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Rise Up Campaign Book

  1. 1. Campaign Captain’sYouth Network“RISE UP” Campaign
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. Executive SummaryFirst and foremost, Campaign Captains would like to thank Pamela Palmer and all of YouthNetwork for the opportunity to work together. Campaign Captains consisted of five groupmembers, overseen by Dr. Sojung Kim.The group members of Campaign Captains were Jon Riley, Leanna Bigelow, Sterling Lung,Gabrielle Hunter, and Holly Bullock. In the beginning of our campaign process we distributed rolesbetween our group members based on our previous experiences. Leanna was selected to be ourcontact person and financial specialist. Sterling was the research director and brand manager.Jonathan was the creative director for the campaign. Holly was being the public relations andpromotions director. Gabby was the media and interactive director.The Youth Network is still in the beginning stages of their growth. This presents them withthe opportunity to raise awareness as a leading non-profit organization for youth in the PiedmontTriad. The problem presented was that Youth Network needed ways to fundraise money to supporttheir activities.We began our campaign conducting research to discover how well Youth Network is knownon the campus of High Point University. In our research we found relevant information to helpguide us in our campaign development process. We discovered that underclassmen would be abetter audience to target because they were not as involved in activities, so they would have moretime to dedicate to new involvement in an organization.Our next step in finding a solution was to organize our goals and objectives. Our priority wasto create an event that could be used year after year, raise funds, and raise awareness. Our third stepin the solution process was to choose our target publics. Our target public depended on the goal orobjective that we were trying to address. We primarily focused our attention on targeting high-income households in the triad since they would be more likely to donate funds to support YouthNetwork. As far as raising awareness and getting students involved with the annual event, wefocused on attracting freshmen. We felt this was best based on the information we found in ourpreliminary research.Next, we had to address our key messages. Through our key messages our goal was tobrainstorm the multitude of audiences that the Youth Network would serve with their new3
  4. 4. campaigns. We found that the campaign would serve not only the children but also HPU studentsspecifically education and business majors; potential donors that would donate money towards theYouth Network and lastly business sponsors that would assist with providing an opportunity topromote and be associated with a positive cause. Our key messages are imperative for our campaignto help regulate and monitor the success of the campaign for each target audience.Following evaluating and establishing the target audiences for the campaign we had tobrainstorm creative messages for the campaign and organization not only to attract more sponsorsand donators but also be appealing for the High Point University students as well. Along with thebig annual event we also created other creative events that would occur throughout the school yearto help Youth Network remain relevant even after the annual event. Also, through strategies andtactics we established all of the media outlets that would not only benefit Youth Network but alsohelp High Point University students stay involved with their community. With severalrecommendations for the use of earned media, owned media and social media we utilized all facetsof the media in order to spread the Youth Network message; help stay relevant and also up to dateon current events and news for the organization. Lastly through strategies and tactics we utilizedmedia lists and social media calendars to help the organization stay organization each month, butwith the use of the media list it will help spread news of the organization to multiple outlets such asradio, newspapers and magazines in the Guilford/Triad area.The last step of this process was creating a system for the organization to monitor its successthroughout the campaign and be able to evaluate its tactics and strategies. By being able to evaluatethe recommendations for tactics and messages of the campaign, the campaign will become easilyreplicable. For each goal and objective we created a monitoring and evaluation tactic that would bestfit for the best results. Youth Network will utilize Google Analytics and alerts to track traffic fromsocial media networks and the organizations website but also spread sheets. We have recommendedcost-effective methods the client can use to assess the effectiveness of specific tactics, specificallymeasuring ROI (return of investment) to track profits from sponsorships and donations. Lastly, totrack actual attendance for each event we recommended Youth Network Excel use spreadsheetsthat tracks, which media sources mention, or feature Youth Network in their stories and news.4
  5. 5. Executive BiosCampaign Captains is a well-respected advertising agency looking for their next big challenge! The Captainsare a hardworking, detail-oriented team that take pride in their work. This team values a creative environmentto spark ideas that stand out from the rest.Leanna Bigelow is a talented marketing professional with experience in publicrelations and advertising. As a marketing intern for EQUI-KIDS TherapeuticRiding Program, she gained experience in the non-profit sector. Her expertise inthe field stems from her undergraduate career at High Point University where shereceived degrees in both strategic communication and marketing.Holly Bullock is a well-rounded event planner with experience in radio eventcoordinating and sorority event coordinating. Holly has previously planned andoperated the 2012 Texaco Country Showdown in upstate New York as an intern forBig Dog Country 103.5. She was responsible for working on all aspects of theshowdown from participants to location. Holly has also been an active coordinatorwithin Phi Mu Gamma Zeta Sorority. She has worked to plan new membereducation as well as sisterhood events.Gabrielle Hunter is a graduating senior, majoring in Strategic Communicationwith a minor in Graphic Design at High Point University. Gabrielle haspreviously worked as a marketing and public relations consultant for The Queen’sFoundation Inc. With a background in graphic design, Gabrielle used her skills tocreate unique and inspiring media messages for underserved yet high achievingyoung women in North Carolina.Sterling Lund has been active in the communications field for over two years. She isexperienced with research methods and strategic message development in advertising.Sterling has worked on several advertising projects for her major and has also worked asa marketing consultant for Direct Insite, a software development company in FortLauderdale.Jon Riley has extensive knowledge in graphic design andcreative efforts. As an intern at Premier Productions, he was in charge of creating allweb banners and grass roots marketing. Premier Productions is the number onepromoter of Christian concerts in the world. He has also done freelance work whichhas allowed him to expand his skills of Adobe Photoshop. As a volunteer atRenaissance Road church, he helped plan and execute an awareness campaign. Hehelped produce a T.V. commercial, which aired on Good Morning America.5
