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I created this document to debrief our West Coast Franchise Expo findings to help ABS correctly target the franchise industry. I also presented this document in a presentation setting to our Senior Management Team.

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Expo Debrief

  1. 1. West Coast Franchise Expo Debrief ABS Graphics Franchise Industry: Franchisee (One thatisgranteda franchise) Franchisor(One thatgrantsthe franchise) According to the Fall/Winter2010 Franchise OpportunitiesGuide (The only official guide to franchising) there are currently more than 1,100 franchisesthat are membersofthe International Franchise Association.A franchisorcan have anywhere from 3 to 3000 franchises. There are also many companiesthat have beenfranchising for many years or as little as under a year. There are currently around 500 suppliersthat are registeredwiththe IFAthat serve the needsoffranchisees. This includesall industries:Marketing,printing, finance,legal,and promotional items. WestCoast Franchise Expo Purpose:To obtain knowledge aboutthe franchise industry,build and create relationshipswith franchisees(One that is granted a franchise) and franchisors (One that grants the franchise) in the hopesof obtainingthem as future ABS clients. We obtainedthe belowinformationfrom franchise developersthatwere at the expo,not marketing specialists. There were 165 franchisor boothsand roughly 25 supplierbooths at the WestCoast Expo. Lori and I also attendedtwo symposiums. We attended,“5 Habits of a Successful Franchisor” and “How to become a Multi-UnitFranchise Owner.” We passedout roughly200 ABS leave behindmarketing piecesat the WestCoast Expo. Lori and I also traveledto Long Beach for the Healthand Beauty Expo where we passed out roughly 100 more ABS marketing pieces.
  2. 2. Key Players: Dependingonwhowe were talkingtoatthe expo, Lori eitherportrayedherself asa businesspartner lookingtoexpand intoanotherbusinessthatwould complimenthercurrentcareerpath or she talked directlyaboutourservices. Thisallowedustotalkwithfranchisorsandunderstandthe insandoutsof the industryas well astheircurrentmarketingsituation. Top Playersinthe Industry: 1. Plan AheadEvents: A home based meetingsandeventsmanagementcompanyserving clienteleworldwide byprovidingcreativesolutionsforall typesof events. Theyare ownedby UnitedFranchise Group. (Sign-a-Rama,EmbroidMe,PlanAheadEvents,BillboardConnection, Franchise BizandFranchise Mart) Numberof franchises:45 units Franchisingsince: 2007 Marketingabilities: Have haddigital store frontssetupfromday one. All marketingtoolsare at the fingertipsof theirfranchiseesandare customizableandsimple. Theystatedtheywere very happywiththeirsupplier. 2. CertaPro Painters: Largestresidentialandcommercial paintingfranchiseinNorthAmerica. Numberof franchises: 307 units Franchisingsince:1992 Marketingabilities:CertaProhasastrong relationshipwithanadvertisingagency. Thisagency helpstocreate marketingcollateral andtheyalsohave adigital store frontsetup throughtheir printvendor. Theircorporate office controlsalotof decisionmaking. 3. Liberty Tax: Retail income tax preparationservice. Numberof franchises: 3,238 units Franchisingsince: 1997 Marketingabilities: Complete onlineorderingprogramsetup. Theirprogram suppliestheir franchiseeswithcompletereportingcapabilities. 4. Global Franchise Group: Vertically integratedglobal brand managementcompany of establishedconsumerandfranchisedbrands.(The Athletes Foot,Shoe Box,GreatAmerican Cookies,Marble SlabCreamery,Pretzel Maker,andMaggie Moo’s.) Numberof franchises:1,710 units(betweenall 6listedabove) Franchisingsince: Asfarback as 1977 Marketingabilities: Theircompanyhassetupan online Web2Printorderingsystemfortheir franchiseestouse. Theyare happywiththeircurrentsituationaswell.
