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An ideal location for Russian language Study Abroad programs in the territory of the European Union: Daugavpils, Latvia
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An ideal location for Russian language Study Abroad programs in the territory of the European Union: Daugavpils, Latvia


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The perfect place to learn Russian …

The perfect place to learn Russian

Daugavpils is the best place for intensive Russian study abroad and communication skills improvement training. Daugavpils is "the most Russian" town in Latvia and in the entire territory of the European Union and NATO.

In 2004 In 2004 under a brand name “Learn Russian in the European Union” Training Center LatInSoft began offering Russian immersions for students who wanted to learn Russian as a second language.

Since 2013 the "Learn Russian in the EU" project is a joint effort of the Department of Russian and Slavic Linguistics of Daugavpils University and Training Center LatInSoft.

We believe Daugavpils is a unique and even ideal location to learn Russian for many reasons:
- Daugavpils is a unique Russian linguistic enclave in the territory of the European Union;
- Our experience in providing tailored immersions for demanding customers;
- Academic transcripts as developed under the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS);
- Home base for study trips to several post-Soviet countries – Lithuania, Belarus, Estonia, Russia;
- Safe and convenient place to live and study.

The location. Daugavpils, the second largest city of Latvia, is a Russian linguistic enclave in the European Union where Russian has been well preserved and is spoken as first language, making it “the most Russian city in the European Union”.

Our experience with demanding customers. In recent years our Russian language programs have become increasingly popular. Our clients include the U.S. military, the U.S. diplomats and Foreign Area officers, and individual students from various foreign countries seeking tailored courses of instruction. We also offer options for meals, lodging, and after class social programs.

ECTS academic transcripts. Daugavpils University is a part of our academic program. Since Latvia is an EU country, the University provides academic transcripts as developed by the European Commission and Council of Europe under the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). ECTS credits are widely accepted by North American universities.

Home base for post-Soviet studies. All the Baltic capitals are easily accessible by bus. The Lithuanian border is 25 kilometers from our city.
Daugavpils is only 33 kilometers from the Belarusian border, the Russian border is 120 kilometers from Daugavpils. St. Petersburg and Moscow can be reached by a convenient overnight train. The Russian and Belarus consulates located in Daugavpils can issue a Russian or Belarusian visa in few days.

Safety and convenience. Daugavpils offers foreign students a safe and comfortable environment in which to study. Latvia and the other Baltic states have a higher standard of living in comparison with other former Soviet republics. Crime is lower and the service sector operates at a higher standard. As an EU country, Latvian infrastructure and medical services are developing according to Western European standards.