  6. 6. Situation AnalysisTHE YOUTH NETWORKInformation/History of the Client: The client is the Youth Network of the Guilford CountyResource and Referral Center. They have four programs that operate underneath the GCRRCumbrella, including Sisters Helping Sisters, Capacity Builders, Outpatient Therapy for Children, andYouth Network. Youth Network is a program that supports the physical, social-emotion andcognitive development of youth by emphasizing important steps in gaining self-awareness. TheYouth Network began as a way to combat the epidemic of children being misdiagnosed with mentalor learning disorders. These kids were in need of help and the only way people felt they couldprovide the necessary tools to do so was through diagnosing them with specific conditions that theymay or may not have actually had. The Guilford County Resource and Referral Center recognizedthe need for children to have a place where they could benefit from an enriching experience thatcould provide them with the necessary resources for self- esteem and self-growth. They started thisprogram this year and are hoping to continue and expand from their current state. The YouthNetwork program currently supports 10 African American boys in grades kindergarten to 2nd grade.The boys meet for a few hours on Saturdays and meet for 3 hours for 10 weeks to complete theprogram (Guilford Country Resource and Referral Center)Industry Trends: Since High Point is a demanding market for non-profit organizations seeking tobetter the community; many organizations have been formed in order to help the citizens of HighPoint. The illiteracy rate of High Point is around 65%, so helping students with their education hasbeen a common trend among the organizations in High Point. There is a great need for help in HighPoint, and groups like Big Brothers Big Sisters, United Way, and Youth Network have been workingto contribute in positive ways. These programs have helped the youth by keeping them out oftrouble, educating them outside of the classroom and preparing them for the “real world”.Benefactors have made donations to non-profit organizations that have helped increase theirability to make a difference in the community. According to the National Center for CharitableStatistics, there are 44,290 non-profit organizations in North Carolina. With such a high number oforganizations benefactors have to choose from, it is important for the Guilford County Resourceand Referral Center to make themselves known in the community so more donations can be madeand, in turn, the organization will have more money to make their programs better.Competitive Field: The competitive field the client operates in is the group of non-profitorganizations in the Piedmont Triad that target the same group of people. Youth Network does notwant to take a competitive approach, instead they want to be considered partnering with the otherorganizations to reach the same goal and help the greater good.Audience Analysis: The participants are non-paid staff and volunteers. Pamela Palmer is head ofvolunteer at the Youth Network. She has been actively serving the community for many years. Shehas extensive knowledge of running Nonprofit organizations. Some of the other volunteers consistof HPU students; who must fulfill their class participation requirements by serving the YouthNetwork. Our primary target audiences are the HPU students who are unaware about YouthNetwork, who may be interested in volunteering. This may be an incoming student who is less likely6
  7. 7. to be involved in activities already. Our secondary target audience may be the local citizens of HighPoint, who also would be potential volunteers. Especially, during the summer when there are a lackof students.Program/Brand Analysis: The Youth Network aims to help children grow and develop a healthyself-esteem and strong self –motivation. They want to focus on providing children an inspiringexperience that allows them to learn and develop. Their current brand emphasizes important stepsto gaining self-awareness, emotional and cognitive development. While this identity is clear throughresearch, there is no set slogan that allows people to understand their mission. Through ourcampaign we would like to propose a potential slogan that may enhance the effectiveness of thename.Media Usage Analysis: Because the client is so new they do not have any major priorcommunication practices to expand from. However, The Youth Network is steadily developingthrough their connection and support from classes and departments at High Point University. Mostrecently, Pamela Palmer, a non-profit professor at the university has made it a requirement for hercurrent students to volunteer and contribute to Youth Network’s programs and development. Theclient has also received a grant from the English department to help financially and further developthis new organization.Category Creative Analysis:We have compiled a list of proposed creative ideas, for our campaign. They are as followed…• Direct Mail to HPU students. Specifically targeting freshmen, since they are less likely to beinvolved in volunteer services already.• Contact the Campus Chronicle, and have them write a feature story about Youth Network.This would help raise awareness through “earned media”.• Host a Krispy Kreme social at the UC philanthropy tables. We would offer free donuts tostudents and in return they would listen to us talk about Youth Network. We would alsohave sign-up sheets for interested students.• We would set up a booth at the activities fair at HPU.• Pitch to school the idea of sponsoring lunch at the Youth Network. Possibly have campusSubway donates some foot long subs to the children and helpers.SWOT Analysis:7
  8. 8. Strengths:• They have a strong relationship with the local Methodist Church.• They have a strong relationship with High Point University.• They have free rent at their location.• The Guildford County Resource and Referral Center provides funds and support.• The kids don’t have to pay for admittance.• Acceptance is not based on financial needs.Weaknesses• The “need” is bigger than everyone being accommodated.• They don’t provide transportation, possibly leaving some kids out.• The quality of the house could use upgrades.• There are limited funds.Threats• There are a lot of other local nonprofit organizations.• There may be a lack of interest from High Point Students.• Lack of student volunteers in the summer.Opportunities• They are planning on having some type of abbreviated summer program.• They have a possibility of planning field trips for the kids.• Recruiting High Point University students.• They have plans to remodel the house, with the help of the HPU interior design school.8
  9. 9. Key Issues & Implications: Some of the key issues that have been addressed include a lack ofawareness on the campus of High Point University and a costly program without support fromHPU students. When thinking about the issue of a lack of awareness on the campus of HPU, themajor implications would be that Youth Network will not have as strong of a relationship with theHPU community as they would if more students were involved. Another implication of the issue isthat Youth Network could struggle finding more volunteers since they are currently using volunteersfrom non-profit classes. As a result, Youth Network should consider hosting a table at the HPUActivities fair at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters in order to raise awareness of thevolunteer opportunities they have for students. Youth Network should also consider working withthe Volunteer Center on campus to give students more of an idea of what opportunities areavailable.Another key issue that Youth Network has is dealing with the costs of their program withoutreceiving any help from HPU students. The implication of this problem is the fact that YouthNetwork is not able to function without money, therefore they should consider raising awareness onthe campus of High Point University in order to potentially receive donations in addition tovolunteers.The Youth Network has a lack of funding for a great community need. They greatly rely onthe ability to provide an overall experience for the children. Without volunteers or money TheYouth Network will not be able to function. However, this program has an opportunity that mostdont. High Point University is a strong tool that will help the program succeed and grow. Thispartnership will greatly benefit The Youth Network.9
