Richland library predatory reference final presentation


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Richland library predatory reference final presentation

  1. 1. PredatoryReferenceWhat, Why and How
  2. 2.  Extends reference service past our walls and website toprovide answers online, engaging current and potentiallibrary users. Participation includes posting useful, accurate informationon the Internet with a reference to Richland Library and theparticipant’s role at Richland Library. Furthers our strategic objectives:-meets and serves customers where they are-provides opportunities for staff to be “superstars”-increases visibility and removes barriers to service-promotes community-drives engagementWhat?
  3. 3.  Embeds Richland Library librarians in onlinecommunities, forums and knowledge bases, especiallythose with ties to our physical facilities“I’d like to see the library more actively supporting andguiding book clubs in their selections, reading habits,formation and discussions.“~Melanie HugginsWhat?
  4. 4.  Two way communication in a digital venue It’s a natural extension of our services and our jobs, giventhe transformation libraries will undergo in the coming years“We want to create libraries and services that […] provideas much autonomy and convenience as our customersdesire…”~Melanie HugginsWhy?
  5. 5.  A marketing vehicle or tool Efforts to do reference online are not done topromote a library location, event, service, etc. A “teaser” to get people into our facilities Incomplete answers that end in an invitation tofind out more frustrate and alienate today’s users Scripted in any way Interactions with customers at the desk are notscripted so online interactions won’t be either Interactions should be professional and genuinePredatory Reference is NOT“Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.”~Steve Jobs
  6. 6.  Answering questions/Online reader’s advisory Trolling selected sites looking for ways to providereference Participation in established online groups,communities Contributions to online arms of groups alreadymeeting in our buildings Formation of new special interest groups As part of ‘listening’ efforts See a need for a niche online group, create thatgroup forumHow?Types of Participation
  7. 7.  Approved participants should feel comfortable withthe options available. The key is determining how exposed they would like tobe FIRST. Several options are available.Identity Exposure
  8. 8.  Librarian Richland Library 1431 Assembly St. | Columbia, SC 29201 (p) 803.929.3422 | (f) 803.929.3438 Access Freely www.RichlandLibrary.comIdentity Exposure LevelAnonymous
  9. 9.  Not Facebook and Twitter/Social networks Yahoo answers If participant is logged in using a Facebook or Twitter account answers will beassociated with that account Participant may use a pseudonym account Gives you the opportunity to name your source, so use that space to stateyour credentials, like: “I’m a librarian. We handle questions like this all thetime.” You can also give a factual answer and then suggest your local library mayoffer additional information, and provide the link to WikiAnswers Some signature lines have been stripped by admins in the past per their rules,so get creative with your user id/screen name. Use the word “librarian” inyour screen name. For example:” librarian@Richland Library” or “helpful librarian”Identity Exposure LevelAnonymous
  10. 10.  Sarah Librarian| Richland Library 1431 Assembly St. | Columbia, SC 29201 (p) 803.929.3422 | (f) 803.929.3438 Access Freely www.RichlandLibrary.comIdentity Exposure LevelSemi-Anonymous
  11. 11.  (register via Facebook, LinkedIn, or account) (you apply to become a guide) Pinterest (register via Facebook, Twitter, or an e-mail address) Answerbag (register via Facebook or Answerbag account) Blurtit (register via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Blurtit account) Mahalo Answers (register via Facebook,Twitter,Yahoo,Google,WindlowsLive Id, LinkedIn, OpenId, PayPal, AOL, Blogger, Wordpress, or Myspace) (register via Facebook or Formspring account) Allexperts (you apply to become a subject matter expert) Chacha (you apply to become a guide) Yahoo Answers (register via Facebook, Google or Yahoo account) WikiAnswers (register via Facebook) TwitQA (register with Twitter account)Q&A Sites / Access
  12. 12.  Participant is willing to associate posts with a first and last name, jobtitle and organizationExample: Melissa Thigpen Librarian| Richland Library 1431 Assembly St. | Columbia, SC 29201 (p) 803.929.3422 | (f) 803.929.3438 Access Freely www.RichlandLibrary.comIdentity Exposure LevelDisclosed
  13. 13.  Facebook Especially Richland Library and Columbia, SC pages Join the “Answer Boards Librarians” Facebook group Twitter Be a part of Slam the Boards on the 10th of everymonth and tweet your answers using #slamtheboardshashtag. Google +Identity Exposure LevelDisclosed
  14. 14. The Life of a Post
  15. 15.  Why standard signatures are important? Contains information that will associate the postswith Richland Library, now and forever When the same wording is used posts are allindexed together by search engines Import posts to our site Track discussions and trending topics so we canrespond with appropriate content, lists and viewsThe Life of a Post
  16. 16.  How does this fit into a librarian’s job? It’s a natural extension of reference services, especiallygiven our strategic goal of meeting people where theyare It reinforces relevance of the library and promotesawareness of library staff as expert sources ofinformationLogistics
  17. 17.  Not every scenario is going to be covered right away Expect evolution and change over time Ask questions, try new things, be openPlease Ask Questions
  18. 18.  Email us at:PredatoryReference_mg@Richland Library.comWe will get back to you with further information.If you decide you want to participate, pleaseget your manager’s approval first.Interested?