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The Medium Defines the Message: Writing for the Web | Learning Catalyst






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  • Copywriting and Design are imp part of persuasive selling online
  • Just today, cyclists took offense to the whole ‘eco-friendlyl..
  • Qn : Is this a big change for some one who has been print for some time
  • From the enquiries that we get and what we recommend is that..
  • There is some SEO element which is always desirable for copywriter’s
  • - source
  • May land..
  • Source : 37
  • Qn : A case study
  • A lot of ppl think that they can produce persuasive copy
  • How exciting is this category if I have done copy in traditional media for a few yearsCan you get into web copy straight out of college? What are the qualifications that people look out for
  • he other areas that are big are 1. Conceptualizing online advertising campaigns. 2. Email Marketing 3. Campaign Microsites4. Brand/Corporate websites- Content Writing 5. Brand Blogs 6. Online Community Strategists who conceptualize and manage the conversation in a brand community across sites.
  • Community – Sunsilk – among the first examples
  • Mailers – some of which work really well
  • IDBI virals
  • Makemytip microsite
  • Web copywriters get to now discuss tactics with the creative at TV

The Medium Defines the Message: Writing for the Web  | Learning Catalyst The Medium Defines the Message: Writing for the Web | Learning Catalyst Presentation Transcript

  • The Medium Defines the Message:
    Writing for The Web
    Vijay Sankaran
    Digital Strategy Director atUrja Communications
    Founder & Chief Catalyst atLearning Catalyst
  • Copywriting has always been a fundamental skill in online businesses
  • But the web has changed..
  • Instead of pushing a message onto consumers, businesses mustallow consumers to pull in their friends and family.
  • Businesses are no longer in control of their messageThis has made the copywriter’s job complex.
  • MYTH (this is a biggie!)"If I can do print, I can do online"
    Here are some reasons for this being a big myth.
  • Being authentic is crucial
    Search engines and blogs are everywhere. You would be caught in seconds.
  •  The online behavior is different from that of online...
    Web content writers require a different writing style because people read online content differently than they do print. People scan sites online, they are continuously 'looking for something‘.
  • Its about being ‘found’ and being easy to ‘scan’
    Online Writers need to think about search engine optimization, readability, organization and structure. 
  • SEO skills are also desirable
    Analyze your competition and check what type of keyword phrases are being used most often, to give yourself a better chance of increasing your web site hits. Make sure that your targeted keywords are found in your filenames, title, headline, and description tags, as well as your web site content.
  • The ability to write a compelling headline which qualifies your prospects is important
  • Brevity is hyper-important
    Writing for the Web requires a more 'compact' style - The ability to communicate concisely and precisely is the prime requisite. 
  • : Source source
  • The audience is largely international
    The Web is Worldwide, one needs to tailor vocabulary, grammar and spelling for an international audience
  • The small things matter..
    Do you label a button “Submit” or “Save” or “Update” or “New” or “Create” ?
    Do you write 3 sentences or 5?
    Do you explain with general examples or with details?
    Do you label content “New” or “Updated” or “Recently Updated” or “Modified”?
    Is it “There are new messages: 5” or “There are 5 new messages” or is it “5” or “five” or “messages” or “posts “?
    All of this matters
  • Web site –Info arch/to content.
  • The ‘moment of truth’ in an ecommerce sale has to be supported by good copywriting.
  • Give bonuses
    Offer trials
    Show testimonials from experts
    If its software, show a demo
  • A new form of copywriting has emerged in the last few years (since Google came in)
    Adwords copywriting
  • In Adwords copywriting, a sense of urgency needs to be created.
    Otherwise people won’t click
  • Some great career related aspects about this category
  • One hones his/her marketing skills continuously
    Copywriting merges two different things - writing and business.
    And with this, you expose yourself not only to one but to both of them. As you continue writing, you also continue to hone your skills in writing as well as in marketing. 
  • Every new assignment plods you to be more informed and more knowledgeable
    When you write ad copy, you are required to read and learn about the product, as well as learn more things about different businesses, niches and industries. By doing this you increase your knowledge on a variety of topics that you wouldn't normally research.
  • It’s a majorly moonlighted category
    For those interested in part-time assignments, web copywriting is very frequently outsourced, even in the biggest of companies
  • One can get a decent break early on..
    It is in fact possible to start even when you are a student with part-time assignments.
  • The space has been ‘infiltrated’ by design guys, MBA’s and even coders sometimes 
  • But there is clearly a need for specialists
  • Skills required
    In order to become a copywriter you need to be good at coming up with creative concepts for ads, writing good strap lines, and being able to write in a variety of different styles 
    When you are a web copywriter, the sort of thing you are working on can change quickly. You need to be able to change your writing style just as fast.
    When writing online you can be more conversational than in print, but you should also make sure you know who your target audience are.
  • Example of a job description
    To be the key resource for creating, editing and enhancing website copy for Acting as the online champion for the style, tone, and structure of information and copy on the website.
    Work with Brand to deliver the online tone of voice.
    Develop & implement guidelines to ensure page copy is structured to be broken down visually.
    Produce highly effective and original copy to promote products.
    Work with Trading & Merchandising to support product copy requirements.
  • A web copywriter’s portfolio is quite diverse
  • Samsung OMNIA- Smartphone Targeted campaign on Yahoo! INDIA WAP & IDEA FRESH WAP Portal
    Nokia N&E
    * Landing Page provided by advertiser
  • The underestimatedEmail marketing
  • Specific campaign micro sites
  • Corporate Websites
  • Brand Specific Blogs
  • Social Media Strategists
  • Here is another MYTHThe really creative minds are staying away from online
  • Earlier - perhaps. Now, they are getting into it
  • Programs offered by Learning Catalyst
  • Our Cour
    No one covers ‘digital’ as we do !!
    Advanced SEO
    Advanced SEM
    Basic SEO
    Basic SEM
    Integrated Digital Marketing
    Website Analytics
    Website Usability
    Affiliate Marketing
  • Our Courses
    No one covers ‘digital’ as we do
    Flash Programming
    Modern Website Design
    Web Copy Writing
    Java Scripts and Ajex - Basic
    Content Management Systems
    PHP Programming
    Web Security
    Mobile Gaming and Application Development
    Java Scripts and Ajex – Advanced