  10. 10. ResearchResearch Questions• What methods used by other non-profit organizations can Youth Network implement into theirprogram and organization?• Are freshmen and unaffiliated students less involved off campus with volunteeringopportunities?Primary ResearchAfter our first client input meeting with Dr. Palmer, we found that her vision of a successfulcampaign was rather simplistic. Her vision for a prosperous campaign was having a consistent andreoccurring event that brings not only volunteers and mentors from High Point University together,but also produces the necessary funds to keep the organization running. Along with an annual event,we made several suggestions to Dr. Palmer about re-creating the organization’s website to allow formore traffic; designing a logo for the Youth Network, to enhance credibility and awareness andlastly begin a social media campaign which would result in more advocates, mentors and volunteersfrom High Point University.Survey ResearchMethod: In addition to interviewing Dr. Palmer, we also conducted a survey among High PointUniversity students. The survey was developed by the students in our class and edited by ourprofessor, Dr. Kim. Over a course of four days, surveys were handed out to a total of 28students who took the survey by hand. Being that the majority of students at High PointUniversity are white, the participants were predominantly Caucasian, however there were a fewparticipants who listed themselves as African American. The results of the survey were thenentered into a Microsoft Excel worksheet and analyzed by Software Package Statistics AnalysisSoftware (SPSS).10
  11. 11. Results:1) Resources for volunteeringBased on the findings from the surveys, there appears to be a lack of communicationbetween the volunteer center and High Point students.Almost 40% of the participants were unaware that therewas a volunteer center that was available to students.However, the ones that do know about it are not utilizingit. People were very willing to provide other tangibleresources for the organizations, specifically food.Students appear to be unaware of opportunitiesfor volunteering outside of their organization. Thereforeit is important that we raise awareness of the volunteercenter and its importance to helping the community.According to the responses, more than half of thestudents claimed that they find out information aboutclubs or organizations on campus through word of mouth, followed by campus email and socialmedia. In order to reach students we must be aware of these channels and arouse interest by creatingfun events, social media, e-notifications and others.2) Fundraising EventsAbout 49% said that they would want to participate in a sporting event fundraiser. We maywant to consider ideas to make our eventactive, however with a lack of strong sportsteams in the surrounding area it may bedifficult. They also listed a concert as asecond choice to a sporting event. There is apossibility of doing a field day or some sort ofplayful event followed by music and dinner.This may be an idea that could satisfy bothneeds. In terms of on-campus fundraising,11
  12. 12. more than 50% said that the best way to raise funds would be through an event such as the BigMan on Campus. The second highest picked response was possibly hosting an event at a localrestaurant such as Feeney’s yogurt or Giannos.3) Willingness to volunteer for non-profitsNearly everyone seemed to be involved in some kind of non-profit volunteering. Theirmotivation to do so was noted to be mostly because of an organization’s requirements, such as afraternity or sorority. However, many also indicated a strong personal motivation to volunteer. Thismeans that they are willing to volunteer outside of their required schedule. Everyone indicated thatthey would be willing to work at least three hours, which is the amount of time allotted for theYouth Network anyway.4) Volunteering for Youth NetworkWhile no one had really heard ofthe organization, many of the respondentsbelieved that their organization would beinterested in helping provide food the YouthNetwork. We will want to contact some of thesororities listed and other organizations tocoordinate donations or food drive. It isimportant that we target groups of people,because many of the respondents said that theywould be more likely to volunteer with friends.With all of this information, we know that we musttarget people by generating a positive stream ofconversation. We can do this by actively reachingstudents via campus emails, social media andcampus events. People say that they are very willingto volunteer, so there is no lack of resources. It ismerely a matter of raising awareness, generating anidentity and gets people familiar with opportunities(volunteer center) off campus. People will respond.We just have to give them the information theyneed to do so.12
  13. 13. Secondary ResearchAs a part of the secondary research for our campaign we established that researching andinvestigating other non-profit organizations in North Carolina as well as global organizations wouldbest suit our mission in establishing a good campaign. As a group we recognized that a “good”campaign’s goal is to raise awareness of the organization, generate more people to support theorganization by means of the campaign but also attracting more volunteers, advocates, stakeholdersand possibly mentors if needed. As each of us researched a different non-profit organization wefound different areas in which helped their organization strive and become successful.We looked at some of the prominent non-profit organizations that are nationally knownsuch as the YWCA, Boys and Girls Club and the Children’s Miracle Network. Each of these non-profit organizations have had successful campaigns in raising awareness towards their goals andobjectives of serving children but also they each have a unique campaign strategy in raising awarenessthat could benefit Youth Network.1) The Queens FoundationThe Queen’s Foundation (TQF) which is a statewide non-profit based in Greensboro, NorthCarolina whose mission is to serve young women by “becoming queens in life” and servant leaders intheir communities. Although they serve young women, their mission is still similar to Youth Network intargeting the youth in their pivotal development stages to be catalysts for their community and leaders.One strategy that could benefit Youth Network is working with philanthropic organizations such assororities and fraternities. Though several investors sponsor TQF, the organization itself has made aname for itself on the campus by working with sororities, being active during activities fair and eventincorporating students into their internship program.The Queen’s Foundation currently serves only young women in four counties in North Carolinawhile Youth Network only serves boys, which in time might change to serving young women as well.Though both organizations only serve one sex as of now, the mission of serving these children are thesame. Another similarity between Youth Network and The Queen’s Foundation is their mission intargeting underserved children in the area but more importantly targeting them at a pivotal time in theirdevelopment. The Queen’s Foundation, like the Youth Network’s objective is to target young adults andlead them down paths that will help them socially, emotionally and mentally. During the time of youngadolescence and development, children tend to be mislead and fall out of line of what is consideredsocially acceptable but with both of these organizations working towards the same mission; children areexposed to learning about self-image, self-esteem and becoming advocates in their communities.13
