, and provide input. © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 10
  • 11. successes & discoveries :-D (well done!) :-O (gasp!) - Small is beautiful: start with - You’re not done when you’re a clear and limited scope ‘done’ – it’s important to have proactive conversations about - Follow the “Bambi” principle: implementation needs and post- know your subjects, audience; implementation care and feeding Live with them, follow them, get into their heads - Mix of online + offline = most effective - Great communication and a fabulous sponsor / champion - Global cultures need different make the impossible (e.g., planning vs. USA-only: multiple concept to go-live in 16 weeks) languages, network server possible access, message timing synchronization © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 11
  • 12. background / challenge • Financial services M&A’s were leading to lack of strategic clarity and individual process / role confusion. • External brand misaligned with internal brand caused employee frustration, cynicism, dis-engagement. © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 12
  • 13. global financial services company 1 Short, humorous webisodes showcase teams putting the value proposition into action, and inviting 3 others to meet the 1 same challenge. 2 A series of success story articles feature employees who are living examples of the new culture. 2 3 Employee-written blog shares grass roots viewpoint, takes the pulse of the new culture, allows Internal Communications to quickly course-correct any employee mis- perceptions. © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 13
  • 14. successes & discoveries :-D (well done!) :-O (gasp!) - Employee-generated - Take time for the legal conversation builds instant trust conversations, especially in and credibility security-conscious industries - People are social: a mix of - The organization has to be stable professional and personal topics enough for information and is the most effective cocktail for conversations to remain relevant generating involvement - Make it easy for people to participate: link from home page, visible sponsorship, obvious business tie-in - If the content is compelling enough age doesn’t matter. Baby Boomers will be your biggest fans. © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 14
  • 15. background / challenge • Fuel prices driving commodity and distribution prices up, squeezing margin and profits. • Chairman and CEO wants every employee to emotionally engage and take immediate action to reduce waste. © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 15
  • 16. global food manufacturer Users share ideas and tips that 1 are reviewed by leadership, offering potential for sharing and recognition. Users offer concrete examples so 2 that others can follow suit. Individuals pledge personal 3 commitment to single steps 4 supporting the vision and goals. 1 3 Continuous improvement 4 information is gathered via polls, anecdotal feedback, overall conversation monitoring. 2 © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 16
  • 17. successes & discoveries :-D (well done!) :-O (gasp!) - Results! Thousands of dollars - Measurement planning takes saved within the first week. time, resources, and a cross- functional approach. Build in a - Getting Down to Business: a time buffer. strong tie to bottom-line results makes sponsorship easy. - Don’t assume your clients have a panoramic view of the - Make it easy for sponsors and organization and individual champions to do their job: communications initiatives. sound bytes, sponsor cheat sheets, editorial blog and discussion forum content calendars, job aids and performance metrics. - Implementation methodology and status dashboard keep the implementation on track. © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 17
  • 18. collaboration framework © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 18
  • 19. key discovery - who © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 19
  • 20. social media methodology * Organizational Ongoing • Communi- Team & Readiness: Organizational cations Individual • Cultural fit & Individual • Readiness Role • Macro work Alignment, Gap Mgt Alignment integration Communication Ongoing: • Community Initial: • Final Plan • Vision • Community Dev Development • Team • Integration & • Objectives • Feedback to & Awareness • Plan, Scope Alignment • Audiences Leaders, QA, • Teaser • Deliverables • Legal Review • Success Customer Svc, Campaign • Resources • Ongoing Status Measures • Measurement Brand Identity: Brand Support Ongoing Brand Design • Audiences for Community Brand Support & • Brand Development & for Community Development Standards & Org. Readiness Involvement Elements • Tech Design • Tech check • Tech Training, Technology and Integration • Tech Support Implementation Plan, + / or Alignment • Enhancements • RFI and RFP • Resource • Ongoing Data • Development Planning Integration * Downloadable social media implementation toolkit available March 2009 at Many tools and 20 resources will be free. Check it out!
  • 21. results • “Before” vs. “After” impact to the business: money saved, shorter recruiting cycles, new customers gained, market share improved, HIPO employees retained • “Before” vs. “After” surveys on site usability, personal impact, business impact • Observation on “Before” and “After” changes in behavior, attitudes, understanding levels. • # site visits, repeat visits • # click-through’s • Time on the site • # forwards to colleagues • # comments, content added © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 21
  • 22. measurement framework © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 22
  • 23. results framework: Kirkpatrick’s 5 Levels • The direct ROI of those Direct ROI business outcomes are _________ • The business outcome of the new Indirect ROI attitudes, behaviors and knowledge are ______. • On the job I know, feel or can do *X* after OTJ participating in this community. (I couldn’t before.) • In theory I know, feel or can do *X* after Individual participating in this community. (I couldn’t before.) “Smile • I like it • It’s easy to use & access Sheet” • It’s accurate & functional © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 23
  • 24. frank results Direct ROI • thousands of dollars in reduced budget savings • HIPO retention, shorter recruitment Indirect ROI cycles, better recruit quality, fewer mistakes repeated from site to site, shorter “onboarding”, fewer # SIRS • knowledge shared and other aligned OTJ individual action, leaders hold their people accountable to the big picture and recognize behaviors that drive the org forward • I can answer questions about the organization Individual and project vision and mission. I know why we’re doing this. I believe in what we’re doing. • The community is easy to use & access “Smile • The community is accurate & functional • This community is where I get my ‘rumor control’ information Sheet” • I feel connected to the bigger picture • This community makes me proud to work here © 2009 Biz Behind the Buzz 24
  • 25. resources for your organization Jacqueline Prescott Wednesday March 25th noon – 5:00 PM 612.860.8928 workshop jcprescott (Skype) 25