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" Website Usability  |  Website Usability  testing |  Website Usability Tips  | Learning Catalyst  "
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" Website Usability | Website Usability testing | Website Usability Tips | Learning Catalyst "



" Website Usability , Website Design and development , Website Usability Tutorials , Website Usability Analysis "

" Website Usability , Website Design and development , Website Usability Tutorials , Website Usability Analysis "



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    " Website Usability  |  Website Usability  testing |  Website Usability Tips  | Learning Catalyst  " " Website Usability | Website Usability testing | Website Usability Tips | Learning Catalyst " Presentation Transcript

    • Why Usability? Prepared By | Pure Use Team
    • Designing a digital interface
    • Business Decision Need for an interface design Recognition of Internet as a potential interactive platform Business Need
    • What happens generally? Time cost? Overheads? OMG! Let's get this straight. Is it making business sense?! It was fun. But can we cut it short? In hindsight There has to be a better way! $!!! $*! ^*> Brainstorming – 1 st cut! OMG! Not done! We’ve already wasted 2 months! Suggestions, creative inputs from everybody! – 2 nd cut! Change the font Also the language Design by Committee – 3 rd cut! Finally, final cut! Wow! Looks ok to me! Are we sure ?
    • Where is the user? $!!! $!!! $!!! While the team fights and freezes on the design, this guy stands at the corner Who is this guy?! And what does HE want?!
    • Why does a user come to your site? What if the opinion is not in your favour? What if the User leaves? Forming an opinion about you Information Search Transactions Sharing Analyzing Building a relation with you through your website User Actions
    • Why would he leave?
      • Just spent 20 mins. to book ONE ticket….and I failed!
      • I don’t understand this link
      • Where is HELP?
      • Who reads this much text?
      • Can you please take me to the payment gateway?
      • Can you please make it fast? I think I can have a coffee!
      • Can you please talk in simple English?
      • Why are you throwing these @$#%#$% ad banners?
      • I have no clue where am I……What AM I supposed to do next? I better leave this site……
      Serious business implications for you!!
    • How is it impacting my business? = = Poor User Experience Lost Customer Lost Revenue
    • So what do I need to do? Customer Touch Points Product Sales Distribution Service Support Advertising All are evolved to offer better customer experience But, Digital Interface ?? Home internet usage in India grew 19% from Apr 06 to 07. Projected to be 71 million internet users in India by 2011 So, are you serious about interface design?
    • So what do I need to do?
      • It makes sound business sense to design your digital interface as
      • well as your other customer touch points
      • It needs a methodological process of strategic user research AND
      • user centered design
      • It needs Expert Intervention…
    • You need to include users…
      • Typical design approach ignore users
      • They result in designs that are not what the user wanted
      • Usability led ‘User Centered Interface Design’ ensures this does not happen
    • What is User Centered Design?
      • User-centered design (UCD) is a process in which the needs, wants and limitations of the end user of any product are systematically researched and incorporated into each stage of the design process.
      • ISO definition of Usability –
      • Usability is the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction with which a specified set of users can achieve a specified set of tasks in a particular environment.
    • How do you create User Centered Design? Data Gathering User Centered Analysis User Centered Design Final Design Usability Testing Understanding of: Company’s vision for a website Stakeholders’ business goals for the website Users’ expectations and needs as well as behavior patterns and usage of the site The existing product (i.e. website) and its features A thorough analysis of the following is documented – Who are the users? How do they think and work and why do they come to the site? What is their work environment? Scenarios of how users will use the site Design of the actual interaction between the user and the product (i.e. website). It defines how the product must behave in response to human action and human expectations. An integral part of the User Centered Design which involves interacting with the selected users & diagnosing the usability issues in the design. Click to view the details
    • Returns on your investment?
      • Increased Productivity
      • Increased Conversion Rate
      • Decreased Drop-off Rate
      • Reduced Reliance on Help Desks
      • Reduced Costs on Formal Training
      • Reduced Learning Curve