  14. 14. 2) Children’s Miracle NetworkThe Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) is an organization that focuses on providing childrenattention that they need. One strategy that could benefit Youth network is linking up with a specificorganization on campus. CMN is linked with Phi Mu fraternity and that group brings in a lot ofdonations for the non-profit. CMN also has National Free Pancake day as a way to campaign fordonations.3) Young Women’s Christian AssociationWith over 2 million people participating each year and more that 1,300 locations across theUnited States, the YWCA acts a strong voice to those who are unfairly voiceless. The power of theirunited efforts has been the forefront of most of the social movements in the United States including:the abolition of slavery, voting rights, health initiatives…etc. Because they have been around formore than 150 years, they have been able to build a brand the holds strong name value. Their websiteutilizes research done in the United States about the statistics of inequality. This emphasizes the greatneed for their work. This may be something that the Youth Network might want to provide on theirpage so that people can have something to “validate” their donations of time or money.The Youth Network is not nearly the size of the YWCA, however it has the potential toencourage an online community as the YWCA does. They provide people with the ability to connectthrough YWCA Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Their presence on social media is held up bya strong dedication to continuous interaction that costs little to nothing. They have over 860 pinstheir Pinterest page, 3,267 followers on Twitter and 5,873 likes on Facebook. These methods costlittle to nothing to implement have become one of the top ways to publicize an organization. Peopleexpect the ability to follow their favorite organizations and be involved. The Youth Network couldgreatly benefit by making their website more interactive as well as creating links to social networksites.Along with a strong online presence, the YWCA hosts an annual conference every year thatprovides people with workshops, awards and other various events. There is a price to attend theconference that can cost $375, $425 or $525, depending on when you purchase a ticket. This year itwill be hosted on June 5-8 2013On the website they provide you with ways you can choose to help. They can volunteer at a localYWCA, make a donation, become an advocate towards a certain initiative with the government orbecome a corporate partner that requires them to sponsor the annual conference and other events.This may be something that the Youth Network would want to consider because Dr. Palmer statedthat she would like to host an annual conference but she would need to have the funds. This idea ofpartnership could be a great way for people to help donate specifically to events.14
  15. 15. 4)GOFARGo Out For A Run (GOFAR) is a 501©3 nonprofit organization. They are similar to theYouth Network because its focus is aimed for kids. The organization promotes a healthy lifestyleand character through its 10-week program. The kids spend the 10 weeks learning about propernutrition, while training for a 5k. They celebrate the end of the 10 weeks with new friends andfamily, at the GOFAR 5k. There are over a 1,000 runners, and everyone is encouraged to participate.The GOFAR 5k embodies the concept of the program, and helps promote its self.Similar to the Youth Network, they encourage parents to be a part of the program, andbelieve a nurturing environment is crucial to their development as kids. GOFAR utilizes aninteractive website, which allows you to get involved and learn more. The website guides interestedviewers in “starting a program”, “donating, or “sponsoring”. GOFAR has many sponsors. Subway,Primo, United Healthcare, the National After School Association, Guilford County Department ofPublic Health, and many more support them. The website also provides nutrition tips, videos, andtestimonials. The organization is focused on teaching youth and parents the effects of childhoodobesity.The Youth Network can take a few of these strategies, and further their efforts as anorganization. The Youth Network is still in its early stages as a program. However, they have astrong sense of what they stand for. They want to provide a nurturing environment for kids of allbackgrounds. An environment that teaches them a healthy lifestyle. The program aims at boostingtheir self-esteem and exploring their futures. What differentiates the Youth Network is their strongbelief in parent involvement. They believe that parents, who spend time with their kids, cater toproper development. They have different activities where they make it mandatory for the parents toattend.Based off of the GOFAR organization, I believe Youth Network can increase volunteers bysimply creating a website that models after GOFAR. There can be a section for volunteers to signthemselves up. It is an important tool for people who are interested in Youth Network to learnmore and sign up to help. The website should also provide the option for a mailing list, and thereshould be more information for sponsor opportunities.Another strategy that they could take from GOFAR, is hosting an event at the end of theirprogram that embodies the concept of the program. This could be anything from a 5k to an HPU15
  16. 16. affiliated event. This would be good public relations tactic, and would help self-promote them. Itwould be a source of “earned media” which is cheap and would raise awareness.Creating a Good CampaignThe Youth Network can take a few of these strategies, and further their efforts as an organization.The Youth Network is still in its early stages as a program. However, they have a strong sense of whatthey stand for. They want to provide a nurturing environment for kids of all backgrounds, anenvironment that teaches them a healthy lifestyle.The program aims at boosting their self-esteem and exploring their futures. What differentiates theYouth Network is their strong belief in parent involvement. They believe that parents, who spendtime with their kids, cater to proper development. They have different activities where they make itmandatory for the parents to attend.The key takeaways include:-Creating an opportunity for people to become partners in order to sponsor fundraisers.-Creating a social media presence and reworking the website-Raise awareness among students via University notifications.-Create opportunities for people to get involved with the Youth Network.-Create a sense of community. (Appealing to the idea of friend influence.)16
  17. 17. Goals and ObjectivesOverall Goal: The goal for the Youth Network campaign is to establish annual events that can bereplicated. They must raise awareness, fundraise and produce sponsors.Specific Goal: We hope to plan a field day event by next fall, October 2013. The amount we wishto raise for the duration of the campaign, which will occur from August 31, 2013 until March 13,2014 is $2,000.Measurable Goal: The campaign is set to run for eight months, starting in August of 2013 andending in March 2014.Action Oriented: We will create a detailed social media timeline that we will actively engage oneach week. We also hope to team up with a local restaurant to have a fundraising night for theYouth Network.Realistic: Yes, these are realistic and obtainable goals for the Youth Network.Time Stamped: The goals and objectives of the campaign will be achieved by April 1st2014.Potential Barriers: It is important to look at the potential barriers that we may come in contactwith during the campaign so we can plan on how to overcome the obstacles. The first barrier thatwe may have is the lack of interest within the HPU campus and along with that comes a lack ofvolunteers to pull off the event that we hope to have. Due to the fact that HPU is such a largecampus that holds many events, we may find it difficult to find a date that can be scheduled to workwith every person’s prior commitments. We also may have excessive start up costs for theentertainment and food that will be provided at the event.Management Strategies: To overcome the barriers we must assign each group member specificduties to complete. We must work to properly maintain the social media calendar. Our team mustpartner with HPU early and maintain positive relations to help secure the location and date at theearliest convenience. It is also important to organize and recruit volunteers immediately while alsoincorporating them into the planning process.17
