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Here is my social media project that I had to do for my New Media Advertising class in Sookmyung Women University, Seoul, as an exchange student from France.

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Social media project By Lea Siegel

  1. 1. Social  Media  Project     New  Media  adver2sing   Individual  assignment   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   1  
  2. 2. Table  of  Contents   u Sec$on  I   –  Introduc2on   –  Burger  Kings  Facebook  Fanpage   –  Analysis  of  two  compe2tors  fanpages   –  SWOT  &  Insights   u Sec$on  II   –  Recommenda2on   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   2  
  3. 3. Introduc2on   •  Burger  King  (BK)  is  a  global  chain   of  Hamburger  fast  food   restaurants.   •  Based  in  Maimi,  Florida,  USA.   •  Started  as  «  Insta-­‐Burger  King  »   in  1953  Jacksonville,  Florida  USA.   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   3  
  4. 4. Numbers  &  Facts   •  2002  Burger  King  went  public  (NYSE  :  BKW).   •  2010  3G  Capital  (Brazil)  acquired  a  majority   stake  of  BK  in  a  deal  valued  at  3.26  billion  $.   •   1,  97  billion  $  revenue.   •  12,700  outlets  in  73  coutries.   •  66%  in  the  USA.   •  95%  privatly  owned  and  operated  with  an   en2rely  franchised  model   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   4  
  5. 5. Burger  King’s  Menu   •  1957  birth  of  the  Wooper  (BK  signature   product).   •  Burgers,  french  fries,  chicken,  fish,  salads,   wraps,  desserts.   •  Sodas,  coffee,  smoothies,  frappes.   •   Breakfast,  lunch,  snacks,  diner  &  kid  menu.   •  Gluten  sensi2ve  food.   •  Adapted  for  each  country.   •  New  product:  Healthier  fries  :  Sa2sfries.   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   5  
  6. 6. •  6,515,906  like   •  79,150  talking  about  it  #burgerking   •  23,254  were  here     17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   6  
  7. 7. •  Burger  king  has  many  fan  pages  depending  on  the   different  countries  where  you  can  find  it.   •  There  is  s2ll  one  official  page  and  we  will  focus  on  it     •  On  the  fan  page  we  can  see  posts  about  discounts,   funny  facts,  feedback  from  customers,  BK  adver2sing   campaign  and  new  products,  videos,  suppor2ve   messages,  interac2ve  ques2ons  to  the  customers…   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   7  
  8. 8. Interac2vity  with  Burger  King  fans  &  customers    Every  interac2ve  message   reaches  a  lot  of  people  and  give  a  lot   of  feedback  the  fans  are  really  taking   those  things  seriously  and  par2cipate   by  sharing  and  commen2ng  the  posts.   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   8  
  9. 9. Interac2vity  with  Burger  King  fans  &  customers     BK   also   use   the   Facebook   Fanpage   to   see   h o w   p e o p l e   a n d   customers   will   react   about  big  changings  as  for   example:   changing   the   name  Burger  King  to  Fries   King   for   the   launching   of   the  new  «  Sa2sfries  ».   People   didn’t   like   the   change   and   BK   changed   his  name  back.   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   9  
  10. 10. Promo2on  of  new  products    The  new  products  are  almost   everywhere  on  the  fan  page.  They   try  to  communicate  in  an  other  way   than  “usual”  adver2sing.   The  best  example  are  the  huge  WTF   Fries  pictures  for  the  launching  of   the  new  “Sa2sfries”.   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   10  
  11. 11. Seasonal  adver2sing     On   the   fan   page   you   can   find   the   seasonal   adver2sing   campaign.   The   fan   respond   most   of   2me   very   posi2vely   to   the   different   ads   and   share   them  too.   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   11  
  12. 12. Discounts                Discounts  are  everywhere  on  the  fan   page.  From  my  point  of  view  they  are  to   much   focusing   on   it   and   the   customers   o q e n   c o m p l a i n   b e c a u s e   o f   t h e   franchising   many   restaurants   arn’t   even   aware  of  the  discount  they  have  to  give.   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   12  
  13. 13. The  feedback  on  the  Fanpage    The  feedback  on   the  fan  page  is  really   bad,  mostly  the   people  are  pos2ng   comments  to   complains  about   Burger  King  and  they   get  no  answers.   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   13  