    • Summarizing the Difference ‘ User’ oriented, logical approach ‘ Design’ oriented, creative approach User experience is enhanced to address user’s needs, which results in increased usage and return on investment Users will not be able to perform their tasks with ease and accuracy resulting in drop outs Impact on ROI Deliverable is an aesthetically appealing and USABLE Design Deliverable is a good looking design User feedback is considered and synched with the business goals of the company The product is developed considering the designers’ point-of-view and technological limitations User tasks are simplified to allow them achieve their goals with ease & accuracy Problems & expectations are understood while testing the designs with the users Users are involved at all the stages of design Users are not involved Tangible, research based reasoning behind the design Intangible reasoning behind the design A Usability Research and Design Company A Design Company
    • Remember that you (and the board, executives, developers and designers) are not your customers. Those who listen to their customers have a much higher success rate than those who do not. That is where Usability led design comes into picture. It is an investment, not an expense.
    • Citinri.com | Case Study
    • The Client
      • www.citinri.com
      • Online property of Citibank
    • Task At Hand Move
      • Wanted to conduct usability evaluation of Citinri.com to understand
      • User expectations
      • Opinion about the existing website
      • Usability roadblocks, if any
      • Citinri.com is a part of Citibank Group which caters to the needs of NRIs
      • Provides services like
        • Money transfer
        • Loans
        • Investments
        • Insurance
    • What we did
      • Feedback on current site design
      • Feedback on current page layout – Homepage, Rupee checking account, RCA online form
      • Understand what users want from NRE/ NRO account
      • Gauge overall user experience & identify usability roadblocks
      • Evaluation of current interface design and develop a prototype in sync with user expectation
    • Process Overview Diagram Current IA User Evaluation (In-depth Interviews) Step 1 High Level Solutions Step 2 Strategic User Driven New Design Step 3
    • Impact | Probable User Perceptual Journey Goes to another banking site suggested by friends or relatives Shares experience with other new users & may discourage them Tries once or twice unsuccessfully to open an account Visits Citinri.com due to brand perception as world leader in banking Finds it hard to believe that Citinri.com is lagging far behind competitors’ simple and professional websites Believes that Citibank may not be willing to put efforts to make Citinri.com as professional as the Citibank US website Left with a mixed feelings about Citibank as a brand
    • Essentials | Positive User Experience
      • Priority Metrics
      + + Display (Site Design) Content Clarity Functionality (Ability to do transactions online) Query Resolutions online
    • Memorability | Homepage
    • Findability | Homepage
    • Content Clarity | Understandability
    • Homepage | Likes 1 Region wise segregation & display of services as per anticipation 4 Simple Look 5 Comprehensive & lucid Information 3 Clear & simple layout with appealing presentation of content 2 Good graphics, page design, symbols, display of links
    • Homepage | Dislikes 2 1 Less prominent use of tabs in top menu bar 6 More number of scrolls 7 Repetitive Links 5 Distracting presence of advertisement at the centre 4 Area around ‘Log in’ link is cluttered 3 Money transfer link looks out of place in the menu bar it should be in the regional links 8 Lack of instructions at the critical steps in process lowering the confidence Low visibility of important links like login, open NRI account & IPIN generation 2
    • Regional Page | Likes 5 Clean look of the page 1 Different style of layout – Circular display of links 2 White background with blue font colour 3 Special features like ‘Relationship Manager’, ‘chat now’ 4 Easily visible display of regional services’ links
    • Regional Page | Dislikes 2 Definition, explanation of terminologies NRI/NRE 1 Circular links not fitting in the first scroll 3 Non clickable icons for regional links
    • High Level Solutions | How? Objectives Identification Recommendations from user evaluation IA Strategy Creation User Driven Taxonomies Creation IA High Level Blue Print Creation High Fidelity Wireframes Creation UI Template Design
    • High Level IA
    • Citinri.com | Before & After Before After
    • Point of Contact
      • Harshit Desai
      • Chief Marketing Officer
      • Pure Information Technology Pvt. Ltd
      • 1187-11, Off Ghole Road
      • Shivajinagar, Pune – 411005
      • MH, INDIA
      • M: +91(0) 9850880303 | E: [email_address]
      • T: +91 (0) 20 25536816 | W: www.pureuse.com
    • Thank You The copyright in this work is vested in Pure Information Technology Pvt. Ltd (PURE IT) and this document is issued in confidence for the purpose only for which it is supplied. It must not be reproduced in whole or in part except under an agreement or with the consent in writing of PURE IT and then only on the condition that this notice is included in any such reproduction. No information as to the contents or subject matter of this document or any part thereof arising or indirectly there from shall be given orally or in writing or communicated in any manner whatsoever to any third party being an individual firm or company or any employee thereof, without the prior written consent of PURE IT