  18. 18. Resources Required: To complete our goals and objectives some important resources are needed.We need:• Volunteers to help at the event.• We need a skilled graphic designer• Social media specialist.• Finding a reliable restaurant to partner with for fundraising opportunities• Establish a partnership with High Point University.By When: It is important to have access to these resources immediately to make sure everything isin order for the campaign and there is no loose ends.Short-term Objectives: Our short term objectives are to develop a weekly social media calendarthat is following weekly to start exposing HPU students to Youth Network over seven months.Establishing and creating a logo, slogan, and website will also be needed quickly.Medium term Objectives: Our medium-term objectives are to organize and obtain between 25-30volunteers. Through our social media, we want to obtain at least 100 followers and increase thepresence of Youth Network on Twitter, Facebook and increase traffic on the organization’s website.Long term Objectives: Our long-term objectives are to maintain our social media calendar andmake any adjustments and additions after monitoring and evaluating the success of each mediaoutlet. We must also establish a budget and obtain sponsors and partnerships with High PointUniversity as well as other local businesses. Lastly, we must create a reoccurring event that will allowfor Youth Network to obtain more relationships, sponsors and donations for future programs andevents.Rewards: As a reward system, we will give out Krispy Kreme for those people who follow, like ormention our social media pages. Having this reward system will give an incentive to our High PointUniversity students while increasing awareness of the organization.Accountability: To stay accountable through this campaign, both Dr. Pamela Palmer and Ms.Buxton will hold the team accountable.18
  19. 19. Messages and AudienceStatement of Problem or Opportunity: Youth Network is a fairly new program that needs toraise funds by events and sponsors. Provide annual support in order to keep the program runningefficiently. This is not the typical Non-profit organization that draws at your heartstrings. It does notmerely focus on underprivileged kids and because of this people may not be as easy to get peopleinvolved.Opportunity: To develop annual fun and effective fundraising events that helps support the YouthNetwork and builds a strong relationship with High Point University.Campaign Goals: The goal for the Youth Network campaign is to establish annual events that canbe replicated. It must raise awareness, fundraise and produce sponsors.Communication Objectives: To create social media exposure through the various popularnetworks such as Facebook, Twitter and the organization’s website. With the usage of social mediathis will allow Youth Network to have constant expose that will reach each of the intended targetaudiences and help remain relevant daily.Audience and Messages:Audience Description Message:ParentsYouth Network will help kids succeed invarious aspects of their developmental stagesof life.HPU StudentsVolunteer at Youth Network by becoming a“Balloon Buddy” and helping them developsocial, emotional and academic skills throughtheir developmental stages.Education & Business MajorsAssignments to help students create age, anddevelopmental appropriate daily activitiesand lesson planning.Business DonorsDonating money to the Youth Network willbenefit the community to help fund for19
  20. 20. reoccurring events in the future.SponsorsThe Youth Network sponsorship providesan opportunity to promote businesses and beassociated with a positive cause.Strategies and TacticsStatement of Problem or Opportunity: Youth Network is a fairly new program that needs toraise funds through hosting events and attracting sponsors. Youth Network needs annual supportin order to keep the program running efficiently. This is not the typical non-profit organization thatdraws at your heartstrings. It does not merely focus on underprivileged kids, and because of this itmay not be as easy to get people involved.Opportunity: To develop annual fun and effective fundraising events that help support the YouthNetwork and build a strong relationship with High Point University.Overall Goal: The goal for the Youth Network campaign is to establish annual events that can bereplicated. They must raise awareness, fundraise and produce sponsors.20
  21. 21. Logo DesignThe logo we designed corresponds to the overall theme ofour campaign. We chose to use balloons because they symbolizehope and unrealized potential. Balloons start out flat but once theyare given breath, they have the ability to fly. When they arereleased they float to higher levels and their destination is seen asunlimited. Youth Network will breathe life into children’s hopesand dreams and inflate the possibilities to reach their highestpotential.21
  22. 22. Strategic and Tactical Recommendations:Recommendations (Owned Media):Based off our client’s needs and budget, we have chosen direct mail as our only source of paidmedia. Direct mail is an easy way to reach a specific market at a minimal cost. Campaign Captainsrecommend a direct mail post card to people in the triad of higher incomes. It will explain YouthNetwork and have a blank envelope with a return address and stamp to be used by recipientsdesiring to contribute with a monetary donation.Costs and fees:Based off of the United States Postal Service• 200 envelopes• Standard Mail• 5 digits• Est. 3 ounce• Non- Profit pricingo Total Price= $54.00Cost of production based off of VistaPrints.com (Actual flyer)• 250 prints• Glossyo Total Price (color)=$62.98o Total Price (Black & White)= $42.9922
  23. 23. Recommendations (Earned Media)Radio and T.V. will sometimes offer a spot for a Public Service Announcement (PSA), to local non-profits. This means, they will announce the message for free because it is for a good cause. For ourmain event, “Up & Away Field Day," we propose to use earned media to inform the public.Specifically, we will use newspaper and radio.A. Earned Media Print (Up & Away Field Day)The news release on the following page will be sent to media outlets, specifically newspapers andradio stations.23
  24. 24. News ReleaseFOR RELEASE ON FOR MORE INFORMATION:Aug. 5, 2013 Leanna BigelowCommunications Director, Campaign Captains(757) 409-6120bigell09@highpoint.eduYouth Network to host “Up and Away Field Day” at High Point UniversityHIGH POINT, N.C., Aug. 20, 2013 – Youth Network will host a family fun day formembers of the High Point community on the last Saturday in August. The event will be a fun fieldday style event that gives High Point University students the opportunity to interact with the familiesinvolved with Youth Network.The event is scheduled for August 31 and will be held on the intramural fields on thecampus of High Point University. The Up and Away Field Day will feature fun activities like t-shirtmaking, relay races, balloon dart painting, a bounce house and face painting. High Point University24
