Tablescape October 2012


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Tablescape October 2012

  1. 1. 1930’S SPEAK EASY SOIREE October 2012, Midterm Tablescape project by Leanne ParshalleSaturday, March 9, 13
  2. 2. 1930’S TABLE-SETTING C o ve r i s f r o m t h e p e r i o d . B o t t o m Na m e - c a r d s a r e v i n t a g e h a n d - glass dinner plate is patterned and made Bridge Luncheon tallys. in-relief. A clear glass salad plate is o n - t o p . Na p k i n i s f r o m 19 3 0 - 19 4 9 . Ta b l e - c l o t h i s c o n t e mp o r a r y. T h e n a p k i n r i n g i s a m o t i f - l a d e n my s t e r y.Saturday, March 9, 13
  3. 3. Cover is 1.5 inches from the edge of table. Flowers are in a classic “Penguin motif” ice bucket. Vintage ice-cream ware is being used for the water and wine glasses. Candle votive is in a circa-1930’s glass sundae cup .Saturday, March 9, 13
  4. 4. Backdrops will be rented from MKE Props Unlimited to evoke the glamour and the danger of what immortalized the 1930’s after the Great Depression…Saturday, March 9, 13
  5. 5. GUEST GIFTS To remember the EVENTSaturday, March 9, 13
  6. 6. ver’s Lea nne & Oli ee Soir Speakeasy In-keeping with the decade, guests will receive a hand-made “4x6” flip book highlighting the song, drink and food of the decade…Saturday, March 9, 13
  7. 7. MENU HOT EATS: COLD EATS: Chicken & Bacon Blankets Smoked Salmon Crabmeat Canapés Stuffed Crabmeat Cocktail Meatballs Caviar Sandwiches Ham & Steak Sandwiches Cream Cheese Crusts Chicken Croquettes Rolled Sandwiches Mini Chicken Pies Seafood Cocktails Meatloaf & Mashed Parsnips Fresh Fruit Platters Vegetable Hash Assorted Smoked Meat Repeal Day Chowder & Cheese Plates Parker House Rolls (Inspired in part by the vintage; Metropolitan Life Cook Book which had no publishing date, but does refer to an Ice Box. )Saturday, March 9, 13
  8. 8. COCKTAILS OF 1933 “Remember the Maine” a classic from Charles S. Baker (Rye/ Vermouth/Absinthe) The Martinez(Gin/Vermouth and Maraschino Liqueur) Whiskey Old-Fashioned Manhattan Barbary Coast Colony CocktailSaturday, March 9, 13
  9. 9. THE MUSIC OF THE 1930’s Coleman Hawkins, Fletcher Henderson Band Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra, Louis Armstrong, Ethel Waters, Fats Waller, Lester Young, Art Tatum and Count BasieSaturday, March 9, 13
  10. 10. FILMS OF 1933 Text Dinner at Eight Duck Soup 42nd Street Gold Diggers of 1933 I’m No Angel King Kong Little Women Morning Glory She Done Him Wrong Sons of the Desert The Invisible ManSaturday, March 9, 13
  11. 11. A special art glass coaster to inaugurate the first of many vintage decade theme dinners.Saturday, March 9, 13
  12. 12. 193 0’ Oct s Soir r, 2 ee obe 012Saturday, March 9, 13
  13. 13. WORKS CITED Adventures in Cocktails. Remember the Maine: A Classic 1933 Classic Cocktail From Charles H. Baker. AIC, 2010. Web. 18 December, 2010. American Movie Classics and Tim Dirks. AMC Film site: The Greatest Films of 1933. AMC, 2010. Web. 18 December, 2010. *Broderbund Software Inc. Click Art 65,000.: Disc 5. 1987-1997. Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. Celebrate the Repeal of Prohibition: Prohibition Era Cocktails. DSCUS, 2010. Web. 18 December, 2010. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Metropolitan Cook Book. (circa 1920-1930 or later? Or later?) Ward, Geoffrey C. and Ken Burns. JAZZ: A History of America’s Music. Alfred A Knopf//Random House: New York, 000-2005. Print. 2 Altered with digital media, October 2012: A 1978 Shalimar by Guerlain perfume ad. (for coaster)Saturday, March 9, 13