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My presentation to the #AATS2013 meeting

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AATS 2013 Presentation

  1. 1. Lee Aase, DirectorMayo Clinic Center for Social MediaAmerican Association for Thoracic SurgeryMay 4-5, 2013#AATS2013Social Media and Medicine
  2. 2. ©2011 MFMER | 3139261-Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media• The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media exists toimprove health globally by accelerating effectiveapplication of social media tools throughout MayoClinic and spurring broader and deeperengagement in social media by hospitals, medicalprofessionals and patients.• Our Mission: Lead the social media revolution inhealth care, contributing to health and well beingfor people everywhere.
  3. 3. ©2011 MFMER | slide-40A Catalyst for Social Media
  4. 4. It’s not just about Mayo Clinic...• Social Media Health Network is a membershipgroup associated with Center for Social Media• For organizations wanting to use social media topromote health, fight disease and improve healthcare• Sliding scale dues based on organization size/revenue• Having >140 member organizations createsconnections and relationships for Mayo
  5. 5. The book on social media in health care...• Essays from 30 ThoughtLeaders• The “Why?” of healthcare social media• Available on Amazon anddiscount bulk orders• http://mayocl.in/OGvNCx• Net proceeds will fundpatient scholarships#MCCSMbook
  6. 6. About Lee Aase (@LeeAase)• B.S. Political Science, Chemistry minor• 14 years in politics and government at local,state, national levels• Mayo Clinic since April 2000• Media relations consultant• Public Affairs Manager (2003-2010)• Director, Center for Social Media since July2010
  7. 7. Let’s start with a tweet...
  8. 8. If this lingo (@, RT, #) seems strange,let’s travel back in time to 1994...
  9. 9. Agenda for next 15 minutes...• Abbreviated history of social networking andsocial media at Mayo Clinic• A sampler of practical social media applicationsin health care• Two ways you can get a taste of social media at#AATS2013• Resources for further exploration
  10. 10. Social Networking is part of theDNA for @MayoClinic and isfundamental to health care#AATS2013
  11. 11. Mayo Clinic’s First Social Networkers
  12. 12. Professional social networkingis part of what you are doinghere today #AATS2013
  13. 13. ©2011 MFMER | slide-18Patient Word of Mouth2009 Patient Brand Monitor, n=900• 91% said “good things” about Mayo Clinicafter visits• Average of 43 heard “good things”• 86% recommended Mayo Clinic• Average of 24 advised to come• Average of 6 actually came
  14. 14. ©2011 MFMER | slide-20Sources Influencing Preferencefor Mayo ClinicConsumer Brand Monitor, Base: Respondents who prefer Mayo Clinic;*differs significantly from Q2-2010551325262933486282Word of mouthNews storiesHospital ratingsInternetMD recommendationPersonal experienceAdvertisingDirect mailSocial mediaInsurance plan2010 study (n=119)
  15. 15. Mayo Clinic Medical EdgeSyndicated News Media Resources
  16. 16. First Foray in “New” Media• Existing Medical Edge radio mp3s• Launched Sept. ‘05; 8,217% download increaseGetting started with podcasting...
  17. 17. Beyond the Hypochondriac Feed
  18. 18. Mayo Clinic Medical Edge TVSample Sound Bite
  19. 19. Recovering 99.41% for the 1-2%• Required almost no incremental MD effort• Process change - microphone on physician andinterviewer• 90 minutes of editing per interview• More than 200,000 “hits” and 62 comments onDr. Fischer’s podcast
  20. 20. Involuntary Social Networking Presence:http://myspace.com/mayoclinic
  21. 21. Facebook: 11/7/07
  22. 22. YouTube: Feb. ’08
  23. 23. @MayoClinic on Twitter: 4/29/08
  24. 24. The Revolutionary Power of Consumer-Grade Video
  25. 25. Transforming YouTube Channel
  26. 26. Fun with ROI Math:As I approaches zero, ROIapproaches infinity#AATS2013
  27. 27. Unique Myelofibrosis Patients01002003004002008 2009 2010 2011MCF MCA
  28. 28. Dr. Sreenivas Koka
  29. 29. Consumer-grade YouTubevideo can help you buildrapport with patients & servethem more effectively &efficiently #AATS2013
  30. 30. ©2011 MFMER | 3139261-Using Twitter at #AATS2013• Download the Twitter app (if necessary) and signup for an account• Tweet your notes during sessions, using#AATS2013 hashtag, or...• Use the conference app to tweet and connect
  31. 31. ©2011 MFMER | 3139261-Using Twitter at #AATS2013
  32. 32. Explore the free AATS2013 Conference App
  33. 33. For further #HCSM exploration,create a free #MCCSM guestaccount http://mayocl.in/esI8qQ #AATS2013
  34. 34. Social Media platforms aren’ttoys; they’re tools to help youdo you work better #AATS2013
  35. 35. Now, let’s go see what’s beenhappening in the #AATS2013Twitter stream...
  36. 36. Slideshare.net: YouTube for PowerPoint