  25. 25. students will also perform music for the event. Plenty of food will be provided, including freshpopcorn, cotton candy, and barbeque from Carter Brothers.Dr. Pamela Palmer is very excited to introduce Youth Network to the High Point Universitycommunity. Along with the rest of the Youth Network team, Dr. Palmer will be at the event toanswer any questions about Youth Network and their role in the community.Youth Network is a program sponsored by the Guilford County Resource and ReferralCenter. Located in Jamestown, North Carolina, Youth Network is a place for children to just be.Centered on a program designed to strengthen the character of children, Youth Network is open tochildren from any economic background.###Media List25
  26. 26. Campaign Captains has also already utilized earned media via HPU’s student newspaper. An article,beginning on the front page, was written on Youth Network. We contacted the school and also hada photographer take pictures for the article. This is an effective way for students to become morefamiliarized with Youth Networks name and mission.Recommendations (Earned Media)26
  27. 27. Youth Network Radio PSAAir Date: 8/21/13 – 8/31/13SFX: Children Laughing & GigglingMusic: background musicMusic: background music fades outAnnouncer: Children in High Point are a lightin our community. With the right support,they can experience new heights every day andlearn to be a better version of themselves.What if there was a place for them to go thathelped them realize all they are capable of?Youth Network is that place. Centered on aprogram that helps children realize their truepotential, Youth Network is a place for kids tojust be. Help Youth Network today through adonation. Every contribution will help YouthNetwork give kids support andencouragement to be the best version ofthemselves they can be. Visitwww.facebook.com/theyouthnet to learnmore about Youth Network!Recommendation (Social Media)For our client we recommend the usage of the top two social media networks on the market.We will recommend utilizing Twitter and Facebook because with their popularity these twonetworks are the gateway for communication between Youth Network and our intendedtarget audience.27
  28. 28. 1. Facebook- Mentor Mondays would be every other Monday of the month. With thisthe Youth Network can spotlight their mentors and their accomplishments with theirorganization. Also, Youth Network can offer tips, and possible application links tobecoming a mentor or simply being involved.2. Twitter- Wise Word Wednesday (#WWW) would be a trending topic every Wednesdayon Twitter that would be used by the Youth Network to spread wise words ofencouragement and quotes that pertain to their mission statement. Not only wouldYouth Network use the trending topic but also others can use the hash-tag to spreadawareness and wisdom.28
  29. 29. Facebook:29
  30. 30. Twitter:30
  31. 31. Social Media Calendar Rationale: The social media calendar will be implemented each monthwith a reoccurring event weekly. With a social media calendar, Youth Network can stay relevant;have a constant presence online, accountability; and target each audience.31
  32. 32. 32
  33. 33. Campaign Event CalendarAugust 19, 2013 Activities Fair at High Point UniversityAugust 21st- August 31,2013 PSA will air, promoting the Field DayAugust 25thNewspaper Article- Campus ChronicleAugust 26, 2013- August 31, 2013 Campus Concierge email for Field DayAugust 29, 2013 Flyer for campusAugust 31, 2013 Up and Away Field DayNovember 25, 2013- December 2, 2013 Campus Concierge- UC Caroling Info.December 2, 2013 UC Caroling EventFebruary 3, 2013 Direct Mailing for DonationsMarch 6-March 13, 2013 Campus Concierge Email for MunchkinsMarch 13, 2013 March Munchkin Madness Event**Social Media Calendar will be in effect throughout the duration of campaign.Schedule for Holiday Caroling December 2nd6:00-6:30pm -Youth Network Kids and Volunteers will sing carols in the UC-They will also pass out candy canes to HPU students6:30pm -Grab some hot cocoa and cookies6:45pm -Christmas movie in the Cinema with Balloon BuddiesKids will receive parent’s permission through a permission slip, a week before the event. Kids willgo home after the movie is over. We wanted to make sure that they were not on campus latebecause it is a school night!Schedule for March Munchkin Madness March 13th8:00am-1:00pm- HPU students can go to Philanthropy tables in UC andpurchase Dunkin Donuts Munchkins for $2. All proceeds will be donated to Youth Network toprovide Saturday lunches and school supplies.HPU students can also purchase basketball Brackets for $5 to fill out.33
  34. 34. Campaign Event Flyers:Events:Activities fair booth: 8/19/2013Each semester the school hosts an activities fair in Slane. This involves multiple booths that are runby different organizations on campus. A lot of people come to this event, especial freshman, whichare a large target audience for this campaign. Having a booth would help people become aware ofthe event and also get people to volunteer to help run the event and also sign up to perform at theevent. The intern and one or two other people, who would help run the booth and inform peopleabout the opportunities to get involved.34
  35. 35. Up and Away Field DayAfter surveying students on the campus, majority of the respondents said that they would like toattend a sports event and or a concert as a fundraising event. Because of these results, we decidedthat a field day featuring student performers would be the best combination of the two. With theticket sales at $5 a person, we can raise money while also getting people involved and build theYouth Network community.35
  36. 36. UC CarolingThis event would happen right around final exam time, so students will appreciate the break fromtheir tough study time. They will also have Christmas cookies for sale and complimentary hotchocolate. During holiday season people are especially generous. We feel the UC caroling event willtake advantage of this, making it an appropriate time to fundraise.March Munchkin MadnessThere are a lot of people who get very involved in the March Madness events. Incorporating ourdoughnut sale during this time is a great way to do something that is recognizable and people alreadyenjoy. Selling these doughnuts will provide money for fundraising.36
  37. 37. 37
  38. 38. Evaluations & MonitoringStatement of Problem or Opportunity: Youth Network is a fairly new program that needs toraise funds through hosting events and attracting sponsors. Youth Network needs annual supportin order to keep the program running efficiently. This is not the typical non-profit organization thatdraws at your heartstrings. It does not merely focus on underprivileged kids, and because of this itmay not be as easy to get people involved.Opportunity: To develop annual fun and effective fundraising events that help support the YouthNetwork and build a strong relationship with High Point University.Overall Goal: The goal for the Youth Network campaign is to establish annual events that can bereplicated. They must raise awareness, fundraise and produce sponsors.Methods: GOALS AND EVALUATE OBJECTIVESSpecific Goals: Replicable Event, Raise Awareness, and Fundraising Opportunities1. Annual Event: Up and Away Field Day• Monitoring: Keeping track of attendees at each event and monitoring their time spentthere. To monitor their time we recommend that the Youth Network intern or volunteerinterview multiple attendees about recommendations for next year’s event.• Evaluation: Checking social media for impressions; checking retweets (Twitter);additional likes to the Facebook page; updates on status and overall attendance for theevent and reviewing the interview recommendations and suggestions.2. Raise Awareness:• Monitoring: We recommend the usage of Google alerts and Google analytics. How??With what keywords??• Evaluation: Activity on social media (analytics) creating a comparison of attendance ateach event.3. Fundraising:• Monitoring: Keeping track of how much is being raised at each event or through anyfundraising efforts other than events. This includes donations that are given in waysincluding website donations or direct mail. Will be monitored in the form of aspreadsheet.• Evaluation: Measuring ROI, or the amount of financial gains divided by the amount wespent. For each event calculate how much was spent versus how much was gained. Willbe evaluated in the form of a spreadsheet.38