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  • 1. Learn Russian in the EUAn ideal locationfor Russian language Study Abroad programsin the territory of the European Union:Daugavpils, LatviaSergey SimonovChairman of the Management BoardLatInSoft SIADaugavpils© 2009-2013, LatInSoft SIA. All rights reserved.Anna StankevichHead of the Dept., Dr.philol., assoc. prof.,Department of Russian and Slavic LinguisticsDaugavpils
  • 2. 2Learn Russian in the EUIntroductionBackgroundand missionStudyopportunitiesDaugavpils!
  • 3. Who we are3The “Learn Russian in the European Union” projectis a joint effort of Daugavpils University and Training Center LatInSoft, aimed at• providing Russian language and culture education services;• promoting Daugavpils as the perfect place for Russian languageimmersions and Study Abroad programs in the territory of theEuropean Union.
  • 4. Who we are4Daugavpils UniversityDaugavpils University, established in 1921, is the major academic andresearch institution in Eastern Latvia.The Department of Russian and Slavic Linguistics has a long tradition ofresearch and teaching the Russian language and literature to teachers,philologists and linguists.The Center of Russian Language and Culture was opened at the Departmentwith support from the foundation “Russkiy Mir” and the General Consulate ofRussia in Daugavpils.
  • 5. Who we are5Training Center LatInSoftTraining Center LatInSoft is the professional training and vocational educationdepartment of LatInSoft SIA, a Latvian private company, specializing inbusiness management software development, IT infrastructure solutions, andforeign language training.Training Center LatInSoft since 2004 offers tailored Russian immersions andcommunication skills development programs for professionals, governmentofficials, diplomats, military linguists, as well as refresher courses for non-native Russian language teachers.
  • 6. What we offer6Essence of our project• Full immersion Russian language Study Abroad academic programs andcommunication skills improvement training in the European UnionThe project features• The project takes advantage of the unique ethnic and cultural background ofDaugavpils regionWe will highly appreciate your support• Please promote the project to universities, government agencies, languageschools, businesses, NGOs in your country
  • 7. 7Learn Russian in the EUIntroductionBackgroundand missionStudyopportunitiesDaugavpils!
  • 8. Unique place8The European Union  Latvia  Daugavpils
  • 9. Unique place9Daugavpils is a unique place – a Russian linguistic enclave at the territory ofthe European Union.Daugavpils is the second largest city in Latvia, where 101 000 people live 53% of the population are ethnic Russians; 80% of the population speak Russian as their first language; 96% of the population speak Russian fluently; Russian is the language of everyday communication.Daugavpils is "the most Russian" city in Latvia andin the entire European Union and NATO.
  • 10. Partner competences10Study Abroadprograms,professionaltrainingLatInSofttailoredimmersions
  • 11. Project mission11Unique place,the most Russiancity in the EUPartnercompetencesThe best locationfor Russian languageStudy Abroadprogramsin theEuropean Union
  • 12. Target customers12Universities and educational institutionsStudy Abroad programs with ECTS academic transcriptsfor majors and minors in the Russian language, philology, culture,Eastern-European and post-Soviet studies.ProfessionalsEnhancing practical communication skills in Russian.Government training institutionsFull immersion language proficiency improvement, cultural training forofficers and support personnel of foreign affairs, defense, customs, lawenforcement.BusinessesBusiness communication and cultural training for successfulrelationships with Russian-speaking customers, suppliers and partners.Non-government organizationsBridging East and West, cross-cultural network development.
  • 13. 13Learn Russian in the EUIntroductionBackgroundand missionStudyopportunitiesDaugavpils!
  • 14. Daugavpils University14Faculties• The Faculty of Humanities• The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics• The Faculty of Education and Management• The Faculty of Music and Arts• The Faculty of Social Sciences52 study programs, 2500 full-time and part-time students.Member of:European University Association, European Union Universities of Small StatesThe major academic and research institution in Eastern Latvia
  • 15. Daugavpils University15The Faculty of Humanities, Departments• Department of Russian and Slavic Linguistics• Department of English Philology• Department of German Philology• Department of History• Department of Latvian Literature and Culture• Department of Latvian Language
  • 16. Daugavpils University16The Faculty of Humanities, Institutes and Centres• Centre of Russian Culture and Language• School of Russian Philology• Institute of Comparative Studies• Centre of Oral History• The Foreign Language Centre
  • 17. Daugavpils University17Department of Russian and Slavic Linguistics,Centre of Russian Culture and LanguageOpened with the support of the Russian World Foundation (“Russkiy Mir”).Activities of the Centre:• scientific conferences and methodical seminars in Russian language,literature and culture;• lectures on Russian culture for young people;• support of the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral study programmes at theFaculty of Humanities;• Russian language courses for foreigners and other interested people;• partnerships with Higher Educational Establishments of Russia.
  • 18. Daugavpils University18Department of Russian and Slavic Linguistics• Faculty Members 13with doctoral degree 12• Associated Professors 4• Assistant Professors 8• Full-time students 57• International “Erasmus” students (Poland, Turkey, Lithuania) 22• International students attending Russian language 12and cultural courses
  • 19. Daugavpils University19Department of Russian and Slavic Linguistics• Synchronous translation class• Linguaphone class• Videoconferencing room• Soviet and Russian film collection• Library with extensive collection of modern Russian literature
