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"SEO Tutorial |  Search Engine Optimization Basics | Seo Guide | Learning Catalyst "
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"SEO Tutorial | Search Engine Optimization Basics | Seo Guide | Learning Catalyst "



"Free Video on Search Engine Optimization , Seo Video Tutorials "

"Free Video on Search Engine Optimization , Seo Video Tutorials "



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  • here we have Vivek – CEO of Communicate 2, one of earliest and biggest DM agenciesAbout SEM, also called PPC Landscape, Benefits and Set-upDwell on the market and career opportunities ; A few thingsHeadphonesPls maximize Qns at any point of time, u can type it out….
  • A statistic which is not so well know Pre-Corus acquisition, the Tata group was less than this and Tata..We’ll get into HOW this revenue is obtained
  • The others being SEO, Email,Banner,etc…Five years back, Banners ; people always equating web adv with banners on Rediff and yahooNearly half of all web adv globally is non-banner
  • Fragmentation,Exvcellent job here : Search engines are increasingly the preferred way to reach out to information
  • What is the intent behind a search, What are the keywords which can denote a particular intentWhat adsWhat landing pageQn : What do u do to ensure that this marketing background or insights get reflected in the campaign
  • Qn : What is the profile of people who are getting into thisEntry, mid level, top level
  • Qn : Which are the biggest sectors in India and what is drivig them to spend more . What is the range of budgets that you have seen in india
  • We don’t have a similar break-up like the last slideBut Qn : Out of this, how much would be SEM
  • Any other campaign that you do on TV, print…People who spend years in brand management without knowing the pulse of the brand and what connects and what does notQn : How important do u think this is to new joinees, do they see this as valuable inputs
  • Qn : Can you comment on this
  • Advertising is now moving towards Demise of print and tv
  • Qn : What are some of the global clients, and do you see this as a trend going forwardDo u see this reaching the software, not in size but atleast in the hype and reputation that software development houses have built. And what would need to be done. Which are the other countries we are competing with ?
  • What do u look for And how do u sharpen these in the new joinees
  • Qn : What do you look for when you hire
  • end

"SEO Tutorial |  Search Engine Optimization Basics | Seo Guide | Learning Catalyst " "SEO Tutorial | Search Engine Optimization Basics | Seo Guide | Learning Catalyst " Presentation Transcript

