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  • 1. Careers in Mobile Application/Gaming development
  • 2. Number of mobiles – 385 mn Number of web users – 47 mn Its a no-brainer : Mobile gaming/application development has a robust future in India !
  • 3. In the US, Mobile gaming rose 20% and hit $1 billion in 2008. (Source : In-Stat)
  • 4. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nokia, and RIM are all launching or have launched “App Stores” Distributing and making money with mobile applications is gradually becoming more streamlined for the application developer
  • 5. Some obscene money is being made with I-phone apps .
  • 6. Scenario in India
    • “ Looking at data in the February- March 2009 time frame there were a total of 105 million Indian consumers playing games on their mobile phone.
    • Based on data gathered in April 2009 for Feb/March mobile game users it is found that approx 30 million urban Indians use their mobile phones to play games on a daily basis (12.5%) “
    • (Source :
  • 7. Application development here is for developers who like challenges.
  • 8.
    • There are a lot more resource constraints as compared to a desktop environment.
    • Games need to be very easy to learn; interruptible, as gamers need to multi-task.
    • The designer must take into consideration such contingencies as the personal safety and security of the user, and the circumstances in which the game may be played (on foot, in a vehicle, etc.).
  • 9. You get to own a bigger share of the overall development. You get to most part of the design yourself, rather than manage a small part of as it happens typically in desktop application development  
  • 10. As regards platforms, J2me is predominant though Brew is used in US, Japan and Korea I-phone has its own platform      
  • 11. Mobile game development require jack-of-all-trades abilities among the team members. Mobile game developers will undoubtedly be called upon to touch the various subsystems of the game, and may find themselves working on the menu system, game AI, game physics, sound, and more.
  • 12. This is where our learning programs would be useful 
  • 13. Some of the things we would be covering in our programs
    • CLDC Config & MIDP profiles
    • MIDlets
    • MIDlet User Interfaces
    • Low-Level MIDlet User Interface API
    • Networking and Persistent Storage
    • Packages
  • 14. Learning Catalyst : ‘For those who like to learn but don’t like to be taught’ We offer learning programs in Web Marketing and Web Technology. (Instructor-led and Online) Mumbai office - 91 22 26135780 [email_address]