Interview Behaviour and Body Language


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This video contains information about interview behaviour and body language which you should have before the interview, during the interview and after the interview. Hope this will help you in your interview.

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Interview Behaviour and Body Language

  1. 1. Interview Behaviour and Body Language Mrs. Shalu Pal B.E.(EE), MBA(HR)
  2. 2. Before Interview During Interview After Interview Interview Behaviour and Body Language |
  3. 3. Before Interview Do your homework and research about the company. Study all the current issues of company and job requirements. Neatly arrange and carry your papers like CV, job experience letters and work samples in a nice briefcase or portfolio. This makes you look organized and |
  4. 4. Practice good hygiene, comb or brush your hair, and cut your nails. Dress appropriately and avoid bright and dark colors. If you’re a male, wear a business suit or formal shirt and pant and polished dress shoes. Get a professional haircut or trim. Before Interview |
  5. 5. If you’re a female, wear a business suit / Formal Shirt pant / Saree / Salwar suit with polished, low- to medium- heeled dress shoes or sandal and minimum jewelry. Style your hair properly. Avoid wearing fancy jewelry, dark colored lipstick and over make-up as they are not acceptable for interviewing in most corporate environments. Before Interview |
  6. 6. Arrive about ten minutes early for the interview. This shows that you are eager and punctual. Don’t bring uninvited guests, like family, friends or significant others. Turn off your cell phone, pager and other devices that might interrupt your interview. Before Interview |
  7. 7. Use underarm deodorant to avoid body odour when interviewing. Don’t use strong perfume or deodorant as your interviewer might not like your choice and gets irritate by strong smell. Before Interview |
  8. 8. Smile gently a bit as it shows that you are happy and interested to give interview. Wish Good Morning / Afernoon / Evening as per the time of interview. You may offer a handshake and say something like, “I’m pleased to meet you.” During Interview |
  9. 9. Sit only when interviewer ask you to sit. Say thank you. Sit up straight, and lean slightly forward in your chair as this shows your interest for the interview. Sit with good posture with hands folded in your lap as this indicates good manners. Avoid crossing your arms over your chest, as it demonstrates a closed mind. During Interview |
  10. 10. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Avoid staring as you might make the interviewer uncomfortable. Maintaining low level of eye contact indicates that you are lying and lacking confidence. During Interview |
  11. 11. Speak normally but with a bit higher energy to show your communication skills. Speak with confidence and don’t lie. Avoid thinking while speaking as it shows lack of confidence. Do preparation about the company and job profile before interview as it helps you to speak confidently. During Interview |
  12. 12. Immediately say thank you to interviewer and offer a firm handshake and say nice meeting with you. You can send formal and professional thank-you letter to your interviewers. Sending thank-you letters is courteous, and will help to make you stand out in the minds of the interviewers. Be prepared to attend two or three interviews at the same company. If you’re called back for another interview, it means that they’re interested in you so keep up the good work. After Interview |
  13. 13. If you don’t hear back from your interviewers in about a week or 24 hours or so after they said you’d hear from them, it’s okay to call or send letters of inquiry, asking about your candidate status. If you still don’t hear back from them then you concentrate on the next job interview. After Interview |
  14. 14. Learn By Watch | |