  • Search Engine Marketing: The What’s Why’s and How’s of Advertising’s Digital Frontier
    Managing Director
    at Communicate2
    Founder & chief
    Catalyst at Learning Catalyst
  • Google made around $21 billion in 2008. A majority of that was from paid search ads
  • Search Engine Marketing (Sponsored Ads) is an integral part of online advertising today.
  • Lets understand how this happens
    We are taking the example of Google Adwords but sponsored ads can be done on other search engines like Yahoo and Bing also
  • What is Google Advertising?
    Your customers see your ad when they search
    Your ad reaches users at the moment they demonstrate interest
  • What is Google Advertising?
    Your customers see your ad when theysurf Google Network properties
    Google technology places your ad on the most relevant content pages
  • Basic Definition: CPC
    CPC: cost-per-click
    • Click: The action a user takes to select your ad and be taken to your website.
    • Google charges the advertiser when a user clicks on your ad
    A sample AdWords ad
    The Destination Website
  • Benefits of AdWords
  • Benefits of AdWords
    The primary benefits of AdWords include:
  • Reach : Google Reaches Global Markets
    #1 search engine in 17 out of 20 countries measured
    Reach customers around the world on one platform
    Your customers
    search Google in over 100languages
    “Google is arguably the most global commercial Web site ever built.”
    – John Yunker, Chief Analyst, Byte Level Research
    Sources: Measured by Media Metrix and NetRatings (September 2004); “2005 Web Globalization Report Card,” Byte Level Research (November 2004)
  • Benefits of AdWords:
    Benefits of AdWords: Cost
    No minimum spend
    You choose your own maximum daily spending limit (daily budget)
    Choose how much you want to spend per click for every keyword
    Pay Google for users who click on your ad
    Conversion tracking = real-time return-on-investment data
  • Benefits of AdWords: Timing
    Ads are continuously matched to Internet users’ interests
    Ads are placed as buying decisions are made
    The Result:
    You reach your audience at the right time, with the right message
  • Benefits of AdWords: Flexibility
    See your ads on Google quickly
    Optimize and change your ads continually to increase ROI
    Target multiple locations and languages
  • Benefits of AdWords: Summary
    Access to ~80% of Internet users worldwide
    Low costs for high ROI
    Pay Google when users click on your ads
    Ads are seen by users looking to purchase
    Reach youraudience at the righttime, with the right message
    Start advertising quickly
    Unlimited changes, whenever you want
    You can target ads to the specific location & language of your customers
  • One can get started in minutes…
  • Select Your Adwords Plan
  • Target customers by geography and language
    Select languages
    Define the areas you want to run the campaign in (where the customers are)
    You can select entire countries, or select specific regions or cities within a country.
  • Target Location
  • Create ad
  • Add Keywords
  • Review
  • And off you go !!Is it that easy ? No 
  • The more important skill is in campaign planning, keyword research and keyword bidding
    And that comes from your marketing background or insights
  • And in getting the intent-keyword-ad-landing page sync perfect
    Which involves a lot of tracking and campaign analytics…which drives away MBA’s typically 
  • Travel , Financial services and Education are big globally in terms of spends
  • Globally, SEM is growing fast
  • And India is catching up…
  • How does it score as a career choice ?
  • Where else would you get 'live, as-it-happens' insight on market response to a brand.
  • For the MBA aspirants
    • If you are looking to get experience before pursuing a MBA (Marketing) kind of degree, a SEM profile job is ideal. Where else would you get real-time feedback on how brands respond to marketing tactics. And you can make changes and see the results for yourself !
    • In fact, you may decide not doing a MBA degree at all 
  • Where else is there a bewildering gap in demand and supply
  • Isn't ALL advertising headed towards a contextual, dynamic pricing based environment
    Why not 'live' this right now by becoming a SEM specialist 
  • Fifteen years back, the world started outsourcing software service to India. Seven year back, it was BPO.
    Today, the world outsources SEM to India. Look at the client list of some specialist agencies in India.
  • Basic Skills required
    • Strong in numerical and verbal
    These are the 'Math' and the 'English' section in the typical aptitude tests. Verbal because one needs to constantly think of the words which represent the intent of the consumer.Numeric because one would needs to constantly evaluate the ROI of potential alternatives.Bidding is the name of the game.
    • Marketing bent of mind
    You would be given a target audience and then its your job to find out the kind of sites he would visit, the search terms he would use, etc….Basically what a person does online.
    Basic skills required
    • Advanced Usage of Office tools, most importantly Excel
    You would need to pull meaningful trends out of various sets of data that can be used to construct reports for internal teams or external clients.
    Any MBA degree (better if it has a marketing slant to it) can be a good leverage here. Not just marketing, anything to do with human psychology also for example would be a good fit.
  • At the end of the day, you are accountable for the profits of your campaign.
    So that 'owning up' and the 'buck stops with me' spirit has to be there.
  • Programs offered by Learning Catalyst
  • Our Cour
    No one covers ‘digital’ as we do !!
    Advanced SEO
    Advanced SEM
    Basic SEO
    Basic SEM
    Integrated Digital Marketing
    Website Analytics
    Website Usability
    Affiliate Marketing
  • Our Courses
    No one covers ‘digital’ as we do
    Flash Programming
    Modern Website Design
    Web Copy Writing
    Java Scripts and Ajex - Basic
    Content Management Systems
    PHP Programming
    Web Security
    Mobile Gaming and Application Development
    Java Scripts and Ajex – Advanced