  14. 14. Suppor2ve  messages    On  the  Fanpage  we   can  find  some  suppor2ve   massages.  The  people   take  them  seriously  and   like  them  a  lot.   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   14  
  15. 15. Conclusion   We   no&ced   that   based   on   likes   and   (posi&v)   comments   interac&v  and  suppor&v  posts  are  the  best  way  to  reach   Burger  Kings  fans.   Also  the  adver&sing  for  seasonal  products  is  good.   Discounts   and   promo&on   of   new   product   are   to   much   they  are  to  present  on  the  page.   The  worst  is  the  feedback  of  fans  or  other  people.   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   15  
  16. 16. Analysis  of  two  compe2tor’s  Fanpages   I  chosed  Mc  Donald’s  and  Pizza  Hut  because  they  are  in  the  fast  food  market  and  also   those  pages  where  suggested  to  me  when  I  liked  the  Burger  King  page.   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   16  
  17. 17.   29,585,906  likes   142,461  talking  about  this  #mcdonalds   4,182,315  were  here       Mc  Donald’s  is  Burger  King’s  biggest   compe2tor.   Leader  of  the  burger  fast  food  market  they   have  a  much  more  sophis2cated  official   Fanpage.  They  keep  things  very  simple  by   using  only  short  sentences  and  not   overwhelming  the  fan  with  informa2on.   All  the  posts  are  well  chosed  and  they  keep   it  to  the  brand,  they  are  not  talking  about   discounts.  They  are  promo2ng  some   products  but  mostly  the  promo2on  is  about   the  brand  image.       17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   17  
  18. 18. This  Fanpage  is  very   beau2ful.  All  the  contents   are  matching  each  other   and  they  add  some   beau2ful  Instagram   pictures  too.  Only  when   they  talk  about  sports  it   doesn’t  look  very  true  and   the  feedback  is  as  bad  as  it   is  on  Burger  King’s   Fanpage.   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   18  
  19. 19. 10,801,002  Likes   57,656  Talking  about  this  #pizzahut     Pizza  Hut  is  an  other  very  famous  fast  food.  The  Pizza  Hut  page  content  is  more  like   the  Burger  King  page.       17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   19  
  20. 20. They  have  to  much   discounts  on  their   fanpage.   But  they  try  to   communicate  a  lot  about   the  brand  image  too.     Compared  to  the  other   pages  the  feedback  is   much  more  berer  and   we  can  see  a  lot  of   posi2v  comments.   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   20  
  21. 21. SWOT  &  Insights   •  Similari2es  &  differences   •   Unexpected  things   •  SWOT   •  Conclusion     17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   21  
  22. 22. Similari2es  &  differences  between  Burger  King  and  it’s   compe2tors   Similari$es   Differences   They  all  reach  a  lot  of  fans.     They  communicate  in  a  very  friendly  ton.   On  all  those  pages  we  can  see  a  lot  of   interac2vity  between  the  fans  and  the   companies.     Pizza  Hut  and  Burger  King  are  talking  too   much  about  discounts.   17/Oct./2013   Mc  Donald’s  &  Pizza  Hut  are  much  more   communica2ng  about  the  brand  image   and  all  the  “good”  things  that  the   company  do  (Helping  children  in  Africa,   suppor2ng  sports  events…)   Mc  Donald’s  page  looks  berer,  the   Instagram  picture  are  looking  like   someone  is  just  sharing  them  with  some   friends.   Pizza  Hut  is  the  only  company  with   actually  good  comment  on  it’s  page.   By  Lea  Siegel   22  
  23. 23. Unexpected  things   ² I   never   thought   that   I   would   see   so   many   bad   comments.   I   always  thought  that  if  you  like  a  page  or  if  you  are  taking  the   2me  to  comment  something  than  at  least  because  it  is  for  a   nice  comment.     ² I   think   that   the   companies   should   pay   more   aren2on   to   it   and  try  to  find  a  way  with  facebook  to  stop  those  comments,   some2mes  it  not  even  about  the  brand  but  just  to  share  some   not  interes2ng  things.   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   23  
  24. 24. SWOT   STRENGHTS     A  lot  of  people  are  talking  about  #burgerking.   It’s  easy  to  get  people  aren2on.   The  interac2vity  is  great  and  works  very  good   on  the  fans.   WEAKNESSES     People  don’t  want  to  see  the  same  adver2sing   or  discount  for  the  same  product  so  many   2mes.   They  are  talking  to  much  about  the  product   and  not  enough  about  the  brand.     OPPORTUNITIES     They  should  more  communicate  about  the   companie.  The  image  came  become  berer.   There  is  the  BK  McLamore  founda2on  and  they   can  use  it  to  communicate  too.   THREATS     The  compe2on  is  hugh.  They  all  have   facebooks  fanpages  and  they  are  doing  well.   Some  of  them  look  like  they  are  a  set  ahead.     Social  medias  are  changing  and  they  should  be   using  all  of  them  (Instagram,  Vine  etc..)       17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   24  
