H&M Korea Digital Media Recommendation


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A group project of 6, Sookmyung W. University in Seoul, exchange students for our New Media Advertising class. This project is a digital recommendation for H&M Korea.

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H&M Korea Digital Media Recommendation

  1. 1. Digital Media Recommendation Korea New Advertising Group Project – TCFG Group
  2. 2. Situation Analysis
  3. 3. •  First Korean H&M store March 2010 in Myeongdong •  Today 16 stores : Seoul, Incheon, Ulsan, Gwangju, Goyang, Daegu, Cheonan, Busan •  H&M worldwilde Instagram, Twitter, Facebook… Background Information
  4. 4. •  A H&M Korea web site home page http://www.hm.com/kr/ •  H&M KoreaTwitter accout Background Information
  5. 5. •  South Korea is ranked 5th on the sale industry on 2012 with a turnover of 594 million SEK •  The first one is China with more than 5 411 million SEK Market Information
  6. 6. Ø Advantages •  Online shop •  Social media interactivity: #F21TAKEALL, #F21XME , #배스트록EVER Forever 21
  7. 7. Ø  Disadvantage •  Only 2 stores in Seoul Forever 21
  8. 8. Ø Advantages •  105 stores in South Korea •  Has a Uniqlo Korea Fanpage with 219 305 fans Uniqlo
  9. 9. Ø  Disadvantages •  The brand’s Twitter account is “abandoned” (only 4 tweets) •  Tweets are written in Japanese Uniqlo
  10. 10. Ø Advantage •  In South Korea, 42 stores versus 16 for H&M. ZARA
  11. 11. Ø Disadvantages •  Not often sales and its prices are more expensive than H&M •  Not a lot of advertising campaign •  Significant weakness about the online sale •  Only a worldwide fanpage and twitter account ZARA
  12. 12. Strengths -  Famous designers collaborations -  Cost effective -  Strong distribution Network Opportunities -  Western culture -  Diversified (One stop shop) Weaknesses -  Western style -  Quality problems Threats -  Competition of locals brands -  Competition of international brands SWOT Analysis
  13. 13. Ø Main Target : Woman (16 to 30 years old) Ø Large Target : Men (16 to 30 years old) Ø Other Target : Children, Pregnant Woman, Couples Target Analysis
  14. 14. ü Provide fashion for conscious customers ü Choose and reward responsible partners ü Be ethical ü Be climate smart ü Reduce, reuse, recycle ü Use natural resources responsibly ü Strengthen communities Current Campaign
  15. 15. The solution: Digital Touch Point Design
  16. 16. •  Koreans are very active on Instagram and social medias in generally and they enjoy wearing fashionable clothes. With this advertising we merge together two point of interest of the Korean especially for the young adults and teenager. •  For this we are going to use billboards for OOH media and Instagram for the social media. We are going to link the entire advertising billboards to the new created HMKorea account @HMKorea and #HMKorea. Social Media and OOH Media
  17. 17. •  In see-through billboards will be hanging clothes. There will be all the different size; genders and some of them will be for friends or couples. •  We choose the see-through billboards because we want the people to be able to stand behind the billboard and to take pictures with the H&M clothes. •  The pictures should be uploaded to Instagram account and linked to H&M with the hashtag #HMKorea or @HMKorea. •  Every week one of the pictures who got the biggest amount of likes on Instagram is going to be picked up by the H&M Korea work team for receiving free gifts. •  This will be going on every week during 6 weeks in all the South Korean cities where H&M Korea is established. Social Media and OOH Media
  18. 18. Ø Characteristics of H&M Korea Application: •  Connectivity •  Convenience •  Localization •  Reachability Ø Advantages of it: •  Opportunity to reach a broad audience •  Time and location flexibility, the app can be used 24/7 •  Opporunity to have a personal and social user experience and the user can feel more connected to the brand •  Rich media: QR-Code; allows consumers to explore creative opportunityes and functonality which are not in other media. H&M Korea Application
  19. 19. Ø C r e a t i o n o f t h e perfect application: •  E a s y s h o p p i n g experience •  Location triggered notifications •  Interaction by using My QR-Codes Clean and not overloaded application, easy to understand for every target H&M Korea Application
  20. 20. •  AR is a type of virtual reality that aim is to duplicate the real world environment in a computer. For users, AR is a combination of the real scene viewed and a virtual scene generated by a computer. •  First launch in three important stores in Seoul: Myeongdong, Dongdaemun and in Gangnam, to be sure of the success of that platform because it is expensive. Augmented Reality (AR)
  21. 21. •  Screens and camera will be placed in a corner of the H&M Store. There will be different kind of silhouette: women, men, children, big size women and pregnancy women. •  After selecting the silhouette, the customer can select the clothes and colors that interested them and he/she can see, if the clothes fit to them. And, for those who want, they can share their pictures on social network. Ø  Can be compared to a fitting room Ø  To help customers to have a life easier during their shopping session Ø  To create interactivy between H&M Korea and its consumers Augmented Reality (AR)
  22. 22. Questions & Answers
  23. 23. Thank You
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