  3. 3. Young Playersinthe Industry: 1. How Do You Roll:Fast foodsushi outletwiththe lookandfeel of a Chipotle orBigMouths Burgers. Customerscan choose theiringredientsandwon’tspendalotof moneydoingso. Numberof franchises:none,2companyowned Franchisingsince: 2009 Marketing: Theyare a youngcompanythat will needmarketingsupportandtoolsinthe future. Theyseemedinterestedinlearningmore aboutthe programwe couldprovide. 2. SBF Payroll Services: Leaderinthe payroll industryandwasfoundedinCaliforniain1998. They currentlyprocessespayroll forthousandsof companiesall overthe U.S. Theirfranchisesare home based. Numberof franchises: 1 Franchisingsince:April 2010 Marketingabilities: Theyare youngas well andwouldneedmarketingsupportdownthe road for theirfuture franchise owners. 3. Painting with a Twist: This is a unique paintingexperiencecompany. Entertainmentand partiesare put on while customersenjoyanartlessonthatallowsthemtoleave withaone-of- a-kindcreation. Numberof franchises: 33 Franchisingsince:2009 Marketingabilities: We doknow theyhave marketingtoolsand materialsavailable totheir franchisees andtheyare happywiththeir“local”printer. The ownerstressedthe factthatshe likedhavingalocal printer. Findings: o Whythis was or wasn’t beneficial: o Our knowledgebase aboutthe franchise industrygrew tremendously. We were able to understandthe typesof companiesinthe industryandtheirmarketingneeds. Thiswill helpustarget thisindustry o It appearsthat the companiesatthe expoare saturatedwithWeb2Printprograms. These franchiseshave hadthese programsinstalledforyearsandare satisfied. A majorityof themhave complete marketingtoolssetupfortheirfranchisees toutilize. o Industry marketing trends: o Online marketingsolutions isnotanew conceptand has beenutilizedformanyyears in thisindustry. However,smallercompaniesare inneedof these toolsandhelpwith printcollateral. o Marketingisstartingto go mobile. o Franchiseshave beenutilizingadvertisingfirmsandmarketingfirmsformanyyears. It seemedthatthe franchiseesatthe expoare usingprintand marketingvendorsthat were originallysetupbytheircorporate headquartersthathave long-termrelationships withtheirvendors.
  4. 4. o Demographics: o Small to large unitfranchises o Entreprenurs o Corporate companiesowningmultiple franchises Competition: 1. BFC Integrated: Industryfirstcommercial printerandtechnologysolutionprovider. They alsocreate the perfectblendtoeffectivelymanage anorganizationscommunicationsand provide themwithappropriate analyticstoaccuratelymeasure theirbusiness. Theyare a memberof the IFA and cater directlytothe needsof franchises. Theyprovideservicessuch as digital print,VDP,directmail,kittingandfulfillment,orpickandpack services. *Showcase an extensive equipmentlistaswell as technologytrends theyare keepingup with. 2. Alexander’sPrintAdvantage: Industryleaderindigital printcustomizedprintautomation and affordable pricesformore than30 years. BrandSaw istheir web-to-printsystem. They marketdirectlytofranchisesontheirwebsitetitled,“FranchiseBrandManagement.” *Showcases theirspecialtyin franchise brand management 3. BluewaterDirect: Leadingproviderof integrateddirectmarketingsoftwaretechnologyand services. Theybringdirectmarketingtolocal andnational levels. Theyshowcase,ontheir website,theyofferpersonalizedfranchisesolutions. Theirstore frontandfranchise solution unitisknownas Wave. Opportunities: 1. There are over1,100 franchises,this means,there is a lot ofpotential businessout there.The franchise industry is alsoa billiondollarindustry. 2. ABS can sign up to become a vendor for companieslike,UnitedFranchise Groupand Global Franchise Group. These companiesown many franchisesand have vendorprograms setup for theirfranchisees. 3. ABS has the programs that franchiseeswant. The franchise industry is saturated with these typesof programs. Some companieshave had these programs in place for many years,but there is the potential to beat the competition.Some companiesmay not be happy with their current service and ABS couldbe theirsolution.
  5. 5. The NextStep: 1. Make a decisionto pursue this vertical 2. Franchise specificmarketingcampaign o Advertise infranchise specificpublications  EntrepreneurMagazine (Total Audience 3,005,000)  Franchise OpportunitiesGuide  Other monthly/quarterlypublications o Participate invarious franchise specificevents  Tradeshows/ expos  Supplierbooth at Franchise ExpoSouth = $2850.00  Marketing collateral featuringour name and logo will be displayedat the show and in show specificprintpieces. o Marketing collateral  Direct mail pieces  Online advertising(IFAwebsite, Entrepreneurwebsite,Expowebsites,etc.)  Franchise specificportal on our company website  Twitter and LinkedIn (Free easyways to spreadour name) 3. Become membersof IFA (International Franchise Association) thisis an organizationof franchisors, franchisees,andsuppliers. Membershipperyear: $2900.00 o ABS would gain instant recognitionamong franchises o ABS would be recognizedas a print company who understandsand servesthe needs of franchises o Instant accessesto information,researchand publications(Industrymagazinesand studies,custom researchand memberdiscounts) o ABS would gain educational and professional development(seminars,symposiums, committeesetc.) o Discount on certain eventsand advertisements. 4. Participate inthe IFA Annual Expo Booth price: $990 with discountedIFA memberrate o This eventis not a consumer show. The annual expoallows suppliers,franchisees, franchisors, and CEO’s the chance to networkwith each other. This eventis the premiereventfor suppliers!