  • 20. Daugavpils University20Department of Russian and Slavic LinguisticsScientific Conferences• Slavic Readings annual• Russian Poetry Readings biennial• Dobichins Readings triennial• Krzhizhanovsky’s Readings triennial• Chinnov’s Readings triennialin cooperation with Institute of Comparative Studies
  • 21. Daugavpils University21The Faculty of Humanities,Academic and professional Bachelors programmes• Russian Philology• East European Culture and Business Relations• Latvian Philology• English Philology with French/ German/ Swedish/ Spanish or Polish as asecond language• German Philology with English/ French/ Swedish/ Spanish or Polish as asecond language• Polish Philology with English/ French / German/ Swedish or Spanish as asecond language• History• History (History of Culture)
  • 22. Daugavpils University22The Faculty of Humanities,Academic and professional Masters programs• Philology (Russian, Latvian, English, German)• Teachers of Russian or Latvian language and literature(first language/ second language);• Teachers of English, French, Swedish, German, Spanish, or Polish;• Translator / Interpreter• Comparative Philology• Teachers of History and Social Sciences or Cultural Studies;• Teachers of Cultural Studies;• History and Theory of Culture, History• Intercultural relations.
  • 23. Daugavpils University23The Faculty of Humanities, Doctoral programmes• Linguistics• Literary science• History
  • 24. Training Center LatInSoft24Tailored Russian immersion programs since 2004Intensive communication skills development training programs for• Industry professionals, businessmen• U.S State Department Diplomats, U.S. Army Foreign Area Officers• Military linguists• University students• Russian language enthusiastsTeacher development programs• Non-native Russian language teachers from the EU countries withsupport from Comenius/Grundtvig grant program.Accredited by the Ministry of Science and Education
  • 25. Training Center LatInSoft25Services for international students• Guided airport transfer and optional excursion to the Old Town in Riga• Meet-and-greet service in Daugavpils• Accommodation in a modern dormitory• Accommodation in selected Russian-speaking host families, breakfastor half-board• Full-board catering service for groups on request• Dedicated group manager• Field trips to Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, and within Latvia• Peer support services for students
  • 26. Study opportunities we offer26General Russian,Russian forprofessionalcommunicationRefreshercourses fornon-native Russianlanguage teachersStudy Abroadacademicprograms withECTS transcriptsStudy Abroad university programsIndividual one-on-one courses“Coursemates” low-budget groupsFully tailored project groups
  • 27. Post-Soviet Studies27Daugavpils is a perfect home basefor Eastern-European and post-Soviet studies• Daugavpils is 230 km to the south-east from Riga, the capital of Latvia;• The distance from Daugavpils to the borders withLithuania 25 km,Belarus 33 km,Russia 120 km.• Convenient overnight train connection to St. Petersburg and Moscow;• General Consulates of Russia and Belarus, located in Daugavpils, canprovide entry visas for international students in just few days;• This makes possible making 2-4 days long weekend study trips and injust one month explore several post-Soviet countries with remarkablydifferent development scenarios.
  • 28. 281. The most Russian city in the European Union2. Unique spectrum of study options3. Convenient and friendly city, low living expenses4. Flexible course tailoring5. Lodging options include Russian host families6. High quality of teaching7. High quality of student serviceTop 7 reasons to work with usWhy Learn Russian in the EU?
  • 29. Why Learn Russian in the EU?29ECTS academic transcriptsHigh level of personal safetyStudy trips to Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, EstoniaServices, medical assistance at the EU standardsUnique ethnic, cultural, religious diversityVisa is not required to study in Daugavpils!Even better than in RussiaOur exclusive advantages!
  • 30. 30Learn Russian in the EUIntroductionBackgroundand missionStudyopportunitiesDaugavpils!
  • 31. Daugavpils31Within 15 minutes walking distance from the dormitory:• Daugavpils University and Training Center LatInSoft facilities• More than 20 café and restaurants, 3 parks• 5 supermarkets, 2 shopping centers, 10 banks, numerous shops• Drama theatre, Concert Hall, Regional Museum, City Library• City Polyclinics, several drug stores, eyeglasses stores• Olympic Center (swimming pool, gym, fitness)• Ice Hall (skating, hockey), football field• Multiscreen 3D cinema, Bowling• Train Station, Intercity Bus Station• Many free Wi-Fi spots20 minutes walking or 3 tram stops:• Dinaburg Fortress and Mark Rothko Art CenterConvenient place to live and study
  • 32. Daugavpils32Travel informationRecommended international airport Riga (RIX)Optional international airport Vilnius (VNO)Flight time to Riga fromBerlin, Oslo, Stockholm, Warsaw less than 2hrsBrussels, London, Paris, Rome, Vienna less than 3hrsBus or train ride from Riga to Daugavpils 3hrs 40minLatvia is to join the Euro Zone on January 1, 2014Convenient place to live and study
  • 33. Daugavpils33More facts about Daugavpils:• Founded as Dinaburg castle by Livonian knights in 1275• Daugavpils has changed several names throughout its history:Dinaburg (1275), Borisoglebsk (1656-1667), Dvinsk (1893-1920),Daugavpils (since 1920).• Daugavpils region inherited remarkable ethnic, religious, and culturaldiversity. Largest historical communities: Russian, Latvian, Polish,Latgalian, Belarussian, Jewish, Roma.• Daugavpils is the birthplace of the world famous painter Mark Rothko,greatest Latvian poet Janis Rainis, actor Solomon Mihoels, writer LeonidDobychin.• Daugavpils has more Russian Old-Believers churches than any othercity in the world.• Dinaburg fortress – an outstanding example of an “ideal fortified city” –was built in the 19th century and remained unchanged.Convenient place to live and study
  • 34. Daugavpils: picture gallery34
  • 35. Daugavpils: picture gallery35(continued)
  • 36. Learn Russian in the EU – contacts36"Learn Russian in the European Union" projectAnna Stankevich +371 26009079Sergey Simonov +371 29544413E-mail info [at]
  • 37. 37See you in "Learn Russian in the EU"!