  39. 39. Cost-effective methods: SPECIFIC TACTICSHow to calculate the ROI:(Return – Investment)/ InvestmentIt’s typically expressed as a percentage, so multiple your result by 100.1. Social Media Calendar• Google Analyticso Rationale: Checked at least once a week for progress2. Up and Away Field Day• Rationale: Measure ROI (return on investment) to determine profitability and success;calculate attendance, which measures activity and involvement regarding participation.3. University Center Caroling• Rationale: Measure ROI (return on investment) to determine profitability and success4. Munchkin Madness• Rationale: Measure ROI (return on investment) to determine profitability and success; countthe number of brackets filled out and turned in, which measures activity and involvementregarding participation5. Website• Open Web Analyticso Rationale: Plugs into your website that tracks the traffic of your website. Free.6. PSA (Radio)• Excel spreadsheet that tracks which media sources mention or feature Youth Network intheir stories and news7. News/Press Release• Excel spreadsheet that tracks which media sources mention or feature Youth Network intheir stories and news39
  40. 40. Sample monitoring and evaluation toolsUp & Away Event Survey:Hi! My name is ___________________ and I’m a representative for the Youth Network. Wouldyou be willing to answer a couple of questions for me about our event today?1. Gender:2. Age:3. HPU Student? Yes or No4. How did you hear about this event?5. Did you sign up to be a balloon buddy?6. If we were to have this event again next year, would you come?7. Would you like to receive e-mail updates from Youth Network?8. Have you liked Youth Network on Facebook?9. Do you follow Youth Network on Twitter?10. Have you thought about making a donation to the Youth Network?11. Have you enjoyed your time here?12. Do you have any suggestions or ideas for ways this event could be better?Monitoring Media that features Youth Network:40
  41. 41. 4111%5%59%11%14%Expenditureby CategoryWebsiteDirect MailUp & Away Field DayUC CarolingMunchkin MadnessYOUTH NETW ORK DONATIONS RECEIVEDTRAN SACTI O N STypeBeginning Balance $0.00D ate D escription Category Amount BalanceCashCheckCashCashCheckCash8/5/13 Donation from John Smith Website $! 25.00 $! 25.008/31/13 Donation from Jill Miller Up & Away Field Day $! 10.00 $! 35.008/31/13 Donation from Nido Qubein Up & Away Field Day $! 100.00 $! 135.0010/25/13 Donation from Larry Jones Direct Mail $! 20.00 $! 155.0012/6/13 Donation from Isaac Man UC Caroling $! 10.00 $! 165.003/15/14 Donation from AmandaLee Muchkin Madness $! 20.00 $! 185.00ACCO U N T CATEGORI ESCategory AmountWebsiteD irect MailUp & Away FieldD ayUC CarolingMunchkinMadness$! 25.00$! 20.00$! 110.00$! 10.00$! 20.00Total $! 185.00
  42. 42. Weekly Progress ReportsTeam Members: Leanna Bigelow, Holly Bullock, Jon Riley, Gabby Hunter, Sterling LundDate of Report: January 25, 20131. Team Campaign Captains met on January 25 from 1pm to 2pm. We met at Starbucks inthe University Center.2. Members attending: Leanna Bigelow, Holly Bullock, Jon Riley, Gabby Hunter,Sterling Lund3. Decisions reached:We decided on the information to put in the situation analysis and who wouldcomplete the sections. We also decided to meet again on Sunday at 8pm.4. Discussions:We discussed volunteering at Youth Network in the future.5. Assignments:Sterling will serve as the proofreader, Gabby will complete the 3rd question on the situationanalysis, Holly will complete the 5th question on the situation analysis, Jon will complete the4th question on the situation analysis, and Leanna will complete questions 1 and 2 on thesituation analysis.6. Place, date and time of next meeting:Our next meeting will be on Sunday, January 27 at 8pm in the University Center.42
  43. 43. Team Members: Leanna Bigelow, Holly Bullock, Jon Riley, Gabby Hunter, Sterling LundDate of Report: February 1, 20131. Team Campaign Captains met on Sunday, January 27th from 9:30 to 10:30 in theUniversity Center.2. Members attending: Leanna Bigelow, Holly Bullock, Jon Riley, Gabby Hunter,Sterling Lund4. Decisions reached:We are having a feature article written in the campus chronicle as part of ourcampaign. The editor has been contacted and a writer has been assigned.Pictures will also be taken for the article. The editor has also given us exclusivityto the story, meaning no other group will have this opportunity. Lastly, we havedecided that Leanna will be our contact person, Sterling will be the researchdirector and brand manager, Jonathan will be the creative director for thecampaign, Holly will be the PR and promotions director and Gabby will be Media andinteractive director.5. Discussions:Ideas for campaign: concierge insert for the email, direct mail to students, give out crispycream donuts to students in the UC and introduce youth network to them, buttons, schoolsupply and snack drive, sponsored lunches, we want to do something like sponsoring a child,work with volunteer center as well, mailings to parents, etc. we are interested in giving YouthNetwork a new name and a whole new identity to be more intriguing and gain more interest.Once we get a slogan and logo, we will create a website, Facebook page, twitter page and actuallyget them functioning allowing for people to become friends and followers. For the format ofour campaign, we will create a letterhead that will be used on each page and all futureassignments. Font will be Garamond at 12 pts. Colors will be limited to one or two consistentcolors throughout the book. We will have a table of contents and the sections will be separatedby tabs.5. Assignments:We worked together to get the situation analysis done by Wednesday. We had it done byMonday but we each took sections to review and made the analysis better. We also have created aFacebook group for communication within the group as well as we have been in contact withPamela to volunteer at youth network the next Saturday that they will be there.6. Place, date and time of next meeting:Our next meeting will be on Sunday, February 4 at 8pm in the University Center.43
  44. 44. Team Members: Leanna Bigelow, Holly Bullock, Jon Riley, Gabby Hunter, Sterling LundDate of Report: February 8, 20131. Team Campaign Captains met on February 4th from 1:25 to 2:30. We met in theCommerce building.2. Members attending: Leanna Bigelow, Holly Bullock, Jon Riley, Gabby Hunter,Sterling Lund3. Decisions reached:We came up with our research questions and purpose.4. Discussions:We discussed options for volunteering at Youth Network and potentialcampaign ideas.5. Assignments:We worked together to come up with the questions. Gabby was our scribe.6. Place, date and time of next meeting:Our next meeting will be on Sunday, February 10 at 8 pm in the University Center.44
