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Careers In HTML Programming - HTML Programming Tutorials & Programs by Learning Catalyst
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Careers In HTML Programming - HTML Programming Tutorials & Programs by Learning Catalyst

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  • 1. Why should I learn HTML ?
  • 2. Myth 1 “Writing HTML is too slow” ?? In most cases, you don’t need to write HTML. You need to understand it.
  • 3. Myth 2 “ I have a great WYSIWYG editor so I don't need HTML” There will always be times when you need to tweak HTML manually. WYSIWYG editors will never be perfect.
  • 4. Myth 3 “ I am not good at programming so I should not learn HTML” Dude, its NOT a programming language. It’s a mark-up language.
  • 5. Myth 4 “HTML is obsolete” For a long time to come, HTML would continue to be the basis of a website. It will help you to take on new languages like XML.
  • 6. Myth 5 “ I am a designer. I don’t need HTML” Your dependence on other people reduces a lot if you know HTML. If you are working with frameworks, CMS, etc…HTML knowledge is always useful.
  • 7. If you know HTML, you're not limited to the number of functions that the editor has to offer . You can always create your own customizable functions and code, which will look and feel exactly as you wish them to do.
  • 8. Knowing that you can code HTML to display a page properly in a variety of browsers is a relief ! And knowing that the editor you're using will not mess it up is priceless. 
  • 9. No matter how good or talented you are, the fact that you can't write HTML can affect the way you present yourself to potential clients and employers.
  • 10. And that’s where our learning programs in HTML would be useful 
  • 11. Some of the aspects we will cover in the program
    • Basics
    • Creating A Layout
    • Form
    • Creating Styles
    • Multimedia
    • Validation and Optimization
    • Creating Styles
    • Deployment
  • 12. Learning Catalyst : ‘For those who like to learn but don’t like to be taught’ We offer learning programs in Web Marketing and Web Technology. (Instructor-led and Online) www.learningcatalyst.in Mumbai office - 91 22 26135780 [email_address]