  25. 25. Conclusion    I  think  that  Burger  King’s  Facebook  Fanpage  can  improve  it   self  by  using  more  the  brand  and  less  the  products.   The  promo&onal  discounts  should  be  adver&sed  next  to  places   where  we  can  have  the  discount.   The   company   image   can   become   beFer   by   using   the   official   Facebookfanpage.   The   page   should   only   keep   the   important   things   and   not   showing   twice   the   same   adver&sing.   They   should  keep  things  simple.   The   page   is   a   good   way   to   reach   a   lot   a   people   and   the   interac&vity  is  great.  I  am  sure  they  would  like  to  know  more   about   the   company   and   what   the   company   do   for   theirs   employees  and  customers.   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   25  
  26. 26. Recommenda2on     17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   26  
  27. 27. Interac2vity   •  The  interac2vity  is  working  well.   •  But  they  should  use  it  for  products  only.   •  For  tests  like  “Fries  King”  they  should  use   survey  posts.   Ø   My  recommenda2on  would  be  to  use   Instagram  and  the  best  picture  of  an   Instagram  user  goes  on  the  fan  page.   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   27  
  28. 28. Promo2on   •  Promo2on  of  new  products  is  good  but  it  should   be  focused  on  products  we  can  find  in  every   Burger  King  because  it  is  the  official   (interna2onal)  Fanpage.   •  Some  ar2cle  a  to  close  to  others,  they  should  pay   more  aren2on  to  not  upload  ar2cles  that  look   the  same  in  a  row.   •  The  “WTF  Fries”  photos  were  really  great,  they   should  use  original  way  to  promote  their   products  instead  of  simple  adver2sings.   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   28  
  29. 29. Seasonal  Adver2sing   •  The  seasonal  adver2sing  is  a  good  way  to   communicate  on  the  Fanpage.   •  The  fans  like  it  and  a  lot  of  people  are  looking   forward  for  seasonal  products  to  come  back.   •  They  should  also  use  only  products  that  we   can  find  everywhere.   Ø   Maybe  they  could  use  some  interac2vity  with   surveys  to  make  a  new  seasonal  product.   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   29  
  30. 30. Discounts   •  Discounts  should  be  on  the  Official  Facebook   Fanpage.   •  They  should  be  on  the  country  pages  where   we  can  find  the  discounts.   •  They  are  giving  to  much  informa2on  about   discounts.     •  The  fans  don’t  want  to  see  every  day  /  week   the  same  discount  knowing  that  it  is  not  for   them  (only  for  people  in  the  USA).   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   30  
  31. 31. Feedback   •  Luckily  the  feedback  is  hidden  from  the   Fanpage.   •  It  would  be  a  mess  if  it  was  on  the  page.   •  But  actually  I  think  that  Burger  King  could   build  a  stronger  rela2on  t  it’s  fans  an  maybe   respond  them  more  oqen.   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   31  
  32. 32. Suppor2ve  messages   •  Those  are  very  good.   •  They  should  use  them  more.   •  Talk  less  about  the  products  and  more  about   the  company.   Ø   My  recommenda2on  would  be  to  use  The   Burger  King  Founda2on  :  “See  what  we  have   done  in  the  founda2on  today…  (ar2cle  about   children  charity  supported  by  the  founda2on   or  something  like  that  )…  ”.   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   32  
  33. 33. Rela2onships   •  Communal  Relashionship   –  Building  a  strogen  rela2on  with  the  fans   –  Don’t  push  the  sales  to  much   –  Make  them  like  the  company  &  the  products   –  They  should  feel  more  important   •  Exchange  rela2on   –  Instagram  compe22on   –  The  winers  picture  goes  on  the  Fanpage  and  he   wins  something  for  free   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   33  
  34. 34. Backstage   •  People  want  to  know  what  is  happening   behind  the  scene.   •  More  talking  about  the  founda2on.   •  More  talking  about  the  brand  and  the   company  in  it  self.   •  Improve  the  company  image  by  showing  what   happened  behind  the  restaurants.   17/Oct./2013   By  Lea  Siegel   34