  45. 45. Team Members: Leanna Bigelow, Holly Bullock, Jon Riley, Gabby Hunter, Sterling LundDate of Report: February 15, 20131. Team Campaign Captains met on Monday, February 11th at 2:30 in the CommerceBuilding.2. Members attending: Leanna Bigelow, Holly Bullock, Jon Riley, Gabby Hunter,Sterling Lund3. Decisions reached:We decided that Leanna would put together the results of the survey and thateveryone in the group would get as many surveys completed as possible. We decided thateach group member would write a paragraph about non-profit organizations that are similar toYouth Network. We also decided the date and time of our next meeting.4. Discussions:We discussed when some of our team members could go volunteer at Youth Network. Wealso talked about the most effective way to get surveys completed and what else we need todo regarding the campaign.5. Assignments:We worked separately to go around campus and get the surveys completed. Weassigned writing a paragraph about another non-profit organization that is similar to YouthNetwork.6. Place, date and time of next meeting:Our next meeting will be held on Sunday, February 17, 2013 at 8pm in the UniversityCenter.45
  46. 46. Team Members: Leanna Bigelow, Holly Bullock, Jon Riley, Gabby Hunter, Sterling LundDate of Report: February 21, 20131. Team Campaign Captains met on Monday, February 18 at 2:30 in the Commercebuilding.2. Members attending: Leanna Bigelow, Holly Bullock, Jon Riley, Gabby Hunter,Sterling Lund3. Decisions reached:We reached a final decision on the goals and objectives for our campaign.4. Discussions:We discussed the potential for an annual fundraiser event that Youth Network couldbenefit from.5. Assignments:We all worked together to complete the S.M.A.R.T. worksheet. Leanna was assigned to dothe progress report.6. Place, date and time of next meeting:Our next meeting will be on Sunday, February 24 at the Starbucks in the University Center.46• We discussed target audiences for the campaign• Strategies on how to incorporate social media into YouthNetwork• Website design and purpose• Annual event for Youth Network
  47. 47. Team Members: Leanna Bigelow, Holly Bullock, Jon Riley, Gabby Hunter, Sterling LundDate of Report: Friday, March 15, 20131. Campaign Captains met on Wednesday March 13, 2013 in the Commerce building2. Members attending: Leanna Bigelow, Holly Bullock, Jon Riley, Gabby Hunter,Sterling Lund3. Decisions reached:We decided that each of us would start working on various parts of the rest of thecampaign for the remainder of the semester. Jon began working on the template for themock website/blog while we as a group discussed how Youth Network would manage thewebsite after the campaign. Gabby began to work on the social media calendar that wouldhelp advocate for the working website/blog for continuous use after the campaigns class. Wealso decided on the target audience for the campaign and strategies on how to target each of them.Lastly, we discussed our next meeting time and date.4. Discussions:5. Assignments:Campaign assignment due March 15; Website design; Social media calendar6. Place, date and time of next meeting:Our next meeting will be on Sunday March 17, 2013 at 9:00pm in University CenterStarbucks.47• Re-evaluating the campaign• Editing and re-doing some of the campaignassignments for clarity• Additional events for Youth Network• Social media aspects to use for the campaign
  48. 48. Team Members: Leanna Bigelow, Holly Bullock, Jon Riley, Gabby Hunter, Sterling LundDate of Report: Friday, March 23, 20131. Campaign Captains met on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 in the Commerce building.2. Members attending: Leanna Bigelow, Holly Bullock, Jon Riley, Gabby Hunter,Sterling Lund3. Decisions reached:We decided on re-evaluating our entire campaign approach. We are looking over all of ourassignments from until this point and creating a new approach on how to be more successful andcreate a better campaign for the client. We researched the best social media outlets to evenly split thework between group members. Jon will continue to create the website and new logo for thecampaign. Gabby and Leanna are working on solidifying the media list for the assignment. WhileHolly and Sterling are creating an overall message for the campaign so it can be furthered discussedon Monday.4. Discussions:5. Assignments:Campaign assignment due; social media calendar; social media components; media list6. Place, date and time of next meeting:Our next meeting will be on Sunday, March 24, 2013 at Starbucks in the University Center.48
  49. 49. Team Members: Leanna Bigelow, Holly Bullock, Jon Riley, Gabby Hunter, Sterling LundDate of Report: Friday, April 5, 20131. Team Campaign Captains met on April 2 from 7pm to 8pm. We met at Starbucks in theUniversity Center.2. Members attending: Leanna Bigelow, Holly Bullock, Jon Riley, Gabby Hunter,Sterling Lund3. Decisions reached:We decided which team member would be responsible for each aspect of theStrategies & Tactics assignment.4. Discussions:We discussed some of the aspects of completing our campaign book.5. Assignments:Sterling will create the Facebook and Twitter accounts and do a write-up of the importanceof a Youth Network intern. Gabby will complete the social media calendar and completevarious write-ups. Jonathan will complete the graphic design aspects of the assignment anddo a write-up of owned media. Holly will write-up a plan for the main fundraising event andwill plan what items should be included in the budget. Leanna will complete a final budgetspreadsheet and create a news release and radio public service announcement script.6. Place, date and time of next meeting:Our next meeting will be on Sunday, April 7 at Starbucks in the University Center.49
  50. 50. COM 4415100 PointsEvaluation of Campaign BookTeam Name: _____________________________________________________________Team Members: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________How well prepared was the executivesummary? 0.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0How thorough was the situation analysis andthe statement of problem or opportunity? 0.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0How thorough was the discussion of research?0.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0How appropriate were the goals andobjectives? 0.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0How appropriate were the audiences and themessages targeted to them? 0.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0How appropriate were the strategies for theclient’s problem or opportunity? 0.0 9.0 10.5 12.0 13.5 15.0How appropriate were the tactics (timeline,budget etc.) and how well were theyexecuted?0.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0How appropriate were your recommendationsfor monitoring and evaluation of thecampaign?0.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0How well did you use the English languageand, as appropriate, AP style? 0.0 9.0 10.5 12.0 13.5 15.0Points earned: _______________50
  51. 51. COM 4415100 PointsEvaluation of Campaign PresentationTeam Name: _____________________________________________________________Team Members: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________How well did the introduction work?0.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0How well was the body of the presentationorganized? 0.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0How well were the main points supported andsources identified? 0.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0How well did the conclusion work?0.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0How appropriate was the language to theaudience and the topic? 0.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0How good was the speaker’s vocal quality?0.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0How well did the speaker use gestures?0.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0How well did the speaker use eye contact?0.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0How well did the presentation aids support thespeech? 0.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0How well did you use the English language?0.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0Points earned: ________________51